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Art Deco marquise cut diamond ring

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Inspired By The Art Deco Era

Want an engagement ring with incredible style, uniqueness and vintage flair? Then a ring like the featured Art Deco-inspired 2-carat marquise cut diamond engagement ring might be perfect for you! Not exactly familiar with Art Deco and marquise diamond engagement rings? Below we go over everything you need to know, while also featuring a very special…
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Platinum Ring

Platinum Art Deco Inspired Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Platinum Art Deco Inspired Round Diamond Engagement Ring Style Platinum Art Deco Inspired Round Diamond Engagement Ring Main Diamond Round Brilliant 1.50 Carat Center Stone Carat Total Weight 2.06 Carat Total Weight Accent Diamond Details Micro-Pave Set Round Diamonds Diamond Color H Main Diamond Clarity SI1 Ring Measurements 12mm (Height) x 2 mm (Shank Width)…
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Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Art Deco Ruby Ring Fest

We love Art Deco style. We love rubies. So when we combined the two to create vintage inspired Art Deco ruby ring designs set in platinum, we knew we’d created some great unique engagement rings. We paired the ruby accents (some might call them halos) with some of our favorite marquise stones. Some are light…
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Vintage Elegance: The Marquise Diamond Pear-Shaped Ring

The marquise diamond pear-shaped ring is a unique and elegant piece of jewelry that has stood the test of time. The marquise diamond pear-shaped ring showcases a marquise cut diamond shaped like a football paired with a pear-shaped diamond. So, resembling a teardrop, creating a stunning and unique design. Together, these two shapes create a…
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Luxury Jewelry Alert: Diamond Dangling Earrings

Here we bring you one of the latest luxury jewelry pieces you will never say NO to. We present you Diamond Dangling Earrings. These sparkling diamonds, elegantly dangling from your ears, have the power to transform any look into a show-stopping masterpiece. Diamond earrings are a timeless piece of jewelry that exude sophistication, glamour, and…
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Halo vs. No Halo Rings: The Boons and the Banes

Hey gents. Are you ready to pop the question, but you don’t know what options are available for the perfect ring? Then, the halo vs. no halo rings debate will help you make that informed choice. And for the beautiful ladies, did he say you can choose any ring you’d like? This comparison: halo vs.…
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Oval-Cut Ring with Large Eternity Band

An eye-catching engagement ring such as the oval-cut diamond ring with a large eternity band is a really great and unique choice. What’s great about this ring is that, well, it is absolutely stunning to look at. Further, it is a combination of two classic styles. We will discuss below the importance of classic style,…
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embellished marquise engagement ring

Embellished Marquise Engagement Rings

Marquise engagement rings do not get enough fame despite being cutting-edge jewelry pieces. While marquise diamonds were trendy in the 1980s, the oblong, angular shape now lags behind the more significant resurgences of oval- and pear-shaped diamonds. When you compare them, the marquise diamond feels dated.  Still, marquise settings are on the verge of a…
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Square Diamond Ring with Half Eternity Band

A simple, yet classic and elegant ring such as a square diamond ring with an eternity band makes for a great engagement ring. First and foremost, it is beautiful and stylish. But more than that, it has a classic look and feel. Later in this article, we will make our case as to why classic…
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a skull knuckle ring

Skull Knuckle Ring

When choosing the perfect engagement ring, you consider qualities like timeless and elegant style. However, when you want a vintage-style jewelry piece, it is hard to beat skull knuckle rings. These are pieces that hearken back to a time gone by. Whether you like Victorian pieces or something a bit more Art Deco, the world…
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a 1.2 carat Asscher cut ring

1.2 Carat Asscher Cut Ring

The world of engagement rings is an assortment of numerous options and peculiar pieces. One of such options is the 1.2 carat Asscher cut ring. With the Asscher cut, you get proof of perfection in a special diamond with exceptional luster.  With its pointed ends, we are confident that an Asscher cut diamond ring will…
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the marquise diamond and sapphire vintage ring on a finger

Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Vintage Ring

For every die-hard romantic searching for a vintage ring with a distinguished aura, settling is never an option. Getting the best of rarity and uniqueness is a no-brainer at this point which is why a marquise diamond and sapphire vintage ring is your surest bet.  Marquise diamond and sapphire rings are one option you must…
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What is special about the emerald halo engagement ring?

Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

A few rings stand out from the traditional solitaire engagement rings. One of the outstanding ones is the Emerald halo engagement ring. Gem cutters decorated the center stone with smaller diamonds. And, the halo setting adds extra sparkle.  The Emerald engagement ring is a stunning statement piece featuring an Emerald cut. The Emerald cut diamond…
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The blue sapphire engagement rings

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

You have seen them in magazines, on celebrities, and television. The stunning blue sapphire engagement rings are everywhere nowadays. And you are not wrong to be looking for one for your bride-to-be. It offers a unique alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. Hence, its increased popularity. Blue sapphire rings have become an alternative to…
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GIA certified Marquise diamond ring

10 carat GIA certified Marquise diamond ring

The 10 carat GIA certified Marquise diamond ring is a Rare and one of kind. It is a large and beautifully bespoke custom rose gold engagement ring designed with precision. The center stone is 5 carats. It has a color and clarity of I-SI2. The center stone is stunning and has an amazing cut. It…
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cushion cut vs asscher cut

Cushion Cut Vs. Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond rings enthusiasts always have the cushion vs asscher cut diamonds discussion. This is because these two sparkling diamond cuts have similar outlines. Meanwhile, these two diamond cuts might share certain qualities. Yet, various details set them apart.  In this text, we will uncover these distinctions between cushion vs asscher cut rings. That way, you…
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the cushion cut diamond

Choosing The Best Between Cushion and Princess Cut For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

When selecting your diamond engagement ring, nothing is more important than the shape of the diamond you choose. Well, that is the part of your diamond engagement ring that takes center stage. This diamond cut is always the point the design journey starts. So, whether it is the cushion cut or the princess cut, it…
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Using Multiple Diamonds in One Ring

A diamond ring is a piece of jewelry that is the epitome of class and style. When we think of diamond rings, most of us think of engagement rings.  We wear our engagement ring on a daily basis, so it makes sense that we want to carefully choose a piece that fits our lifestyle and…
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precious gemstone rings with diamonds

Colorful Precious Gemstone & Diamond Rings: Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald

While diamond rings are absolutely breathtaking and magnificent, there is nothing like a diamond ring with colorful precious gemstones…or, better yet, a colorful precious gemstone ring with diamonds! The combination of colorful precious gemstones – sapphires, emeralds or rubies – with diamonds is unbeatable and incomparable. The contrast between the white diamonds and the colorful…
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floral motif rings

Flower Motif Rings: History, Meaning & Beautiful Examples

Flowers are one of the most common motifs used in art and design, and this is particularly true with jewelry. Jewelry designers have been crafting flower motif rings and jewelry for hundreds of years. It is no surprise either. Flowers are among nature’s most charming creations. We are naturally drawn to their ephemeral beauty.  At…
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double halo engagement rings

What are Double Halo Engagement Rings?

Marriage is one of the most significant milestones in life, so it is important that you choose a ring that reflects the beauty of the moment where it all begins, your proposal. If you are looking for a special engagement ring that is not only classic, but also modern and timeless in style, a halo…
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pros and cons of a channel set diamond engagement ring

Should I Buy a Channel Set Engagement Ring?

When shopping for an engagement ring, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the center stone. And while the centerpiece is surely one of the most important aspects of an engagement ring, it is not the only aspect that will make or break the overall look. The setting of an engagement ring is…
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used rolex

What is the Best Engagement Ring Store in Boca Raton?

