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3 Stunningly Unique Wide Diamond Half Eternity Bands

3 Stunningly Unique Wide Diamond Half Eternity Bands

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Discover 3 new breathtaking, unique, WIDE diamond half eternity rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee and learn all about diamond bands of this magnitude. 

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All of the rings featured here are available at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. These massive rings are the perfect anniversary gift, wedding ring, cocktail ring, or high-end fashion statement. Flex your spending power with these stunningly huge 3 row diamond half eternity rings.

3 New Wide Diamond Half Eternity Bands For Her

From the picture above, we are going to look at each ring individually, starting from left to right. 

18K White Gold 5.18Ctw Round Diamond Three Row Cocktail Ring

diamond ring with wide band

This exceptional, jaw-dropping ring consists of three rows of excellent cut round brilliant diamonds that total to 5.18 carats. The top row and bottom row have diamonds of matching size, while the middle row features slightly larger diamonds. The juxtaposition of the larger middle row between the smaller top and bottom row gives this diamond ring a powerful WOW factor. Moreover, thanks to the elegant shared prong setting, this immensely wide half eternity ring radiates the maximum amount of light, thus providing unrivaled fire and brilliance. 

When sporting this ring, the stones fall smartly into the creases of the fingers, creating the appearance of a full eternity ring, but with the comfort of the half eternity ring it truly is. 

All in all, this wide diamond band was crafted using only the highest standards, so it delvers uncompromising quality, sparkle, elegance and style.  

18K White Gold 4.90Ctw Baguette And Round Shape Diamond Wide Band

half eternity band

This is another example of an exquisite triple row diamond half eternity ring that you can find at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. 

Crafted from 18K white gold, it features 4.9 carats of the highest quality, hand-picked round brilliant diamonds and baguette cut diamonds. 

Now, the top row and the bottom row comprises round brilliant diamonds which are set with a prong setting that elevates them above the middle row of baguette diamonds. This creates wonderful polarity, allowing the ring to stand out like no other.

Moreover, the different diamond cuts offer a contrasting lighting effect. The round brilliant diamonds produce peerless sparkle and the baguette diamonds create flashes of light known as the hall of mirrors effect. On the whole, this means you’ll get the best of all that a diamond can provide – fire, brilliance, scintillation, and clarity.

What’s more, this wide diamond ring is colossal in size, so it makes a thunderous statement. 

18K White Gold 6.11Ctw Diamond Three Row Wide Ring

Raymond Lee jewelers

With this ring, we have a different set of diamond cuts. It exhibits 6.11 carats of carefully selected stunning cushion cut and emerald diamonds. 

It shares similar qualities with the other two rings, in that it is formed from 18K white gold, which gives it that white on white elegance, and it has three rows of diamonds, with the top and bottom row featuring identical diamonds and the middle row a larger set of contrasting diamonds. Furthermore, like the other two rings above, the half diamond setting folds perfectly into the sides of the finger, producing the illusion of a full eternity ring, without the discomfort that would come with one of this size…

As for this ring itself, the emerald cut diamonds that run along the center juxtapose with the gallery of cushion cut diamonds in such a gorgeous manner. Also, because this ring utilizes step cut diamonds and brilliant cut diamonds, with a layered setting, it offers a diverse range of lighting effects. 

Overall, this dazzlingly wide diamond half eternity band is anything but ordinary. In fact, it is incredibly unique and utterly breathtaking. 

So, if you appreciate bold designs, unparalleled beauty, and diamond rings that declares undeniable spending power, any of these three rings are perfect for you. 

What’s more, if you are someone who loves stackable rings and the stacked ring look, with each of these rings, that is naturally achieved due to the three rows of diamonds and their sheer size. As you can see, these rings take up considerable finger real estate, in the most riveting and captivating way.

Additionally, and needless to say, these wide diamond bands are superlative quality. The diamonds are top grade and the craftsmanship is state-of-the-art, so these durable rings will hold their beauty and form for generations upon generations. Can you say, family heirlooms?

half eternity band

Half Eternity Bands vs Wide Diamond Bands 

Just to be clear, we are using the term “wide diamond bands” and “half eternity bands” here interchangeably, and even combined together, as in this case they are synonymous. This is because these rings have an eternity band design, but they only have diamonds at the face of the ring. So, both terms are used for this kind of ring in the jewelry industry.

However, the term “wide diamond band” can also refer to a full eternity ring. That is, if the ring has a continuous loop of diamonds. It could also refer to a cocktail ring (some extravagant design) or a wedding band (full loop of diamonds or not). 

All in all, the semantics don’t really matter, as these rings can all be used as a wedding ring, anniversary ring, cocktail ring, or simply just a ring you love to wear.

We hope this makes sense.

One thing that is for sure, there is a difference between “half eternity ring” and “eternity ring”. And we are going to briefly cover the differences. Beyond just the fact that one has a full loop of diamonds and the other stops halfway (or close to halfway). 

