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Top 3 Classic Engagement Ring Styles for a Timeless Look

Top 3 Classic Engagement Ring Styles for a Timeless Look

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When it comes to engagement rings, you will always have styles that are trending and classics that will never go out of style.

Classic engagement rings will always be in fashion, they are timeless and can be passed down for generations without ever losing their “modern” flare.

Classic engagement ring styles can be vintage yet modern, contemporary yet timeless, sophisticated yet fun, and even, trendy yet traditional.

Some classic styles were created hundreds of years ago, while others only a few decades ago. Some new style engagement rings may even be considered instant classics.

Today, in this article, we are going to be discussing the classic engagement rings styles of the now and yesteryear. So get ready to see and learn about some of the most beautiful, most stunning, most elegant, most classy engagement rings the world has to offer.

We hope this post will leave you inspired and excited for your very own engagement ring hunt.

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Before we start, let’s go over the “definition” of a classic engagement ring.

What is a classic engagement ring? 

When people think classic engagement rings, they think simple, traditional, minimalistic, and maybe even affordable. They think of solitaire engagement rings, round or oval shaped diamonds, and a single clean band made of white gold or platinum. Now, while that is true, we believe classic engagement rings go beyond the simple solitaire look. There are other engagement rings styles that have been around for a long time, and because of that exactly – they’ve been around for a long time – we like to think of them as classics as well. Modern women are still appreciating these looks of the past, and to us, that fits the definition to a T. We are talking halo engagement rings, pave diamond band engagement rings, split-shank engagement rings, and more. All of which we are going to get into here: the 3 classic engagement rings styles for a timeless look.

So, without further ado, let’s begin…

3 Classic Engagement Ring Styles

1. Solitaire Engagement Ring

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It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start with the solitaire engagement ring style. It is the most popular and iconic engagement ring style that exists. They can be done with a round shaped diamond, which is the most classic, or a princess cut diamond, which is the second most popular choice, or with more unique diamond shapes like oval, pear and marquise. In fact, solitaire settings can be done with any diamond shape.

The centerpiece diamond is held in place by prongs, and the most classic is a 4 prong setting, as that gives the diamond the most freedom. That said, 6 prong solitaire settings are also great.

If you choose a diamond shape that has edges or points, you will want to make sure the prong setting covers the edges or points, as that will protect the diamond from any damage. Although diamonds are incredibly strong, they can still be chipped if you hit it hard on these thinner points of the diamond, which is why the setting is crucial as it can completely be prevented that if done right.

Overall, you simply can’t go wrong with a solitaire engagement ring. They’ve been around for a long time, and they will stay around for even longer. This is because the look is striking, as the diamond can be seen in all of its glory. Your diamond will be seen from all angles, and it will always be the center of attention, as most women feel it should. Furthermore, the look is simple, so it offers a sophisticated and organized appearance.

If you are a simple person yet you like the finer things in life, a solitaire engagement ring is for you.

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2. Halo Engagement Ring

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The second most classic and popular engagement ring style is the halo engagement ring. A halo engagement ring is a setting with a center stone that is encircled and enclosed by a number of smaller pave diamonds. It was named a halo as it resembles that of an angel’s halo. This framed setting style creates an amplified appearance of the center stone. It is a striking look, and it also offers a visual impression of a larger centerpiece.

The halo first became vogue in the 1920s, and nowadays it is probably even more popular. Women who like vintage styles are really drawn to halo engagement rings. Plus, new halo engagement rings use modern technology and a few twists to keep things up-to-date.

Halo engagement rings look great with a plain-shank band and bands covered in pave diamonds. As for the diamond shape and cut, halo engagement rings are said to be best with round or princess cut diamonds, but cushion, oval and other diamond shapes are really nice as well.

Double halo engagement rings and halo engagement rings with fancy colored diamonds are also very popular. And while these might not be deemed classics, we believe they will be classics of our day.

If you are a woman who likes a vintage look with a modern twist, and you like to be a little bit “lavish”, a halo engagement ring is a great choice. This is another classic engagement rings style that does no wrong and can be passed down as an heirloom.

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3. Three Stone Engagement Rings

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Three stone engagement rings are not only gorgeous, but they are also said to have a special meaning. They represent the past, present and future of your relationship.

Also known as Bostonian engagement rings, this style is most definitely considered a classic. The three diamonds offer three times the brilliance, fire, sparkle and shine.

