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Stunning Verragio Engagement Rings: Everything You Need To Know

Stunning Verragio Engagement Rings: Everything You Need To Know

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When it comes to engagement rings and designer bridal jewelry, Verragio is one of the most celebrated brands in the world. For over two decades, Verragio has brought men and women together with exquisite, handcrafted diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. The company has earned the utmost respect in the industry, paving the way for what is considered the highest standard of bridal jewelry. Their engagement ring selection is made up of truly masterful designs. Verragio provides pure uniqueness and individuality with every creation. From vintage to contemporary, intricate to minimalist, Verragio rings and bridal jewelry bring excitement to a market that is undeniably saturated with generic designs and settings. It’s clear that they are meticulous with their creations, treating each and every style they create with unrivaled romanticism and sensibility. 

Verragio’s Design Philosophy 

Verragio’s design philosophy is resolutely concentrated on crafting beautiful, high-quality settings that enhance the overall appearance of the ring, rather than producing an overpowering presence. 

Regardless of how bold, ornate or detailed the setting is, Verragio makes certain the center diamond is always the prime focus. Their artisanal, handcrafted settings are there to emphasize and magnify the beauty of the ring as a whole.

Verragio History

Verragio was founded by Barry Verragio in 2005, but the story dates back decades prior to when Barry became a jewelry maker’s apprentice at the young age of 14. After many years as an apprentice, Barry’s passion and understanding of the jewelry market flourished. When his apprenticeship ended, he decided to enroll at the Fashion Institute of Technology to continue developing his skills. 

During his time at FIT in New York City, Barry learned from some of the world’s most prominent leaders in the jewelry industry, such as Tiffany & Co’s Maurice Galley. With the guidance of Maurice Galley, he started creating his own stunning engagement rings and bridal jewelry designs. 

By the early 1990s, Barry Verragio accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience crafting fine jewelry and diamond ring. The first ring he ever designed and produced was an engagement ring for his girlfriend, who later became his wife. This ring employed his very own unique setting technique called Lumino. The setting suspended the center stone, enabling more light to enter through the diamond. The Lumino setting allowed center stones to reveal more brilliance, fire and scintillation. The innovative Lumino setting garnered major success and ultimately catapulted Barry Verragio’s career by giving him international acclaim. With this success, he continued creating engagement ring settings and bridal jewelry designs, which lead him to start his own brand, Verragio. Now, a world-renowned designer jewelry brand with timeless appeal.


Verragio rings are semi-mounts, which means there is no center stone in place. The rings are ready with accent stones and they are perfectly detailed, polished, and finished, but to complete the ring, you will need to choose a diamond for the center piece. 

If you think choosing a diamond for your center piece is difficult, think again.

Diamonds By Raymond is an authorized retailer of Verragio. We have a wide selection of loose diamonds to choose from to complete your Verragio engagement ring. Most importantly, we have expert gemologist on staff at all times who will dedicate the time to helping you choose the perfect diamond for your Verragio ring. They will help you select a gorgeous diamond, of any shape and cut, that meets your budget. The experience is fun and you will learn a lot about diamonds in the process. 

All of Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s diamonds are certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America), which is the most credible diamond institute in the world. The certificate will have everything you need to know about your diamond in regards to the 4Cs. Moreover, every diamond is conflict-free.


Verragio engagement rings are famous for their iconic profiles. Each collection has its own unique characteristics that attract adulation from customers across the world. 

Within Verragio’s carefully crafted collections you will find 18K yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, as well as mixed metals designs. Moreover, Verragio uses intricate design details that have timeless appeal, such as filigree, milgrain beading, and scrolls. Their creations are innovative, classic, contemporary, and entirely handmade. They evoke a feeling of timeless elegance, prestige, and luxury. 

In total, Verragio has six different collections, not including their men’s collection. Each collection has its own story and targets a different market niche. 

We will now run you through all 6 collections.

The Insignia Collection

The Insignia collection was inspired by the engagement ring Barry Verragio proposed to his wife with, so it features the trademark Lumino setting. The collection highlights delicate features, with the Verragio logo beautifully designed into the crown of the ring. Moreover, Insignia engagement rings have pave diamonds on top of the band, as well as graceful beading along the inner side of the band and two diamond pave scrolls that swoop and swirl under the center piece.

All in all, Insignia engagement rings are exquisitely elegant, wonderfully curvy, and effortlessly feminine. The setting feels vintage yet modern, and it does an excellent job of magnifying the brilliance of the centerstone. 

The Venetian Collection

The Venetian collection pulls inspiration from the bold stylistic features of the Venetian culture. It is an amazingly unique collection that emphasizes striking side profiles and incredibly intricate details. Venetian engagement rings offers a prestigious appearance that are strong yet graceful and ornate yet not overwhelming. What’s more, there are five different styles you can choose from for the lower part of the band, giving the wearer some individuality with any Venetian ring design they choose. There is Venetian Lace, Venetian Euro, Venetian Lido, Venetian Centro, and Venetian Classic. 