If you are in Boca Raton or South Florida and you are on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring, the first thing you need to do is find the best engagement ring store. You want an engagement ring store that has a wide range of rings and knows how to provide expert guidance. That…
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stunning unique diamond engagement rings

11 Unique Diamond Engagement Rings Ranging From $1,000 to $100,000

While a classic round brilliant diamond engagement ring will always be in style, there are countless other engagement ring designs that will adhere to specific tastes and allow women to express individuality. More than ever, women want to break away from the norm to show their uniqueness. What better way to do this than with…
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anniversary rings by year

Best Anniversary Rings For Her By The Year

Are you looking for the perfect, special ring to celebrate your anniversary this year? Have you reached a milestone in your marriage that calls for a gift she will remember and cherish forever? At Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers, we are anniversary ring specialists, so we will lead you in the right…
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diamond cocktail rings

12 Diamond Cocktail Rings That Will Make A Powerful Statement

Are you looking for a modern or vintage-style diamond cocktail ring that will make a powerful statement? An everyday or special occasion piece that will wow anyone in your presence?  Great news, you’ve come to the right place. We are about to share with you 12 of our favorite diamond statement-making cocktail rings that are…
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Internally flawless yellow 12 carat diamond for sale

Investment Grade Diamonds: Colorless & Fancy Yellow Engagement Rings

A lot of people will argue that diamonds are not a good investment. While that may be true for the vast majority of diamonds out there, if you know what to look for in diamond investments and you choose investment grade diamonds (colorless and fancy yellow), they can surely be a smart and very profitable…
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how much is a 2 carat diamond

How Much is a 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

Are you in the market for an engagement ring and you have your mind set on a 2 carat diamond? Wondering what the price for a 2 carat diamond engagement ring is? You probably have other questions too. Don’t stress, we have you covered. Here is everything you need to know about 2 carat diamonds…
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engagement rings boca raton

Ultimate Guide to Solitaire Engagement Rings

The solitaire diamond engagement ring is far and wide the most coveted engagement ring style. It is also the most classic, and arguably the most elegant and sophisticated! If you have your mind set on a solitaire setting or you are still considering your options, let this article guide you through everything you need to…
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used rolex

8 Reasons Why Halo Engagement Rings Are NOT Going Out of Style & Unique Contemporary Halo Engagement Ring Examples

There has been a common thread lately about halo engagement rings going out of style. So, as experts in the engagement ring realm, we want to address this in a thorough manner. First, the answer to “are halo engagement rings going out of style?” is a resounding NO. Halo diamond engagement rings are still as…
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history of eternity rings

The History of Eternity Rings: 4,000 Years to Present Day

An Eternity Ring, which is also known as an infinity ring, may seem like a modern creation, however, it has been in existence for a long, long time. In this post, we are going to tell you all about the history of the Eternity Ring (dating all the way back to the ancient Egyptians) and…
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used engagement ring guide

The In-depth Guide to Used Engagement Rings

When it comes time to choosing a Used Diamond Engagement Ring, you are bound to have tons of questions. “Should I buy a New or Second Hand Engagement Ring?” possibly being the first…So, we are here to give you answers. We hope you can use this as your guide to choosing the right engagement ring,…
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yellow gold ring stack full hand

17 Unique and Beautiful Fashion Diamond Rings for Ladies

If you are like us, you can’t get enough of unique and beautiful ladies fashion diamond rings. There’s just something so deeply satisfying about shopping for, trying on, and adding new fashion diamond rings to the collection. Not to mention, styling them for the outfit and jewelry ensembles of the day! With all the various…
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supercar and watch

All Black Lambo Aventador S x Stainless Steel Sky-Dweller & Diamond Ring Stacks

Supercars and Swiss watches, it’s a match made in heaven. If you scratch the surface of any car fanatic, you are sure to find a watch enthusiast, and the same vice versa. This is why there have been so many collaborations between the most iconic brands of watches and supercars. The heritage of the two…
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used rolex

Eternity Ring vs Wedding Band: Everything You Need to Know

Are you on the hunt for a wedding band? Have you considered an eternity ring instead? These days, giving an eternity ring as a “wedding band” is the norm. More and more brides-to-be love and prefer the look of an eternity ring over a wedding band. Thus, men are buying eternity rings rather than wedding…
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nature inspired rings

11 Nature Inspired and Floral Diamond & Gemstone Cocktail Rings

If you love the outdoors, one of the best ways to symbolize that is with a fine diamond and gemstone, nature inspired ring. Stunning floral and nature inspired cocktail rings made from precious metals, gemstones, and diamonds create positive energy in one’s day-to-day life. They are a reminder of things we love, which allows us…
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yellow diamond halo engagement rings

Your Guide to Buying Big Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

With the rapid increase in the demand for alternative engagement rings, Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings are now one of the most highly coveted styles for modern, soon-to-be brides.  This is because yellow diamond engagement rings are breathtakingly beautiful and they stand out from the crowd. It’s a great engagement ring choice if you want…
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What halo ring to get with your wedding band?

