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Emerald and Ruby Yellow Gold Bands

Emerald and Ruby Yellow Gold Bands

Lovely accessories such as emerald and ruby bands are a great way to show off your personal style. These are fun to wear and look great with a wide range of looks. We are all unique and want a good way to show off our style to the world. This we do through the accessories we wear, our clothing, and more. Choosing a range of different accessories that speak to your taste and style will allow you to create a look that really is all you. And, since we have a strong focus on quality and design, you have the peace of mind that any piece you buy from us is going to be of the highest quality. 

It’s fun to have a little color in our lives and these rare gemstones are a great way to add it. Emeralds are known for their rich, deep green hue, and rubies for their red hue. Whether you wear them together on the same finger or on separate fingers, they will add a punch of color and elegance to your look. 

The Power of Accessories

We probably don’t often stop and think about the power that accessories have, but they really do have a lot of power. The emerald and ruby bands we feature here can tell others a lot about you. Consider first impressions. We often form our first impression of someone else before we ever even speak to them. Others do the same with us. The impression is formed on the basis of how we carry ourselves, the clothing we wear, how we do our hair, and more. And, it is hard to shake this first impression once it is formed. So it does make sense to put in a bit of effort in choosing our accessories.

We want pieces that show off our style and that tell others a bit about ourselves. The pieces we choose can tell others that we have an appreciation for good quality and fine design. Or, they might tell them that we are playful and whimsical. Perhaps they show others that we are bold and trendsetting. It is easy to see why the accessories we choose really do matter. And we can create a look that is all our own, with simple, lovely, and high-end pieces. The emerald and ruby bands we feature here are great examples.

Simple Elegance

Even if you are one of those people who like bold and eye-catching pieces, there is definitely room in your life for a few simple pieces to round out the whole look. The emerald and ruby bands with yellow gold we feature here are great examples of this. They offer a nice punch of color but are also simple and unobtrusive. They won’t take away from other bolder pieces that you may want to be the focal point of your look. These are simple rings that feature quality construction and the best materials. The natural beauty of these materials is able to shine through.

The rings will easily pair with a wide range of looks and even other accessories. It is in this way that they can so easily become part of your signature look. Whether you choose to wear them daily or you bring them out for special occasions, we know that you will love the simple beauty and stunning color these rings offer. The use of high-quality yellow gold also helps to offset the color of the gemstones. 

Show Your Signature Style

Each and every one of us is unique. We have our own interests, personalities, and the like. It makes sense to want to stand out from the proverbial crowd so that the real you can shine through. One of the ways we can foster this individuality is through our style. None of us want to look just like everyone else. We want our own unique look that fits our style and our personality. It is a way for people to recognize us and separate us from the rest of the pack. It makes sense that we want to shine our own light and there are many ways to do this. The easiest way to create a signature style is through the type of clothing you wear and the accessories you pair with it. Together, these things will create a signature style that is unique to you. 

We think that the emerald and ruby bands we feature here make a great addition to any signature style. They will give you some extra color for your look and really pull together your look. These colorful rings look amazing when worn together on the same finger or on separate fingers. And, they pair well with a lot of different styles and looks. 

The Red Ruby

The ruby is an incredibly beautiful stone that is popular in jewelry. It is a mineral form of aluminum oxide. The red hue of the stone comes from the presence of corundum. The ruby can vary widely in color. Some are pale, almost pink stones, whereas others are deep, rich reds. The rule of thumb is, the richer the color, the rarer the stone. We can see that the rubies that feature in the rings we look at here are of the highest quality. 

Rubies are rare gemstones that are only found in a few places around the world. The beauty of their color makes them a prized gemstone that has been sought after for thousands of years. It is closely related to blue sapphires. 

The ruby is also a hard gemstone, which makes it a great option for use in jewelry. They rate a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. Only the diamond is harder than the ruby or sapphire. This makes them well-suited for use in jewelry. The downside is that this stone can be rather brittle which can make it a challenge for some gem cutters. 

The Green Emerald

The emerald is a popular stone that is often seen in a wide range of jewelry applications. We will see this fine gemstone in rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. They are stunning green gemstones that are incredibly distinct. This gemstone has long been prized in jewelry and other applications of adornment. The rarest stones are going to be those that have a deep, rich, and saturated hue.