Overall, a Venetian engagement ring is the epitome of masterful craftsmanship. It will surely standout in the crowd as they are unlike anything else, especially the cookie cutter type engagement rings that flood the market.

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The Parisian Collection

The Parisian Collection is Verragio’s newest line of economical vintage-style engagement rings. The rings come in 14K gold, which allows the cost to be lower yet doesn’t take away from the beauty or longevity of the piece. Parisian engagement rings feature stunning French beading, lacework, and customizable diamond and non-diamond wraps. 

The collection has a charm that provides the classic and romantic feeling of Europe. So, for those who don’t want to sacrifice style or their budget, The Parisian Collection is the perfect option within Verragio’s offerings. 

The Couture Collection

The Couture Collection calls attention to Verragio’s trademark Lumina setting. It uses a crown shaped bezel under the center stone, highlighting a single diamond with a two-tone, refined, clean design. 

For those who want a simple, minimalist design that doesn’t lack sophistication, beauty or sparkle, The Couture Collection will surely catch your eye. 

The Tradition Collection

The Tradition Collection is all about graceful, elegant, and simple designs that will remain perennially stylish. Clean as they may be, they are not exactly minimalist as the designs champion intricate, eye-catching detailing. Tradition engagement rings come in yellow, rose or white gold. 

If you like a classic, timeless look (as the name of the collection suggests), The Tradition Collection is for you.

The Renaissance Collection

The Renaissance Collection is Verragio’s newest collection.  The inspiration for this collection comes from Rome, the capital of Italy. Thus, the engagement rings are ornate, elaborate, and distinguished, cultivating a feeling of the ever romantic Renaissance era.

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Verragio also has some wonderful bridal sets. They provide a perfectly complementary look for the heavily stylized look of their engagement rings. Ultimately, this makes choosing a wedding band extremely simple, as it is done for you already!

Men’s Collection

Verragio doesn’t forget about men. They have a special collection of men’s wedding bands. Verragio men’s wedding bands have unique personalities, allowing for a simple yet powerful statement. 


Verragio takes immense pride in providing premium, handcrafted engagement rings. Their process for creating rings involves meticulous attention to detail and they only use the finest materials.

Verragio rings come in 18K gold (yellow, white, and rose) or 950 platinum. They also have a collection that utilizes 14K gold, which allows for a lower entry price into the Verragio world. 

As for Verragio accent diamonds, they refuse to compromise on quality, only featuring diamonds of the highest grade (F-G color and VS clarity). 

All in all, when you choose Verragio, you have a guarantee you are getting the best of the best. A Verragio ring is will last forever. 


With any great brand comes replicas. It’s the nature of the designer industry. So, Verragio ensures that the buyer knows they are getting an authentic Verragio engagement ring by placing their signature on the inside of the ring. All Verragio rings have the brand’s signature.

That being said, there are of course knock-offs that attempt to copy the signature on fraudulent rings.

Things to look for to know you are looking at an authentic Verragio ring:

  • Flawless signature.
  • Semi-mount – Verragio rings are all semi-mounts, so the retailer should not sell it with a stone already set in it. Note: some retailers will set a stone in it for showroom purposes, but they will ask you to choose a center stone if you are going to buy it.
  • Intricate detailing and complex designs – Verragio rings have intricate detailing that is very hard to replicate. Moreover, they have strict quality control. So, if anything looks off, then you know it’s not an authentic Verragio ring.

To avoid any issues and save yourself any stress, just make sure you only buy Verragio rings from trustworthy, authorized retailers like Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

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You can not buy Verragio rings or jewelry directly on their website. You can only get information and learn about their rings. As a designer brand, Verragio rings and jewelry can only be bought from authorized retailers. 

Although there are many authorized sellers of Verragio, not all retailers are created equal. Meaning, some retailers will provide you a better experience and price than others. If you live in Boca Raton or you prefer shopping online, Diamonds By Raymond Lee is your most trustworthy, authorized Verragio retailers. Diamonds By Raymond Lee provides a wonderful experience for their customers while also offering competitive prices on Verragio engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal jewelry sets

If you want to learn more about Verragio, feel free to contact us anytime. 

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At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we offer the most competitive prices for Verragio engagement rings. All of the rings are sold as semi-mounts, so you will have to buy the center stone separately (which we also sell at very fair prices, and we have a wide range of diamonds to choose from).

Our starting price for a Verragio engagement ring is $1,700. and it goes up as high as $7550. Again, this includes everything but the center stone.

All of our rings are new, but you can ask us about second-hand engagement rings if you want to save some money.

We offer free complementary services for ring resizing, polishing for life, insurance appraisals, cleanings, prong inspections, and setting diamonds.

We also have a limited lifetime warranty policy.


Our goal is to preserve the beauty and longevity of your engagement ring, so we cover 100% of manufacturer defects and any lost diamonds in the settings (accent diamonds, not the center stone). This specifically applies to natural wear. All in all, your investment in a Verragio engagement rings and bridal jewelry is protected when shopping with Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

Our shipping is secure, fully insured and same day! Buy Verragio rings online now

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