There are so many options when it comes to diamond halo ring engagement rings that it can be difficult to choose. It is important of course to consider your wedding band particularly if you have already chosen or know which one you will get. The diamond halo on your engagement ring is an addition that…
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custom rings boca raton

How to Create a Custom Diamond Ring – Design, Process, Cost Analysis

Are you considering creating a custom diamond ring? Great. It’s a smart move! Designing your own bespoke ring is the perfect way to get the ring you’ve always dreamed of. Moreover, one that is flawlessly suited to you.  In this article we will go over everything you need to know about creating your own custom…
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Ring Emerald

How to wear emerald ring with diamonds

When it comes to styling an emerald ring with diamonds you want to prioritize the incredible emerald green of this precious gem. After all an emerald ring is the statement jewelry piece of your outfit and we would not want it to be overshadowed. So let us talk all about emeralds, accentuating a ring with…
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emerald cut engagement ring with accent diamond band

Emerald cut engagement rings – what you need to know

A unique diamond cut shape emerald cut engagement ring is rarer than round or cushion cut engagement ring diamonds. For a solitaire, three diamond or halo feature ring an emerald cut diamond stone is possible. This geometric cut is evocative of both modern and vintage artistic aesthetics. Let us have a more in depth look…
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where can i get a classic engagement ring

Top 3 Classic Engagement Ring Styles for a Timeless Look

When it comes to engagement rings, you will always have styles that are trending and classics that will never go out of style. Classic engagement rings will always be in fashion, they are timeless and can be passed down for generations without ever losing their “modern” flare. Classic engagement ring styles can be vintage yet…
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Perfect Pairing: Luxury jewellery and designer handbags

When you change up your style the easiest way to set the trend is through your accessories. Particularly luxury jewellery and designer handbags. Both are intimate and personal choices. Also they reflect one’s personal style. It is a way to not only utilize your luxury jewellery in new ways but to also match how you…
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best cartier watch

5 Iconic Cartier Jewelry (and Watches) That Every Woman Should Own

Are you looking to buy Cartier Jewelry but you aren’t sure what to get? Well, good news…here are the 5 most iconic Cartier jewelry creations that every woman should own (this should make your life a little easier). Get ready to fall in love.  It’s hard to resist the attraction of Cartier’s most iconic jewelry.…
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three diamond engagement ring gabriel & co

Three diamond ring – engagement trends of 2019

This year’s engagement ring trends are in full bloom. From the rings featuring colorful gem center stones to more vintage inspired styles we have seen a significant uptake in unique engagement rings. Rather than the traditional classic solitaire diamond ring couples are looking for different rings. One particular trend of 2019 engagement rings are the…
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halo vs no halo engagement rings

Halo vs No Halo Engagement Rings: Pros and Cons | What is a Halo Ring?

Here’s everything you need to know when comparing Halo vs No Halo Engagement Rings. The halo engagement ring is the reigning queen of the bridal world. Engagement rings have, since their inception, captured the imagination and affection of designers and jewelry lovers (and brides to be, of course!) It’s no wonder. They’re beautiful and a…
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sell engagement ring

How to Sell Your Engagement Ring After Divorce (or Broken Marriage)?

Are you deciding whether or not you should sell your engagement ring? You are probably wondering: “Where is the best place to sell your engagement ring?” “How much will I get for my engagement ring?” “What do I need to know when selling my engagement ring?” And, maybe the most difficult question, should you sell…
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Marquise diamond engagement rings

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings for the Unique Bride

Every bride is unique in their own way and bring their own personal style to each part of their wedding. However one aspect that is not always easy to pin down is the engagement ring. After all when proposing to your partner. A singular unique personality in the entire world how can you find the…
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