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1.2 Carat Asscher Cut Ring

The world of engagement rings is an assortment of numerous options and peculiar pieces. One of such options is the 1.2 carat Asscher cut ring. With the Asscher cut, you get proof of perfection in a special diamond with exceptional luster. 

With its pointed ends, we are confident that an Asscher cut diamond ring will catch your attention. Its modern shape brings a new twist to the Old European cut. Though similar in form to the square-shaped Emerald, the Asscher Cut is more subtle with its edges. This means it is perfect for everyday wear since it has a low risk of getting damaged by knocks and bangs. The unique angular design will set your ring apart from other rings you may see daily.

Meanwhile, due to the similarities, people cannot differentiate a Princess cut from an Asscher cut. Some others think it is the rectangular Emerald cut ring. These rings look like Asscher cut rings. However, they are not Asscher cut rings, let alone be a 1.2 carat type. 

Introducing the Asscher Cut Diamond in an Engagement Ring

The Asscher cut ring belongs to the step-cut category. Indeed, they are square diamonds, still, the gem cutters made them unique. Hence, this diamond cut takes on the appearance of the Emerald cut diamond ring. Besides, gem cutters made rectangular facets of the Asscher ring in steps. With the presence of the pavilion and high crown, you can’t deny the beauty. 

History of the Asscher Cut Diamond Ring 

In 2002, the Asscher cut diamond ring became popular among all and sundry. Every engagement ring lover and diamond enthusiast loved the idea of this design. Also, many people worked towards owning at least one of these pieces.

Before it became that popular in 2002, it first appeared in 1902. Joseph Asscher, an artisan diamond cutter, invented the Asscher cut in 1902. Apart from inventing the Asscher cut, he was also the founder of I.J Asscher Diamond Company. Joseph patented the Asscher cut ring to prevent it from replication by other people after its invention. 

The Asscher cut existed without a change until 2001. In 2001, Edward and Joseph Asscher decided that the ring could use a change. The aim was to improve the design and the style of the ring. While they worked on the change, their creativity gave birth to the Royal Asscher cut diamond.

And as expected, the design made the ring’s allure even more pronounced. Soon, more people noticed. They improved the cut’s accuracy and created something more brilliant than ever! There has been improvement in the style after the original. And of course, this is enough reason for you to buy it. 

Still, that is not the only remarkable thing about the Asscher cut diamond ring. There are other features and benefits here that would make you want to buy one.

Why is the 1.2 Carat Asscher Cut Ring so Special? 

Apart from the high crown, here are other features that contribute to the brilliance of this ring and its special aura: 

  • The Straight-edged Facets

A 1.2 carat Asscher cut diamond comes with straight-edged facets. This gives the Asscher cut ring a more distinct look. With the presence of a straight-edged facet, you cannot miss the uniqueness. 

  • Well-ordered 58 Facets

Like the brilliant round cut, the Asscher cut diamond ring has 58 facets. Also, the arrangement sets it apart from the round diamond. Plus, the gem cutters arranged the 58 aspects to give it a vintage look. 

  • Unique Shape

You do not get to see a ring with a unique shape like this 1.2 carat Asscher cut ring always. The Asscher cut diamond ring has equal width and length. But, that’s not all. It also has angled edges that make it look like an octagon. 

If you are the type that loves uniqueness and brilliance, the Asscher cut will intrigue you. As expected, you wouldn’t be the first person to find the ring worthy. 

Is Buying a 1.2 Carat Asscher Cut Ring Worth It?

Many things set the 1.2 Carat Asscher cut diamond ring apart from other rings. Let us call them the benefits of an Asscher cut ring. Below are some of the distinguishing benefits: 

  • The Asscher Cut Oozes Brilliance

The whole design of the Asscher cut ring is set up for brilliance. The type of beauty that many cannot overlook even in a room full of people. The deep cut of the Asscher cut diamond ring allows it to flash often and catch attention. Therefore, if you are the type who loves to stand out, we have the right diamond cut for your ring.

  • Asscher Cut Comes With No Sharp Edges. 

The semblance of Asscher cut and square-cut end at equal length and width. The square cut has sharp edges; Asscher cut edges come well-trimmed. This makes it easy to wear it anywhere and anytime. You do not have to worry about causing damage to its prong. Neither do you have to worry about the stones?  

  • Asscher cut Diamonds are Classic Pieces

Getting a high-quality ring in this time and age is not an easy task. There is no denying that the vintage look has become popular among people of the high class. With a 1.2 carat Asscher cut ring, you get to move several steps closer to achieving the vintage look. 

If the Art Deco styles of the 20s and 30s look appealing, you should find Asscher cut worthy. Not only does it look stylish when used as a stand-alone, but it is also extra stylish combined. You could combine it with bands, and you would get the classic look you desire. 

