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New Watch Feature: All Black DLC Rolex No Date Submariner 114060

New Watch Feature: All Black DLC Rolex No Date Submariner 114060

rolex 114060 submariner no date custom

You might not recognize what kind of Rolex this is at first glance due to its custom dial and all black exterior, but this is a Rolex 114060 No Date Submariner watch. It’s not often that you see an all black Rolex. Not to mention, one that makes you say “I gotta have it”. 

We recently acquired this No Date Submariner, so we are excited to share it with you all. Black watches are one of the hottest looks in the watch game right now. And for good reason, all black watches offer a sleek, contemporary, seriously stylish look that you don’t often see. Especially when it comes to Rolex. It’s completely unexpected.

Blacked out watches like this Rolex Submariner are extremely versatile, meaning they can be worn with any outfit. And while black is typically a neutral color that goes unnoticed, when it comes to watches, all black stands out in the most striking manner. 

The customizations on this watch essentially newfangled a classic, iconic look. It has a modern, distinct appearance, but it is undeniably Rolex. If you like the sound of that, keep reading on because we are going to tell you all about this custom Rolex 114060 No Date Submariner.

Rolex 114060 No Date Submariner

To understand the Rolex 114060 No Date Submariner, you have to go back in time to when the original iconic diver was first introduced to the world. 

In 1954, Rolex released the first-ever Submariner, an exceedingly water-resistant watch. This was just after Rolex created a media storm when Swiss physicist and explorer Auguste Piccard suited up for a deep dive of 3,131 meters wearing the then-new Rolex Submariner prototype.

After the 1954 Baselworld, Rolex’s new watch, the Submariner, was an instant hit. And it has been arguably the most popular watch in the world ever since. 

While we won’t go into all of the details of the Submariner and its history, we would like to make note that the first models of the Rolex Submariner did not feature a date display. It wasn’t until the late 1960s that Rolex introduced a Submariner model with a date function. From then on Rolex kept the date display on all Rolex Submariners. 

That is, until the Rolex unveiled the Submariner reference 114060 at Baselworld in 2012. 

With its dateless dial, the Rolex 114060 pays homage to the deepest roots of the Submariner. 

The new No Date Rolex Submariner is everything you want from a dive watch – strong, robust, cool, and highly water-resistant. It has the DNA of the classic Submariner with all the modern advancements in watchmaking that you’ve come to expect from new Rolex watches, such as its virtually invincible ceramic bezel.

The vast majority of people will agree that the new Rolex 114060 No Date Submariner is pretty damn hard to beat. It’s not a watch you either love or hate, it’s a watch that everyone loves and wants. 

Now, does this hold true to a Rolex 114060 that has been revamped and modified on pretty much all fronts, with exception to the movement and bezel? That is up for debate. We absolutely love it.

So, with that, let’s talk about the customizations. 


This Rolex 114060 has two special customizations. Two major ones, which is why it has such a distinct appearance. 

First, the 904L stainless steel case and bracelet feature black DLC coating. 

Second, the dial is completely custom made. It is unlike any other dial out there. One hundred percent original to this Rolex Submariner. 

Let’s talk about both of the customizations a little more in-depth, so you know exactly what you are looking at. 


DLC standards for Diamond-Like Carbon. It is an advanced thin-film coating that combines the distinctive and unique properties of two carbon allotropes – diamonds and graphite.

As most of us know, diamond is one of the hardest known materials in the world. Better yet, in the universe. On the Mohs scale, it has a hardness of 10. Now, graphite is quite the opposite, with a hardness of 1.5 on the Mohs scale. However, it has some other special properties that make it special, such as softness and slickness. Therefore, DLC combines the best of both carbon allotropes. It has the harness of a diamond and the lubricity of graphite. 

If you are familiar with black steel sports watches, then you’ve probably heard about PVD and DLC coatings, but do you know which is better? 

The answer is easy, DLC is superior. Far superior. 

Here’s why DLC coating is better than PVD coating:
  1. Harder and more robust
  2. More scratch resistant
  3. Enhanced corrosion resistance
  4. Smoother and more comfortable
  5. Next level heat resistance 
  6. Increased resistance to wear and tear
  7. More aesthetically pleasing

Essentially, if you want an extreme sports watch, a DLC coated Rolex sports watch is as good as it gets. Underneath a DLC coating is stainless steel, the geniune material for a sports watch. 

Any respectable sports watch will be reliable and robust enough to withstand physical damage from sports and activities. This is why the military, search and rescue teams, firefighters, sailors, and explorers all wear sports watches. For the best of them, Rolex sports watches. DLC coating simply takes things to the next level. To the extreme. 

Any active gentlemen should have a stainless steel sports watch as a companion for their wrist. And for the most extreme gentlemen, a DLC coated Rolex sports watch is a must. 

But let’s not get all X-games with it. Even if you aren’t “extreme”, all-black watches look badass. This is why everyone wants them. The functionality is great, but the aesthetics are even better. Even more so when it’s a Rolex.

DLC coating has an excellent aesthetic. Much better than PVD, according to any respectable expert opinion. It’s a brilliant black, suitable for any occasion. 

