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Rudolf Friedmann Jewelry: A True Orignal

Rudolf Friedmann Jewelry: A True Orignal

Selecting Quality First

There are many excellent options when one seeks to purchase fine jewelry. With the investment involved, however, it is important to pay attention to three factors. First, always purchase valuable jewelry from a reputable source. There are many ways dealers without an established reputation can affect the ultimate value of your purchase.

A second major factor is the choice of the jewelry’s designer. The more expensive the piece, the more the value will ultimately be determined by the choice of an established and respected designer. The third factor is, of course, of ultimate importance. That is to pick jewelry that you love. Like art itself, the beauty of a piece should move you in a way that makes it irresistible.

Choosing a Master

With these objectives in mind, you can comfortably seek to find those pieces of jewelry that are personal investments. One of the masters of the industry that can make the process easier is Rudolf Friedmann. The studios of Friedmann have been producing timeless treasures since their founding in 1950. Standing above the concepts of branding and designers, the name of Rudolf Friedmann immediately conveys taste, quality and the essence of elegance.

Friedmann was trained to be an expert jeweler in Europe by his father. His life-long focus was design and craftsmanship. The position that his jewelry now holds is a result of unequaled success in these two areas. Still family run, the offerings include many one-of-a-kind items that meet the most discriminating of tastes. For many, the purchase of a Rudolf Friedman piece is an investment in style that will last a lifetime.

A Reputable Source

Friedman is just one of the quality designers carried by Raymond Lee Jewelers, one of South Florida’s most reputable pre owned jewelry sales and service centers since 1983.

When you know that you have found the right designer and the right source, the process of selecting that ideal piece becomes a task of pleasure. Without the clutter and with confidence in the value, you are able to spend your time enjoying the process.


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