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11 Unique Diamond Engagement Rings Ranging From $1,000 to $100,000

11 Unique Diamond Engagement Rings Ranging From $1,000 to $100,000

stunning unique diamond engagement rings

While a classic round brilliant diamond engagement ring will always be in style, there are countless other engagement ring designs that will adhere to specific tastes and allow women to express individuality. More than ever, women want to break away from the norm to show their uniqueness. What better way to do this than with an accessory that will be cherished and worn for the rest of your life. There are so many stunning unique diamond engagement rings out there to choose from, so why not shop around for that one-of-a-kind look, then decide if you want to be traditional or original. 


Around 80% of engagement rings on the market use a round brilliant diamond with a solitaire or halo setting. Another 10% or more goes to princess cut and cushion cut engagement rings. So, technically, any engagement ring that isn’t a round brilliant is going to be unique. Look around at your friends and stranger’s engagement rings to see for yourself. You are bound to spot a lot of round brilliant diamond engagement rings.

To set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd, you simply need to think outside of this very large “round” box, which is not difficult at all. The easiest way to show individuality through your engagement ring is by choosing a fancy shape diamond. And make note, any diamond shape that is not round brilliant is considered a fancy shape.

Another way to be unique is by choosing a different setting, like three-stone, bypass, or cluster settings. You can also consider choosing a fancy colored diamond or a precious gemstone. Even choosing a split shank, triple shank, twisting band, or getting a two tone ring or rose gold will make you stand out from the rest. After all, the vast majority of engagement rings are white gold or platinum. 

To sum it up, here are some ways you can show your uniqueness with an engagement ring:
  • Fancy diamond shape
  • Fancy diamond color
  • Gemstones (centerpiece or side stones)
  • Cluster, three-stone or bypass setting
  • Unique bands like split shanks or spirals
  • Yellow gold, rose gold, or two tone ring
  • Special motifs (we didn’t mention this one above, but this is a great way to express what you love – think floral motifs or nature-inspired designs).

All in all, whether you decide to go with a stunning unique engagement ring or stick to the classics, it can’t hurt to shop around to see if something special catches your eye. In the end, choose what your heart wants. Don’t worry about what other people like. This is your engagement ring. 

Below we have listed some of our favorite unique diamond engagement rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers. We’ve placed them in order of least expensive to most expensive. Remember, this is a once and a lifetime purchase so have fun with it!


We’ve chosen the following 11 engagement rings and are calling them “unique” based on their settings, diamond shape, diamond color, and motifs. If you like one, you can contact us for more detail or visit the associated links to see the full sales listing for the engagement rings. Purchases can be made online or in-store at one of our two beautiful showrooms in Boca Raton. 

1. White & Pink Gold Diamond Bypass Engagement Ring Setting

unique engagement rings under $1,000

This gorgeous engagement ring is from the celebrated designer brand Gabriel & Co. It is a two-tone bypass engagement ring setting. For those who aren’t familiar with bypass rings, a bypass ring is when the band doesn’t connect or form a continuous loop, rather it passes by the other, as you can see in the picture above. This bypass ring loops around the diamond, creating a stunningly unique visual effect. 

Like all rings from Gabriel & Co., this engagement ring can be set with any diamond at the center. While we have a round brilliant here, the choice is yours.

Price: $1,675

2. White Gold Diamond Floral Halo Engagement Ring Setting

There might not be a woman on this planet that doesn’t appreciate beautiful flowers. However, some women have an especially strong affinity towards the blossoming treasures found in nature. Humans are naturally connected to flowers. They create positive, emotional feelings. This unique floral engagement ring was designed with that in mind. It features very intricate and ornate detailing. From milgrain beading to scroll work and countless accent diamonds, this ring has everything you could ask for in a unique engagement ring. If you want a ring that blooms prominently on your ring finger, this Gabriel & Co. piece is a great choice.

Price: $2,140

3. White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring Setting

While this ring is unique on multiple fronts, the sapphires are really what makes it stand out. Not only are sapphires gorgeous, but they are also one of the rarest minerals on Earth. This unique engagement ring was inspired by the Victorian era, a time when precious gemstones like sapphires were used as engagement rings because they were more unusual and regal than diamonds. We really love how the sapphires create such an exquisite contrast with the white diamonds. It really makes them pop. If you are a woman who loves to express herself with colors, especially blue, then a sapphire and diamond engagement ring is for you.

Price: $2,290

4. White Gold 0.72Ctw Marquise Diamond Ring

The marquise diamond is the perfect example of how Old-World elegance can express modern uniqueness. While the shape has been around for hundreds of years, having been developed for King Louis XV of France’s mistress Marquise of Pompadour in the 1700s, it is not a diamond shape you often see. Nevertheless, it is one that many women revere, even if most women don’t end up with a marquise cut diamond on their finger. We really love the marquise diamond engagement ring as it is unique and classy. It’s a sophisticated way to set yourself apart while also showing appreciation for history. 