  • Producing Asscher Cut Diamonds is Exclusive

One of the things the inventors of the Asscher ring did was make the design exclusive. So, this means that design is once in a lifetime. To what end? First, the users of this ring maintained uniqueness among other diamond enthusiasts. Furthermore, it makes it difficult to make an exact copy. 

  • A 1.2 Carat Asscher Cut Ring is Always a Great Buy

For something that has been here since the 1900s, an Asscher cut diamond ring is in for a long run. This proves that the gem cutters made these Asscher cut diamond rings to stand the test of time. More so, it continues to live up to its expectations so far. If you get an Asscher cut today, the long-lasting feature means that it will stay relevant in decades to come.

Factors to Consider before Buying your Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Considering the pros of an Asscher cut diamond ring, buying one sounds reasonable. It has become necessary to get your bride one Asscher cut diamond ring. Therefore, you must be careful not to get one that won’t make her happy. To stay on track, here are factors to consider before choosing Asscher cut diamond ring: 

  • The Length to Width Ratio 

Like every other diamond ring, the Asscher cut ring has length. And, of course, the width is also present. Before buying the 1.2 Carat Asscher cut diamond ring, considering the length and width ratio is crucial. If you do not mind a square cut Asscher ring, the length and width ratio should be 1:00. 

However, if you are more in tune with a rectangular appearance, the ratio should not be beyond 1:60. Anything beyond this would make the ring look too narrow, and you do not want that. 

  • What is the Style of Cut? 

If the Asscher cut diamond ring is perfect, you would not worry about windows and extinctions. But, if the gem cutters did not cut the stone well, the ring is at risk of extinction or windows. 

Windows are large white spaces on the stone that do not reflect light. They do not reflect light. When you look at a stone at risk of windows, you don’t see the light. Instead, you see right through the stone.

Extinction represents dark effects on the stone. When the stone is at risk of extinction, some areas become darker. And also, there will be little or no light reflections. 

  • What Color Grade Do You Prefer?

Before buying the Asscher cut diamond ring, you want to know the best color grade for that piece. As one would expect, the color grade depends on your chosen setting. 

For a perfect white gold setting, anyone between D-F ranges is fitting. Just so you know, the difference in the color grade is slight. And the difference in the price of the three is major. So, you might want to go for the cheapest. If the color grades won’t make much difference, then there is no reason you should spend a huge sum. 

For context, the ideal difference in price between D- F is $100. 

For the yellow gold setting, you may choose between k-J. Any of these color grades will set you on the right path. One reason we recommend this is that the contrast with the metals helps to lessen the hues on the stone. Sites like this should give you insight into how different color grades look. 

  • What Clarity Grade Works Best?

Unlike the brilliant round cut, do not expect the Asscher cut to hide inclusions. If there are imperfections, this cut will reveal all. And since the major purpose of this ring is to showcase clarity, it is important to be careful

When choosing the clarity grade for the stone, (VSI) is ideal. You could also drop down to S1. The goal is to ensure that the naked eye can view it without seeing an inclusion. If any of these will get you that, then it is perfect! 

Getting the Most Ideal Settings and Styles

It would be best if you got the styling for your Asscher cut ring to assume that vintage look. It does not need protective settings like some stones. Hence, you can worry less about that. Here are some of the best types of settings for your Asscher cut diamond engagement ring:

  1. Halo Setting

The Halo setting and style are common, and many can use them for other stones. But, with an Asscher cut, it looks special for you. It adds the brilliance and sparkle you wanted. Also, you can use it as extra protection for the Asscher cut ring. 

  1. Three Stone Setting

This may not be as popular among diamond enthusiasts as the halo. But, it is helpful, especially regarding the Asscher cut diamond ring. The three-stone settings add sparkle. Also, it adds depth to the ring.

  1. Prong Setting

There are four corners to every Asscher cut ring. Hence, it is reasonable that you want to protect all angles with four prongs which is what the prong setting offers. Guess what you will find even more stunning? The four prongs also add to the beauty and fire of that 1.2 carat Asscher cut ring. 

You Need that 1.2 Carat Asscher Cut Ring to have the Best Cut Quality 

The quality of your 1.2 carat Asscher cut diamond ring is essential. Before buying one, you must check for the level of value. And no, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) does not grade the quality. So, prepare to do the bulk of the work. It would help if you focused on the depth, table percentage, polish, and symmetry. 

A percentage between 60% & 70% is okay for the depth. And on the table percentage, 60% to 69% looks like the perfect idea. There is no doubt that you must also learn about good symmetry. 


Asscher cut diamond rings keep getting that deserved attention in the jewelry world. This cut is one of the most elegant-looking cuts with a square or rectangular shape. The angular nature of these stones creates an exciting sparkle. 

In addition, it allows people to see the ring as brighter than others. It seems that Asscher cut diamonds have been here for a long time. Therefore, it helps to join the league of Asscher cut users without hesitation. Are you ready to follow all the tips in this article? Then, you should be fine.

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