The most traditional of the three stone engagement ring style features a large center diamond with two smaller diamonds at its flanks. However, modern three stone engagement rings sometimes have side stones that are the same or nearly the same size. Couples believe that having three stones of the same size represents a consistent feeling of love that is everlasting.

Other modern twists include a center diamond with two gemstones on the side. The most popular being sapphires. And when it comes to sapphires, they have been used in engagement rings for a very long time, most notably by royalty of the past who wanted to have something more unique.

As for diamond shapes, princess cuts are the most common option as they sit well together and make for beautiful symmetry.

So, if you are a woman who is spiritual or takes ‘meanings’ in life seriously, the three stone engagement ring style is a fantastic choice. Plus, not only is it meaningful, it is absolutely stunning, a bit different, and it gives you three times the shine.

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Classic Band Styles

Pave Diamonds

is a halo enagement ring a classic style

For those who love sparkle, a pave diamond band engagement ring is a great choice. This style is classic and modern, with its band fully studded with accent diamonds. A pave diamond engagement ring can feature any of the above centerpiece settings – solitaire, halo, three-stone – and it works with any diamond shape as well.

The word pavé is French and it means “to pave”, and that is the perfect description as the entire surface of a pave diamond ring is covered in diamonds. Typically the diamonds are set very close together and they are set in place by tiny beads of gold or platinum. The result is a stunning band that sparkles and glitters from all angles.

All in all, this style exudes luxury and maximizes shine. If you are someone who loves the continuous sparkle look, then go for a pave diamond band…why settle for just one stone when you can have a whole row of them?

Note: The only downfall with this style is that it may not be possible to resize the ring in the future. This is because the stones are all the way around the band so that makes soldering very difficult. If it is done, whether increasing or decreasing the size, there is a chance the shape of the band will be altered. So, keep this in mind when choosing a pave diamond band engagement ring.

Now we want to briefly discuss some other options that make for a classic, trendy, and timeless engagement ring.

Plain Bands

what styles of engagement rings are classic

A plain band is a pure classic. It is definitely the most classic look, which brings us back to ‘simple is classic’. They can be thinner or thick. It’s a clean, simple option that can’t do any wrong. Moreover, it will allow your center stone to be the center of attention.

Split Shank and Twisted Shank Bands

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A split shank or twisted shank band will surely take your engagement ring to the next level. The two bands in one adds layers to an engagement ring, making it chunkier, fuller, and all around more noticeable. One thing to note about these two bands styles is that they protrude slightly so you will want to make sure it fits nicely with your wedding band. If you buy a bridal set you won’t have to worry about this later on.

Precious Metals

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The metal is what forms your entire ring. It is the basic structure. It is what your diamonds will be set in. So, of course, this is important and you will want to choose one that will last.

We all know the best and most common engagement ring metals. They are platinum, white, yellow and rose gold.

If you are looking for a classic precious metal, yellow gold is a timeless choice. Next would be white gold, which came into popularity during WWII. Platinum and rose gold are the relatively newer precious metals used for engagement rings, albeit they’ve been used for many decades.

Platinum is definitely one of the most common metals used for engagement rings in the US since its first use. It is hefty and strong, but it is also more expensive. And, rose gold is now one of the most trendy and coveted options.

What’s more, these days mixed metals are very on-trend, but it’s hard to call this a classic look. Nonetheless, we thought it is still worth mentioning.

All in all, if you want classic, go for yellow gold or white gold. If you want a harder metal and shiny look, go for white gold or platinum. If you want something warmer and fresher in the world of engagement rings, go for rose gold. And, if you can’t choose, consider mixing them up!

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How many Karats should I get if I choose gold?

24 karat gold is too soft as it is pure gold and gold is a soft metal. So you will want to choose 18, 14, or 10 karats.

As a matter of fact, most bridal jewelry doesn’t come in 24k anyway.

So, 18 karat will be on the softer side and 10 karats will be the hardest.

We recommend 18k or 14k for engagement rings.

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Wrapping up

When choosing a ring, consider what you will love, not what the world says is classic. These are only suggestions. Your engagement ring is yours and yours only. You want an engagement ring that will make you smile on your 10th, 25th and 50th anniversary. One that you will love more with each passing year. That is what makes a ring truly a classic.

If you are on the hunt for an engagement ring, Diamonds by Raymond Lee has an extensive collection from brands such as Verragio, A.Jaffe, Gabriel & Co., and many more. We guarantee you will find the ring of your dream, the ring that makes you and your loved one cry with joy, the ring that you will deem your very own classic.

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