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Cushion Cut Vs. Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond rings enthusiasts always have the cushion vs asscher cut diamonds discussion. This is because these two sparkling diamond cuts have similar outlines. Meanwhile, these two diamond cuts might share certain qualities. Yet, various details set them apart.  In this text, we will uncover these distinctions between cushion vs asscher cut rings. That way, you get to see what elements to evaluate when selecting between these two diamond rings shapes. Keep in mind that the Asscher cut and the Cushion cut are not new introductions. These cuts have histories stretching over a century now. This explains why each cut parades a vintage-style allure. Plus, they both feature on the list of the top 12 most prominent diamond cuts.

Note: When you consider them closely, there are more differences between them than similarities. 

Furthermore, the major distinction between Asscher Cut and a Cushion Cut diamond ring is in the sparkle. Here, we will clarify some of the reasons for such distinctions. When it comes to selecting the right engagement ring for your supposed bride, style cut rings always come to mind. This might be as a result of their unique shape and expressive beauty or their versatility, suiting the taste of every single individual. They are a good set of diamond engagement rings that are almost irresistible, which makes it a good value for your money.  Two common style cut diamond engagement rings which usually appear often are the cushion and asscher cut diamond engagement rings. Both have been in existence for over a hundred years. They are more prominent than other style cut diamond rings because of the incredible vintage style which made it more exciting to view and also unique.   Both Asscher and Cushion Cut are top-rated style cut rings, among the top 12 most famous rings. It is not really an easy task choosing between Asscher and Cushion cut diamond rings that’s why people search for different ways to understand “How to Choose Between Cushion Cut and Asscher Diamonds.” We decided to make it easier for people to understand how to select between these two interesting style cut engagement rings. Below you will find insights we discovered about cushion and asscher cut diamond rings. This should help you make a good choice when selecting a suitable engagement diamond ring. 

Introducing Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut engagement rings came into existence and were first prominent in the 19th century. Not a kid among the style cut diamond rings. Although its initial name changed from “mine cut” to cushion cut. The name emerged due to the fact that it came from the Brazilian mines. To be honest, mine cut sounds ambiguous and less descriptive. Cushion cut appears to be a much better option for a name.  Talking about their shape: they are usually rounded or rectangular. A perfect fit for a beautiful bride because of its elegant style and sleekness. It is hard to reject! It is always accompanied by a classic look, sophisticated with stones, usually a three-stone setting. Although every cushion cut usually features a round or rectangular shape some may appear rounder, squared or oval.    The first interesting feature you will recognize in cushion cut engagement rings is its ability to be cut in many different ways. This means that you may never find two cushion cut diamond rings with the same shape. That’s why they always appear in different unique forms. One unique characteristic of square-shaped cushion cut diamond engagement rings is that they are often small in size. So, if your bride-to-be appreciates rings with large and more conspicuous stones, you may want to try something else.

Features of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion diamond cuts can come as squares or just rectangular with rounded edges. These edges make it look like a pillow. This exactly is how this cut derives its name. Presently, the current type of the Cushion cut comes with additional, and tinier facets. Thanks to this change, diamond rings in this cut now possess that improved extra brilliance. Cushion cut diamond rings are the ideal preference for an engagement ring. Thanks to the time-honored touch, most diamond ring lovers prefer this cut. This is simply because this cut never goes out of style.  Moreover, the romantic aura of Cushion Cut diamond rings come out well within a halo or bezel setting. Besides, yellow gold is an excellent setting fit for this diamond. More so, the passion passed on by the yellow gold makes it an excellent choice to go with this cut. It perfectly matches the scintillating fire carried by this centuries-old diamond cut structure. What then are the chunky and crushed Ice cushion diamond cuts? Instead of concentrating solely on the brightness element, the Chunky Cushion Cut gives a different aura. This variety of the cushion diamond cuts comes with a different kind of design. This design helps it to exhibit sharper contrast between its light and dark portions. On the other hand, these crushed-ice cut diamond cuts feature a unique pattern. This pattern allows it to reveal a wild flurry of light. To achieve this, the facets are cut tinier as that increases the brightness.

Introducing Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Asscher cut diamond rings date back to 1902 where Joseph Asscher designed them. We can already deduce where the name “asscher” came from. Joseph Asscher named it after himself as a result of its unique technique which makes them stand out among other style cut rings.  Asscher Cut Diamond rings are popular style cut rings existing for quite a while and serving as fantastic engagement rings for over a century. People love to use it as a gift for their spouse or engagement/wedding ring for their bride-to-be because of its unique vintage style similar to cushion cut rings. If you want to impress your woman with a pricey engagement ring with some unique style, an asscher cut diamond ring is your best bet. You cannot pass through somewhere with an asscher cut diamond ring getting a lot of compliments. It is strong, sturdy and almost impossible to break. You cannot see any asscher cut ring with sharp edges.  Unlike cushion cut rings, asscher cut engagement rings tend to sparkle less. Ensure they are well-cared for because if not properly maintained, it may lose its durability. Typically, if we are to describe asscher cut engagement rings in general, we will say it is an octagon with about 8 sides while still maintaining its squared-shape. 

