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Awkward…Angelina Jolie Jewelry Fails to Sell at Auction

Awkward…Angelina Jolie Jewelry Fails to Sell at Auction

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Life is full of awkward moments. Remember that one time at your sister’s house-warming party when you thought it’d be a good idea to start making jokes? The awkwardness crept in somewhere between Joke #2 and Joke #5 when you realized the only laughter was your own. This is awkwardness. Luckily, us “normal” folk aren’t the only ones suffering from awkwardness– Celebrities fall victim sometimes, too.

Take veteran silver screen superstar, Angelina Jolie, for example. Aside from her acting career, Jolie is also well-known for her involvement in the community, adopting children from across the globe and donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities. Her public image is far more positive than other stars in the media (Ahem, Amanda Bynes). This is why it came as a surprise when her jewels didn’t sell as they were predicted in a recent Hong Kong auction.

On June 15, Tiancheng International had a sale featuring many jadeites, including co-designed pieces of Jolie’s in collaboration with jeweler Robert Procop. Jolie’s platinum and diamond choker, “Elise,” as well as a ring with a 9.17-carat Colombian emerald, did not yield the predicted bids at the Jewellery and Jadeite auction. The choker was estimated pre-sale to be bought at around $770,000, and the ring was estimated at $200,000. To the designers’ dismay, though, these jewels did not fare to be as valuable as expected.

Although there were bidders on these items, they were all under-bidders, thus leaving the two pieces unsold. The choker, a particular sale disappointment, was actually worn by Jolie in her role as Elise Clifton-Ward in the 2010 film, The Tourist, which you’d think would have created more novelty for buyers.

Despite Jolie’s jewelry flop at the auction, the event still yielded a total of $36.9 million. Angelina had intended for the prospected proceeds of her jewels to go towards a non-profit she founded: Education Partnership for children in conflict. This organization aims to provide improvement of children’s education, focusing more intently on those impacted by war.

Even though the sale didn’t pull through this time for Jolie, her good intentions give hope to this beautiful set of jewels to find a new home soon enough. Awarkwardness aside, Angelina’s still on our A-List.


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