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Hot Trend: Mid Finger Rings

Hot Trend: Mid Finger Rings

Have you heard? There is a new hot trend in the jewelry fashion world. It is the mid finger ring. What is a mid finger ring? It is a ring that is designed to be worn between the top two knuckles of your fingers. It is also designed to be worn on any finger. Now you can add a little splash, dazzle and panache to any of your fingers and maybe even all of them!

Mid finger rings will help you show of that manicure or new nail art. These fashion bands are made in all shapes, sizes and colors that can allow for you to just conservatively dip into this new trend, or dive right in. You can go subtle and elegant or go wild and crazy. Whatever the mood you are in or event you will be attending, there is just the right mid finger ring to go along.

The mid finger rings comes in singles or you can choose chains. There are swirl shapes, animal shapes, or plain bands. They come in copper, gold, or silver. There are even grunge styles with skulls and skeletons. For some, the trend has led to jewelry boxes full of these mid finger rings and hands that are literally covered with the creations.

For those that are really into the trend it is good to know that mid finger rings can be very affordable, starting at just a few dollars. Of course, like any jewelry however, there are always higher end lines that can cost considerably more. If you are ready to try something that is just a bit different and is likely to be a conversation starter, look into mid finger rings. You may not be able to stop at just one!


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