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Diamond Halo Oval Engagement Rings

Diamond Halo Oval Engagement Rings

Halo oval engagement rings

Whether you’re out in search of a modest, timeless, or vintage-inspired engagement ring, an oval-cut diamond will be your surest bet always. Due to their extended shape, flattering effect, and ability to appear bigger than their actual carat size, diamond halo oval engagement rings are becoming more and more famous.

Various celebrity engagements have contributed to the rebirth of brides’ love for the diamond halo oval engagement rings in recent years. In the summer of 2018, Hailey Baldwin Bieber was spotted with a striking oval-shaped diamond on an 18k gold band. This scene reminded us why this ever classic style is so outstanding.

Introducing Diamond Halo Oval Engagement Rings

Halo Diamond Rings

Diamond halo oval engagement rings integrate an oval-cut diamond or a gemstone such as a ruby or sapphire. Most oval diamonds used nowadays stem from an illustrious history stretching to 1957. This was the period diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan introduced the cut. 

With an oval-cut diamond, you can incorporate it into any setting, from solitaire or three-stone to a diamond pavé band. But here, it comes in a halo setting.

Moreover, oval engagement rings are an excellent option with an outstanding appeal to a variety of brides. Even brides looking for something just slightly different. Lauren Priori, an expert in the craft of jewelry design as well as the owner of L. Priori Jewelry, a custom jeweler based in Philadelphia, has the following to say, “Oval engagement rings are great for women who love the classics but want something just a little bit unique. Ovals have the ability to feel feminine and fresh but are still more timeless than trendier shapes like pears or marquises.”

We also take insights from the words of these other experts below:

  • Roxanna Rector works as the Senior Buyer for engagement and bridal rings at Blue Nile.
  • Nicole Wegman managed to blur the distinct line between jeweler and influencer as the founder and CEO of Ring Concierge.
  • Connie Hung is a self-taught jewelry designer and is now the founder and creative director of Costanté.

Aspects to Consider when Buying Halo Oval Engagement Rings

To choose the best halo oval engagement ring, keep in mind that each oval-cut diamond is genuinely distinct. According to Priori, “Some of them are long and thin, others are wide and round, some have pointy ends, and some have flatter ends that almost veer into cushion-shaped territory. Look at a variety of stones to make sure you choose the stone that’s right for you. At the end of the day, trust your own eyes! You’re the one wearing the diamond, so you have to love it.”

In addition, Priori emphasizes the importance of keeping an eye out for the bow-tie effect or a dark facet pattern. This is one flaw that often occurs with oval stones. She says, “All ovals will have some bow tie, but you’ll want a stone that’s as evenly bright throughout as possible.”

When an alternative oval engagement ring appeals to you, every type of setting, from solitaire to sparkly pavé bands and halos, is available for your beauty. Regardless of your taste, there’s undoubtedly an oval in the perfect setting for you.

For everyone looking for an engagement ring that carries a classic aura with a bit of a twist, an oval halo setting is a unique, prominent option. In a halo setting, pave accent diamonds envelop the center stone — like a halo — establishing a meadow of sparkle. Most brides-to-be prefer oval-shaped diamonds as they produce a slimming effect that flatters the finger.

When you add a halo, it reveals a delicate spotlight. Continue reading to discover the most important things to consider when shopping for a diamond halo oval engagement ring. We also provide a list of the most outstanding rendition of this unique ring type. 

Below are some of the most significant things to keep in mind when shopping for your diamond halo oval engagement rings:

The Bow Tie Effect

A diamond bow tie is a flaw that arises when a diamond is cut. Like a diamond’s sparkle gets produced by light reflecting and refracting from its facets, a diamond bow tie — which appears exactly as it sounds: a black shape that appears like a man’s bow tie — can emerge on the face of a diamond when the facets don’t reflect light as they should. It doesn’t matter how the diamond gets turned also. Plus, the oval shape can give emphasis to a bow tie, so as you shop, be on guard.

Consider your Lifestyle

You will find some oval halo rings are high-set, while others come with a relatively low setting. For ring shoppers who have an incredibly active lifestyle, you might want to consider a low-set edition to guarantee the setting won’t knock into things. You don’t want to open opportunities for your ring to become destabilized from the frequent contact. 

When you ask some doctors, nurses, athletes, and teachers, they find that lower, more secure settings work best for them day-to-day due to their lifestyle. As for other people, they prefer a higher, more prominent setting. Ultimately, it is all about your personal preference and taste. 

Do You Want it Classic or Unique?

Diamond halo oval engagement rings are classic jewelry items. However, if you desire something that stands out, you should know about all the variations at your disposal. Certain halo oval rings present a vintage flair, with more intricate designs and classic detailing like milgrain. You will find other halo oval rings with a simple and refined appearance. 

They appear like a slightly snazzier spin on the classic solitaire. You can also find some halo oval rings that are products of nature or architecture. Finally, you can find some with a band that integrates pavé accent diamonds. This kind is always a simple, beautiful way to turn up the sparkle in a ring. 

Which Metal Choice is Preferable?

