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7 Stunningly Huge Three Row Diamond Bands For Classy Women

When it comes to diamonds rings, most women would agree, bigger is better. There’s something just so very satisfying about having big beautiful stones that formed over 1 billion years ago deep in the Earth’s mantle on your finger. 

If you completely agree with the above statement, you are going to love the diamonds bands we have in store for you. These diamonds bands are huge! They are all made from white gold and they have three rows of sizable diamonds. Some of these bands use a singular diamond shape, while others combine two diamond shapes for added contrast in cut and shine. Any of these big three row diamond bands would make for a great anniversary ring or even wedding ring!

7 Huge Three Row Diamond Bands

If you are interested in purchasing any of the below big, wide, three row diamond bands, follow the associated links to see the full sales listings. These rings can be purchased online or in store at Diamonds By Raymond Lee or Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton. 

1. 18k White Gold 6.16ctw Asscher Cut Diamond Three Row Band

This diamond band is extremely bold and beautiful. Not to mention, BIG. It almost looks like a uniform stack of diamond bands from the top view. However, it is, in fact, a single diamond band made up of three rows of identical Asscher cut diamonds.

The Asscher cut diamond has an octagonal shape. Octagons symbolize rebirth and resurrection, so people often associate this meaning with Asscher cut diamonds. Asscher cut diamonds feature large step cut facets and they have a high crown, which gives them a distinct windmill-like appearance when viewed from the top. And while this special diamond cut is technically a step-cut, it is almost like a hybrid of a brilliant and step cut, simply because of how much depth the stone has. It has 72 facets, which is more facets than any other diamond cut. Because of this, Asscher cut diamonds offer both exquisite clarity and sparkle. You get the best of both worlds. They are truly incredibly glamorous and stunning. 

With this big diamond band, you get 6.16 carats of Asscher cut diamonds, G/H in color and VS in clarity. The diamonds cover the entire top half of the band. The under half of the band is solid 18k white gold. The band tapers down to its bottom centerline, yet it is still quite wide even at its smallest point. When this ring is on your finger, you will know it. It makes itself known in both weight and presence. It’s a diamond ring that will never go unnoticed. 

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2. 18k White Gold 4.64ctw Cushion Cut Diamond Three Row Wide Band

Here we have another large diamond band that comprises three rows of identical diamonds. However, these diamonds are cushion cuts, arguably the most classic diamond cut of them all. 

Although these are modified brilliant cushion cut diamonds, the general cushion cut shape has been around for longer than even round cut diamonds. The modern cushion cut diamond that you see here is an evolved version of the old mine cut diamond that dates back to the 1700s. The old mine cut was the most common diamond cut all the way up until the 19th century. So, the diamonds that you see on this ring are simply a modernization of the ultimate classic diamond cut. 

Like round brilliants diamonds, modern cushion cut diamonds are brilliant cuts, so they offer immense brilliance, scintillation and fire. The light performance produced by these cushion cut diamonds, which total up to 4.64 carats, is unbelievably dazzlingly. 

The general shape of a cushion cut diamond is square, but they have rounded edges. Because of that, this diamond band uses a honeycomb style setting rather than stacking them directly on top of each other like the previous Asscher cut band. 

The diamonds cover the band halfway, at which point you have plain 18k white gold tapering down to the bottom. The white gold has a gorgeous luster that complements the cushion cut diamonds flawlessly. This big diamond band is made for a woman who likes her rings chunky, elegant, and absolutely brilliant. 

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3. 18k White Gold 5.18ctw Round Diamond Three Row Cocktail Ring

This wide diamond band is positively spellbinding. It has three rows of round brilliant diamonds that total to 5.18 carats. Each diamond is as exquisite as the last. However, the three rows are not exactly identical. The middle row uses considerably larger round brilliants than the top and bottom. 

By creating the diamond band with a larger middle row of diamonds, the ring pops in a very unique way. The contrast in size gives the ring more depth. It almost feels layered. It also makes for a very compact, impervious setting. The smaller diamonds on the top and bottom fit perfectly into the grooves of the middle row. 

Now, besides the impeccable puzzle-like shared setting of the round brilliants, you have, well, round brilliants! Round brilliants exhibit a vivid and intense spectrum of sparkle that lands the highest volume of light return. In other words, round brilliant cuts are the most brilliant (sparkly and radiant) diamond of them all. This is why it is a far and away the most popular diamond shape. 

Like all the rings in this big diamond band feature, the band itself is made from 18k white gold and it is wide. It has to be to accommodate three very generous rows of the universe’s most beautiful rock. This ring will sit on your finger like a crown sits on a queen’s head. Its presence can’t be missed. 

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4. 18k White Gold 6.11ctw Diamond Three Row Wide Ring

Extremely unique and utterly enormous, this three row wide diamond ring is guaranteed to take everyone’s breath away. It is a complete showstopper. The ring is made up of two kinds of diamonds, emerald cuts and cushion cuts. The cushion cuts form the top and bottom row, while the emerald cuts line the center. The emerald cuts are obviously bigger, so they sit higher above the cushion cuts, giving the ring a dynamic “pop” and “wow factor”. 