Features of Asscher Diamond Cut

These Asscher diamond cuts may not be the best pick for somebody searching for brilliance. This is as the cut is all about clarity and a minimalist appearance. More so, its facets create lengthy, clean lines that remind one of the classic emerald cut. However, there is only one major distinction. The Asscher diamond cuts feature shapes like an octagon mostly. Only a few times do you find them shaped as a rectangle.  Additionally, you can again describe it as a square that features lopped off corners. Diamond rings with this cut feature an art deco aura. These diamond rings give off a better shine than its sparkle. Plus, the adjusted edition of the initial design, the Royal Asscher, comes with 74 facets. That provides it with that additional sparkle. On a cushion cut vs asscher cut comparison, an asscher cut appears costly compared to a cushion cut. However, just evaluate the truth that not much of the actual diamond goes with the cutting. Then, it becomes easy to say that carat-per-carat, the Asscher Cut carries a better value. A properly-cut 1 carat Asscher Cut diamond sells for nearly $1600. This price is for color grade G and a VS2 clarity rating. Truly, the Asscher cut might appear identical to the square emerald cut. But, Joseph Asscher altered certain models, so Asscher cut diamond rings will generate better brilliance. The brilliance is better than that of emerald cut diamonds.  The areas adjusted include:
  • A bigger step facets
  • Reduced table
  • A higher crown
All of these pass off that signature appearance and additional carat weight.

Differences between Cushion Cut and Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Above, we identified two fascinating style cut designs: cushion and asscher cut diamond rings. From there we learnt about their history, where they emerged from and how they came into existence. Having understood the special features of cushion and asscher cut diamond rings, we can deduce that they are similar in several ways. In this section, we will discuss their differences. Let’s dive in.
  • Color

Earlier in this review, we mentioned that cushion cut sparkles more than asscher cut diamond rings, which is one of their differences. However, this also affects the color. As a result of this sparkle, some features remain less visible or masked such as the yellowish-tinted diamond.  So if you compare two diamond rings: cushion cut and asscher cut diamond rings of the same color grade, you will notice that cushion cut appears less yellow than the asscher diamond ring.  As a buyer, if you love to see more of the color of the diamond, then go for cushion cut engagement diamond rings. On the other hand, if your preference is less intense, then an asscher cut diamond ring is your best choice.  
  • Durability 

How durable an item is depends on certain factors which includes personal maintenance, material used to manufacture that item and how it was assembled. In this case, to be more specific, the durability is determined in the process of setting the diamond and also how you wear it.  As a result of the size of asscher cut diamond rings, it appears a bit thinner than cushion cut from top to bottom. Ensure that you select the right setting for diamond cut rings- a thick setting capable of protecting and supporting the diamond. This is because the setting you choose goes a long way in determining how your ring looks and how long it will last. 
  • Value and Affordability

Both diamond cut rings (asscher and cushion cut) are incredible style cut ring options suitable for engagement purposes. However, while discussing or comparing their differences in affordability, asscher cut diamond rings are more expensive. That’s one of the many reasons they are not so common, unlike cushion cut diamond rings. So, while trying to select an engagement ring for your bride-to-be, you should know that cushion cut diamond rings are less expensive than asscher cut diamond rings.
  • The Cut And The Facets

This remains one of the major distinctions for the cushion cut vs Asscher cut argument. This distinction comes from the way they are cut. As for the cushion cut, it certainly falls under the brilliant-cut group. And, the Asscher cut on the other hand falls under the step cut group. Therefore, these two diamond cuts possess a distinct face-up structure.

Cushion Cut Vs Asscher Cut: Effect Of Sparkle On Color and Clarity

For clarity, it is all about continuity. A diamond ring with clean lines in the structure of rectangular facets makes room for a clear view down into the diamond. That perfectly characterizes the Asscher Cut diamond rings.   On the other hand, Asscher Cut diamond rings are not quite so tolerant. This works best on diamonds with clarity ratings around SI1 or SI2 and anything more. As for the color, cushion cut diamond rings are the better option for disguising color. This is as it possesses additional sparkle. As for the clear pavilion on an Asscher cut diamond ring,  it reveals the color of your diamond very plainly. So, stay away from this cut if your diamond has a stain.  

Conclusion: Cushion Cut Vs Asscher Cut

Are you opting for a diamond that’s slightly off color or has a stain on it? Then, the Cushion Cut will do a better job at concealing such stains and blemishes. More so, these diamond cuts are more sparkly.  Meanwhile, the Asscher diamond cuts are best for very clear diamond rings. Only diamonds with zero noticeable blemishes can fit in.  Or if you have colored diamonds you wish to express their color grandly. Ultimately, the eventual choice you make depends on your personal feeling about any of these two diamond cuts. If you prefer a quieter, yet more classical aura, then these Asscher cut diamond rings would be a perfect pick. But, if what you want is a bit more vibrance and expressions, the Cushion Cut is the ideal diamond for you.

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