Will you choose a silver or gold look for a band? Either of these options has its merits. White gold mixes with the diamonds in your setting to reveal a seamless sparkle. On the other hand, rose and yellow gold, while more striking, have their own appeals. They both add tenderness to your setting and boost the diamonds to center stage. Finally, rose gold is exceptionally fashionable right now. Most brides-to-be cherish its romantic pinkish tone.

Outstanding Styles of Halo Oval Rings

Diamond halo oval rings are, of course, as distinctive as the loose diamonds at their center. Nevertheless, that’s good news for you. One can be sure to find an oval engagement ring with a halo that fits your personality and your lifestyle. Any of the settings of oval halo rings below are just some of our best picks.

Plain Shank Diamond Oval Halo Rings

A sleek, elegant plain shank and diamond halo envelop this oval-shaped center stone. This creates a subtle, elegant appearance. Also, thanks to a cathedral setting, your center stone gets raised towards the light. That way, it can glow to its full capacity.

Pave Diamond Oval Halo Rings

Pave-set diamonds clasp an oval-shaped diamond, an impressive and full appearance that intensifies the size of the focal diamond. However, we’re also in love with having the band wrapped in accent diamonds. The way this style looks like one delicate ribbon of pure sparkle is simply breathtaking.

Gallery Oval Halo Engagement Rings

In this contemporary yet distinctive style, an elegant under halo envelops the oval center diamond while the tapered band joins the stone in a cathedral style. This reveals a lively spin on the classic halo that will have people doing double takes at your ring when you step out.

Swiveling Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Tiny, smooth bands of metal and diamond accents meet up in a split shank layout. With this style, you can establish a sophisticated halo for the center diamond. As the bands elegantly dance as they twist around each other, it will have you adoring your ring for a long time.

Vintage Milgrain Oval Halo Rings

Inspired by vintage jewelry and natural beauty, you find two rows of leaf-inspired metal accents adorned with accent diamonds. They all build toward an oval halo. While this might not be an authentic antique, the unusual structure makes it worth serving as a family relic.

Cathedral Oval Halo Rings

Full impact, total refinement. What you get here is a raised diamond halo that envelops this oval center diamond, while the accented cathedral band generates extra sparkle. Here is a classic setting with unmistakable allure regardless of its traditional structure.

More so, halo oval engagement rings are one extremely stunning option, thanks to their outstanding sparkle. There are again the budget-friendly effects that a diamond halo has on the look of your center stone. 

However, if you’re not entirely sure about the halo yet, or even the oval cut diamond, you can check out our halo engagement rings and oval diamond engagement rings. From the array of options and variety we present, you’re sure to find the ring of your dreams. There is always a ring in this category to suit every presence in metal choice, adornment, budget, and overall taste.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diamond Halo Oval Engagement Rings

What is the proper amount to set aside as a budget for halo oval engagement rings?

Our gemologists recommend setting aside about 10% of your yearly post-tax annual salary. Indeed, this percentage and $5,300 are popular benchmarks to spend on engagement rings generally. Still, you can figure out a different amount as a budget. The main thing is for you to be comfortable with such an amount.

Besides, maybe try dividing ring(s) costs with your partner. Remember, when it comes to love, there are no set rules! For us at Raymond Lee Jewelers, our diamond halo oval engagement rings can range from $3k to 5k. The price depends on the setting and if you choose a natural or lab diamond. Go through the product description to have a good knowledge of the cost and other details that can affect your budget.

How do I figure out the correct ring size?

You can simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a ring that matches the ring finger to a jeweler. Allow the experts to quickly evaluate and decide the ring size down to the quarter.
  2. Measure the finger or the inside diameter of a ring using a string. Ensure it fits on the ring finger as well. Afterward, correlate it to your preferred jeweler’s ring sizing chart.
  3. If you’re ever in doubt, call in reinforcements. You can ask a family member or friend for the size or to do the previous steps for you.

For us at Raymond Lee Jewelers, we offer complimentary resizing for engagement rings and wedding bands within 30 days of purchase. The only exceptions are infinity rings and eternity bands because resizing them will compromise their design.

Is there a chance for me to finance a halo oval engagement ring?

Affirmative, of course. We understand that halo oval engagement rings can carry a hefty price tag. Therefore, most jewelry stores (in-person or online) should provide a financing option as we do. We will provide you with such facilities when you buy your halo oval engagement rings from us. 

What does it mean to appraise halo oval engagement rings?

Appraising halo oval engagement rings practically helps to verify its specifications. When you do this, you can know exactly what value the ring offers. Besides, it should have an assessment of your center diamond. Every appraisal at Raymond Lee Jewelers is the function of an Accredited Gem Lab.

Do I need ring insurance?

This decision is your call to make. Nonetheless, your jewelry purchase is crucial. Hence, we advise having an appraisal done so you can protect your precious jewelry in case of loss, theft, or damage. What the excellent rule of thumb states is: ring insurance coverage should be around 1-2% of the value of your jewelry. Do not forget to call your insurance provider before an appraisal to get coverage and cost estimations as well.


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