As you can see, the emerald cuts, which are step cuts, and the cushion cuts, which are brilliant cuts, offer a very different kind of diamond shine. 

The emerald cuts have linear facets and a large table. This creates flashes of light known as the hall of mirrors effect. They are revered for their luster and ability to exhibit a fusion of light and dark planes. 

Conversely, cushion cuts have many small facets. When light enters the diamond, it reflects off all of the small facets. The light scatters and bounces, creating sparkle and fire. It’s a very icy, snowy kind of shine. Rather than the translucent, watery-type shine of emerald cuts. 

When paired together, you have marvelous contrast in light performance and overall style. There’s a wonderful, radiant harmony between the two. With both, you have the best of everything diamonds have to offer. It makes for a wonderfully vintage yet contemporary appearance. 

In terms of the size, this is among the largest of all the diamond bands. It will take up almost the entire part of your finger under the middle knuckle. The emerald cut diamonds total 3.37 carats and the cushion cuts total to 2.74 carats. Each as high grade as the next. 

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5. 18k White Gold 5.86ctw Diamond Three Row Wide Ring

This ring has the same design concept as the one above, except instead of emerald cuts in the middle, it has cushion cuts. This is brilliants stacked on brilliants. A ring like this could blind someone, especially on a sunny day. So, be careful if you plan on buying this one. 

With this wide three row diamond band you have 2.6 carats of round brilliant diamonds and 3.26 carats of cushion cut diamonds. All of the diamonds are G/H in color and VS clarity, which means they are colorless and flawless to the naked eye. 

Now, if you look at the ring from a side angle, you can see the cushion cuts sit higher than the round diamonds. So, not only do you have contrast in shape (the cushion cuts are square-ish and the round brilliants are, well, round), but you also have contrast in size and stature. Ultimately, this gives the ring a lot of profundity. 

If you want a ring that fully expresses just how advanced the technology of diamond cutting is, this is the one. This wide three row diamond ring defines radiance with two of the most popular diamond cuts ever. 

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6. 18k White Gold 4.90ctw Baguette and Round Shape Diamond Wide Band

Here’s one of the most popular diamond band designs in the game right now. It’s a look every woman desires. Why? Because it combines the ever coveted baguette with the uber traditional round brilliant. Plus, it is a very distinct kind of motif. The round brilliants on top and bottom with the baguette juxtaposed between, it’s an instant classic. 

There are two rows of round brilliant diamonds, which total to 2.97 carats. Then, encased in the middle, vertically-set, are 1.93 carats of baguette cut diamonds. 

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This could be a stunning wedding band or anniversary band. Although it’s a highly sought after style, it is not one you see often. This is because good quality rings like this cost a pretty penny. That said, you can get somewhat less expensive alternatives, such as this one below…

Platinum 2.9ctw Baguetteand Round Brilliant Diamond Ring

This large diamond band has the same expect design, it is just a little more compact and it has less total carat weight. Moreover, the diamonds aren’t as high a color grade or clarity grade. Nevertheless, it is still very nice quality. They are I/J in color and SI in clarity. For diamonds of this size, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference, except in the price tag (it is a fraction of the price – see the full sales listing below for pricing details).

When someone sees this ring on your finger, all they are going to say is “wow”, and all they are going to think is “I want that”.  Jaw-dropping effect, guaranteed. 

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7. 18k White Gold 1.98ctw Diamond Halfway Wide Wedding Band

Unlike the other diamond rings, this one takes a unique approach with its rows of diamonds. First of all, the top and bottom row have two types of diamonds. You have round brilliants and horizontally-set baguettes. The diamonds are set in an “every other” order. As for the diamonds along the center, you have vertically set baguettes. As such, this band is baguette dominant, which we are sure a lot of modern women appreciate, as baguettes are the hottest diamond cut right now. It’s all about baguettes in the contemporary luxury jewelry industry.

What’s also unique about this big diamond band is that the diamonds are sectioned off into squares, every three diamonds. It’s like a 3×3 design. This gives the ring a very distinct grid-like motif. On the finger, this wide diamond band offers a special flare unlike any of the others in this feature. 

That said, it is not the biggest or widest of all the diamond bands here. In fact, it is the smallest, which some women seek. You may want a band that’s big, but not crazy big. This is an easy, every day kind of diamond ring, at least for those who appreciate the larger things in life. This ring will go with everything and it won’t completely over power, yet it definitely won’t go unnoticed either. It’s like a happy medium, but on the larger size…

Nevertheless, expect this ring to sit very prominently on the finger, just like all the others. If you make this your wedding band, you better have an equally impressive engagement ring. 

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Want to see more wide diamond bands?

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers – our two gorgeous fine jewelry showrooms in Boca Raton – you can find all kinds of stunning diamond bands, size small, medium, large and extra large. We have something for everyone’s taste and budget. The above big diamond bands are just a small (oxymoronic pun intended) sample of what we have to offer. The best part is, we always price competitively. Our goal is to get you the ring of your dreams for a fair price. We pride ourself on honest business dealings. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. In the meantime, check out our collection of diamond bands…

Diamonds Bands at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

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