Half Diamond Eternity Rings vs Full Eternity Rings

The name pretty much explains it all. A full eternity ring has a continuous loop of diamonds around the entire circumference of the band. 

On the other hand, a half eternity ring has diamonds that run approximately halfway around the circumference of the band. Essentially, there is a section of the ring, on the underside, that is clear of diamonds. 

Besides that, the rings have an identical style…

Eternity rings (half or full) take form in rows of diamonds (one row all the way up to five rows); they can utilize any diamond shape; and any kind of diamond color.

Moreover, both half and full diamond eternity rings symbolize never-ending love, and they are given as gifts for milestones in relationships, like anniversaries or the birth of a new child. They are also commonly used as wedding rings these days. Furthermore, a lot of women are buying eternity rings as status or fashion pieces. 

All that said, because the diamonds on a half diamond eternity ring don’t fully cover the entire band, there are some differences apart from just where the diamonds end, which we’d like to discuss, such as maintenance, comfort, resizing, and price. 

Half Eternity Ring Maintenance

By reason, a half eternity ring is easier to clean than a full eternity ring as there are fewer grooves, channels, or in the case of these rings, prongs.

Conversely, you may need to polish the ring’s underside over time, which you wouldn’t have to with a full eternity ring.

Half Eternity Ring Comfort

Most people who wear both half and full eternity rings will say that half eternity rings are more comfortable. This is because full eternity bands’ diamonds press against the fingers, and they make it difficult to close your hand. Where as a half eternity ring’s diamonds stop at the point where your fingers touch.

Of course, this is subjective and depends on your sensitivity and the size of the eternity ring. Typically, with rings as big as the ones featured in this post, it is definitely more comfortable to have them be half eternity rings. 

Half Eternity Resizing

Full eternity rings most often can’t be resized. This is because it is extremely difficult to do, if not impossible, without making the ring deformed. So, most jewelers won’t take on a resizing job. On the other hand, half eternity rings can be resized, as the band has free space to remove or add some metal.

So, if resizing is a concern, half eternity rings are the way to go. 

Half Eternity Ring Price

Logically, a full eternity ring is going to be more expensive as it has more gemstones. It also requires more time to create because the jeweler needs to set more diamonds. Of course, this is when comparing a half and full eternity ring from the same brand or jeweler, as price will vary depending on who is making the ring. 

Overall, a half eternity ring is going to cost less. And the best part is, it’s going to look just like a full eternity ring when it is on your finger. 

How to Wear a Wide Diamond Half Eternity Ring?

Because of the size of these rings, it’s best to give it its own finger. Also, these particular rings won’t go so well with an engagement ring on the same finger, simply because of the size. 

We think the best look for a ring like this is to have only one eternity ring on one hand. Although you could wear two or three on one hand if you want to be “extra”…as in extravagant. There are no rules, of course.

You can see here how it looks wearing just one ring. Stunning, right?

jewelry in Boca Raton
Wide Diamond Bands Styling Tips

As for other jewelry, a diamond tennis bracelet will go wonderfully with a wide diamond band like this. However, you’ll want the tennis bracelet to be of equal stature. i.e. it needs to be BIG.

Another very classy and elegant way to style your wide diamond band is to wear a luxury watch with it, on the same hand. 

wide wedding band with diamond

Again, because of the size, you need to choose the right size watch. A dainty women’s watch won’t look that great. This is why we’ve styled it in these photos with a men’s Rolex. If you aren’t on the trend of women wearing men’s watches, it’s time to get on it. We are personally big fans of it. This is why you will see many of our ladies modeling men’s watches. Typically Rolex watches (36-40mm), Patek Philippe watches, and AP Royal Oaks.

Women wearing men’s watches. 

Which finger should an eternity ring be worn on?

When we are talking about thin eternity rings, it is most common for women to stack them with their engagement rings. So, the left hand’s ring finger. 

However, when wearing huge half eternity rings like these, all fingers get the green light. However, the pinky probably won’t work out too well. 

All in all, there is no right finger. Point. Blank. Period. So, wear it on whatever finger you’d like. 

Where to Buy the Best Wide Diamond Half Eternity Bands?

Whether you want to purchase a half eternity diamond ring with a wide band online or in person, Diamonds By Raymond Lee is your go-to jeweler. We are South Florida’s premier jeweler for everything diamonds (and luxury Swiss watches). Our extensive collection of diamond rings will meet the desires of anyone from any generation. Moreover, we provide every sort of diamond service. We clean, polish, resize, appraise, trade, buy, sell, AND we can make you a custom diamond ring from scratch. So, by chance you don’t find the ring of your dreams at our Diamonds By Raymond Lee showroom or in our online catalog, then we can make it for you, right here, on-site, at our state-of-the-art jewelry workshop. 

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