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Science Explains Why Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Science Explains Why Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

There is a reason why the phrase ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ has stuck in American popular culture for decades now. It is commonly seen in many advertisements and most people seem to instantly understand the meaning behind the phrase. But some researchers are starting to suggest that it may have some deeper meanings for many women out there. You may be interested to find out why some women seem drawn towards wearing expensive items like these. There are actually some concrete facts that explain the logic behind these purchases. You may want to think this through the next time you shop for jewelry.

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First, some researchers have noted that women seem to place a higher emphasis on the value of diamonds than men do. Almost 62% of women believed that more expensive jewelry indicated that their mate tended to care more about them. Another 54% stated that this showed that their partner was more committed to them overall. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all women feel this way, but a clear majority seem to lean towards this opinion. If you haven’t ever thought about why you value the jewelry that you do own, you might want to give it a little more consideration.

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Some of the researchers indicated that these women often view these expensive items as deterrents to other women out there. Most women seem to understand that other women judge their value by what they wear. It makes sense to these women that they can use expensive items to show other women that their partners are committed to them. This will hopefully keep these women from intruding in on their space or with the relationship that they have with their partner. If you haven’t given much thought to why you may value these items, this could offer some explanation.

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The research also found that women place a higher emphasis on designer clothes and jewelry. They seemed to acknowledge that a woman wearing designer clothes and jewelry had higher value than a woman who didn’t have this kind of jewelry. The researchers explained that this is part of the reason why you can expect women to want to own these pieces. So the next time you think about buying your partner jewelry, you may want to splurge on the designer sets. Odds are good that your partner will appreciate this and want to show it off to all of her friends.

Finally, all of this information is useful for anyone who wants to understand why these women prefer these kinds of jewelry sets. Many jewelers and advertising companies are starting to take note of this trend. You may expect many other companies to take note of how potent of a weapon these jewels can be for women out there. If you haven’t bought your partner something like this before, you will want to soon. You may be surprised by how seriously some women take this idea to heart in their relationships.


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