Price: $2,690

5. White Gold Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring Setting

This engagement ring holds all of its uniqueness in the band. It has a very broad split shank diamond embellished band that begins nearly at the bottom of the ring. At the top, the band has two connectors that twist around for the centerpiece to rest upon. This is is such a stunning, statement-making engagement ring. It declares, “I’m unique and I don’t care”. However, it is surely only for the most confident of woman due to just how different it is from a traditional engagement ring. While it’s not a ring every woman will want, it is a ring one special woman will absolutely love. 

Price: $3,000

6. 2 Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Didn’t we classify round brilliant solitaires as the epitome of traditional engagement rings? Yes, we did. However, a round brilliant engagement ring like this is tremendously unique. First of all, the sheer size of the round diamond makes this engagement ring special. Most diamond centerpieces are 1 carat or less, so the size will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

But besides that, this isn’t your average pure colorless diamond. The “let me go small yet very high quality”. This diamond is K color, so it has a yellow hue (a very consistent one, we should say). While that can be a turn off by conventional standards, this engagement ring pulls it off magnificently. Just look at the picture, there is no denying it. All in all, this ring goes against the normal advice of “go smaller for a higher grade color, clarity and cut”. It does what it wants, and to stunning effect. 

Price: $10,995. 

7. Platinum 1.15Ct Old European Cut Diamond Flower Engagement Ring

unique diamond ring

Here we have an engagement ring with two distinct features that you will very rarely see. First, it has an old European cut diamond centerpiece. This was the round diamond of choice before the modified brilliant diamond was invented. If you appreciate diamond heritage and antiquity, you can’t help but appreciate that. Second, the ring has an utterly obvious floral motif. So, not only is it fun and vivacious, it is elegant and immensely radiant thanks to the larger-than-normal halo diamonds that make up the flower shape. If you want a flower diamond engagement ring, it doesn’t get more floret than this. 

Price: $12,995.00

8. Platinum Art Deco Inspired Diamond Engagement Ring

Quite possibly the most unique design of them all, this Art Deco-inspired engagement ring has a stunning motif that resembles an eye. Surrounding the round brilliant centerpiece, the setting features channels of round brilliant diamonds and beaded edges that altogether form a prolate spheroid shape (like a Marquise diamond or a football or an eye). This one-of-a-kind engagement ring has everything the eccentric woman wants – It’s large, it’s unique, and it’s Art Deco-styled. Art Deco jewelry is the most coveted among collectors across the world. If you want something stylish and distinct, this engagement ring has its eye on you.

Price: $27,355

9. Gregg Ruth Platinum And 18K Yellow Gold 3.42Ct Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

This enormous engagement ring is unbelievably breathtaking…and undeniably unique. The centerpiece is a massive 3.42 fancy yellow radiant cut diamond of excellent quality. It has the beauty of the sun. Surrounding the centerpiece are small fancy yellow round brilliant diamonds set in yellow gold.

Even the band of this engagement ring is unique. It is a diamond split shank band with two sizable trillion diamonds on both sides. This ring shines brightly from all angles with a powerful contrast of yellow and white. 

If you want an absolutely jaw-dropping ring that can’t be missed, this Gregg Ruth fancy yellow diamond ring is a spectacular choice. 

Price: $29,995

10. 10.67 ct Cushion Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Here’s an engagement ring that is like wearing a TV on your finger. But the only show that it plays is ‘fancy yellow cushion cut diamond’. 

This ring is huge. The diamond is 10.67 carats! Even the accent diamonds add up to an impressive 2.51 carats. We really love how the ring juxtaposed yellow gold between the fancy yellow diamond and the white diamond halo. It really creates an astonishing appearance.

For women who like it big, this ring is as big as it gets. Wear this one long enough and you will have the strongest ring finger in the city. 

Price: $99,500

11. 18k White Gold 10.09ct Antique Cushion Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Now that we are towards the end of our list, the prices have been exorbitant. Haven’t they? So you can only expect an engagement ring of gigantic nature. While this diamond engagement ring would be pretty normal at 1 carat, at 10 carats, it’s extravagantly unique. 

That being said, upon further inspection, you would learn that this isn’t your average cushion cut. And no, we are not talking about size anymore. This is an antique cut cushion diamond. A cut reminiscent of the 18th and 19th century. What better way to be unique than with vintage appeal. 

Price: $100,000


Any reputable independent jeweler should have unique engagement rings in their collection. Typically, you need to look for jewelry stores that carry private label engagement rings. Certain designer brands like Gabriel & Co. and Verragio also have gorgeous unique diamond engagement rings. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to search around for a jewelry store when you are already in the right place.  Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers have an astonishing collection of high-end, unique diamond engagement rings. The above list of unique engagement rings is only but a small sample among our extensive collection of engagement rings. We have been serving South Florida’s insatiable need for diamonds for over 30 years, so not only do we have the goods, but we also have the knowledge to help you choose the perfect unique diamond engagement ring.

If you want to see more unique stunning diamond engagement rings, visit our collections online:

We have a wide range of stunning diamond engagement rings to choose from for all budgets and unique tastes. 

Have a question? Please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. 


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