We can all agree black is one of the most admired and versatile colors. A black Rolex sports watch represents power, seriousness, sophistication, and wealth. It’s the choice for style seekers and trendsetters. If that’s not you, so be it.


When you think of a custom Rolex, you probably envision diamond embellishments, but that’s not always the case. Customizations come in all forms. For an extremely durable sports watch like this Rolex No Date Submariner, a natty matte black dial with white appliques was felicitous.

The renegade dial on this Rolex 114060 is one-of-a-kind. It stands out and really steals the show with it’s white on black crosshair style demeanor. The minute track is formed from long “sticks”, with the hours indicated simply by bolding the appropriate sticks along the track. 

The dial also features three rectangular batons, for the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, and an upside triangle at the 12, all of which are the original shapes of the 114060 Sub. The difference being, the fill is black, and the other markers, which are the circular ones on the original dial, have been deleted. 

As for the hands, they are the same Mercedes style, except the fill is all black. 

Of course, as this is a no-date Submariner. It doesn’t have the Cyclops eye or date window. It keeps all of its functionality to telling time and tracking dives in rebel fashion.

All in all, this dial pops like no other. It’s a design that pulls you in. And while it can take some time getting used to this look for the purists out there, there is no denying its stylish appeal. It’s cool, it’s strong, it’s unique. 


The Rolex 114060 is 40mm across the round of the case, so it’s not a very big watch. But still, it’s a respectable size. Lug to lug it is 48mm, and if you include the solid end links, you have a 51mm span over the wrist. It’s very wearable and good for wrists even as small as 14cm in circumference. 

The watch is reasonably slim as well. From the back of the case to the top of the sapphire crystal, it measures 12.5mm in height. 

It’s a super case, which was introduced with reference 116610. So everything is integrated beautifully. It has perfect symmetry and flushness from bezel to case to bracelet. And the crown guards are remarkably spare. They serve their purpose of preventing sheering of the crown and they don’t dig into the wrist, which we really appreciate. 

To top it off, literally, the steel case has a DLC coating. This makes it pretty much impervious to scratches. It’s a watch you never have to worry about beating up.


All modern Submariners (post-2009) have a ceramic bezel. Rolex’s Cerachrom (patented name) ceramic dials are far superior to metal bezels used in older Submariners. A ceramic dial is almost entirely scratch proof and it retains its color for life, so it will always have that brand new look. 

We really like how the black glossy look of the Cerachrom dial contrasts with the jet black brushed finish of the case and bracelet. It creates a really exceptional look juxtaposed between the matte dial and DLC case. 

On the edges of the bezel you have spare yet sharp knurling, so you can easily grip and turn the bezel when needed and it never moves when you want it to stay. This is very important for divers who rely on the time of their dive.

For an added touch of preciousness, all of the indices, numerals and calibrations are platinum deposits. And the luminescent pearl on the triangle uses a multi part sandwich construction, designed to resist scratches, scuffs and displacements. It also has a sapphire over it so it’s pretty much impossible to lose it or disfigure the luminescent element. 

And did we mention, this bezel is native to the Rolex 114060.


As with all post-2009 Subs, this watch has the new style Oyster bracelet. It is very minimalist in design and extremely robust. The links are completely solid steel and the DLC coating adds that extra layer of coolness and durability. Moreover, as it has a DLC coating, it is completely satin finished. 

The bracelet is fitted with removable screws so it can be adjusted accordingly with ease. And the clasp is simple and graceful in design but very complex in its mechanism. It has a double locking system with its internal horn & beak and clamshell claps. So, it doesn’t get any more secure than this. It can withstand the highest of high impact activities.

What’s more, the clasp is a glidelock, so you have the ability to adjust the size by 2mm increments, in or out, for a total of 20mm. It’s much more substantial than the standard Easylink Oyster bracelet. 

Fellas, beware, your girl is definitely going to want to rock this watch.


This all black No Date Rolex Submariner watch is incredibly handsome and an instant classic. You can expect to attract attention with this watch. People aren’t used to seeing a blacked-out watch and when they notice its a Rolex, they will surely keep staring just trying to figure it all out. The style of this Submariner is peerless. There really is no better explanation than, it’s F’in cool. 

Black is classic and it is not going out of fashion. It’s never really been in the background, but these days, all black watches are hot on the list of must-haves. They appeal to men because they are stealthy and masculine. It’s almost a contradictory look because it is flashy but it’s really not. 

Furthermore, you can wear this watch with anything and at any time. Although, we feel it’s more of a casual and sporty option. Good for long distance flights, hikes, diving and lunch with the boys…But, if you want to get suited up with it, you’d look like the updated version of James Bond. Nothing to complain about.

Overall, every well-dressed man needs a crisp, durable dive watch in his rotation. One that coveys added toughness and attitude, ruggedness and refinement, and is durable as all hell, say no more. Gotta have it. 


We are selling this watch at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton for $12,995. The watch is in excellent condition. After all, how could it not be considering it’s made using the most durable material on Earth.

If you want it, you can make this all black Rolex 114060 DLC No Date Submariner yours, contact us or order it directly on our website


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