The emerald is a member of the beryl family. It is found in sedimentary rocks in many places around the world. Interestingly, beryl is colorless until trace amounts of other substances are introduced. In the case of the emerald, tiny amounts of vanadium or chromium are what is responsible for the color of the stones. 

Emeralds can vary in color from a pale green to those that are rich and deeply green. These are hard gemstones, which is another reason they are so popular in jewelry. The rate is 7.5-8 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that they are tough enough to withstand a wide range of cuts and shapes. These are durable and tough stones, second only to the hard diamond. This quality makes them especially useful in jewelry applications. 

Beautiful Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is what most of us think of when we think of gold jewelry. This is a classic and traditional material that looks great with a wide range of gemstones. The metal is easy to recognize. That rich, yellow, buttery hue is hard to miss. A lot of people love the classic look of this metal. It pairs well with many different styles. You can use yellow gold in any kind of jewelry, from classic to modern. Here, we see it featured in the emerald and ruby rings we are featuring for this piece. The yellow gold looks really great against the rich red and green of these stones. Each gemstone in this ring is held firmly in place with yellow gold prongs which secure the stones and add to the look.

Gold is a unique material. Most interesting is that the gold we see in jewelry is not actually pure gold. Pure gold is much too soft for use in jewelry. It would quickly lose its shape and take on damage in an instant. So it must be blended with other metals to add strength and durability to the metal. Different grades of gold, which we call carats, refer to the amount of pure gold content that features in the piece. 

Surprisingly Versatile

One of the things we appreciate the most about the emerald and ruby yellow gold rings we feature here is their versatility. You aren’t likely to associate high-end jewelry with versatility, but there are a few pieces and styles that fit this proverbial bill. The emerald and ruby rings we feature here are just this kind of accessory. These are surprisingly versatile pieces which is why they make such a great choice for part of your signature look. Rings such as the ones we feature here are a classic style that pairs well with all sorts of different looks. These rings will look great with formal or casual attire. We know that you will love the instant style a pair of jeans and a t-shirt take on when you pair it with these rings.

You can also easily pair these rings with other accessories, too. This might be surprising because of their rich color, but they really do look great with other pieces, especially those that feature diamonds. The biggest bit of advice we have for pairing different accessories is to be consistent with the metal. So, for example, since these rings feature yellow gold, we would recommend pairing them with other yellow gold pieces. 

Your One-Stop Shop for Your Fine Jewelry Needs

At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we have a passion for fine jewelry. It is our mission to seek out the rarest and most unique pieces and feature them in our display cases. We know that our clients have discerning tastes and want only the finest materials. We take this seriously which is why our buyers are some of the most experienced in the world. Our buyers have a ton of connections which allows us to source the best selection of rare, fine jewelry in the Boca Raton area and beyond. 

While fine jewelry is our passion, it is not the only service we offer. We also offer custom jewelry design services. Using the most experienced jewelers and the latest in computer technology, we work closely with our clients to help turn their dreams into reality. We also offer a comprehensive array of repair services as well. If you need something simple like a ring resizing, we have you covered. Have an old antique timepiece you would like to see operational again? We can help you with that as well. It is our goal to be your one-stop shop for fine jewelry needs. 

In Closing

We are all unique individuals and use our style to show that to the world. Creating a signature style is something that all of us strive for. We do this through the clothing and fine accessories we choose. They give us a look that is all our own and that can also tell others a lot about us. These pieces can tell others that we are fun and whimsical, that we love color, or that we appreciate classic looks. It is amazing the amount of information the accessories we wear can tell other people. This is why it makes sense to put some effort into cultivating a look that is representative of our style and who we are.

The emerald and ruby rings in yellow gold we feature here make a great addition to the signature look of someone who wants some dramatic color but a simple style. These rings feature a simple design. Emeralds and rubies are held in place by high-grade yellow-gold prongs. You can wear these rings together on the same finger or wear them individually on separate fingers. They pair well with a huge range of looks, from casual to formal. And, they also pair really well with other accessories. 


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