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Should I Buy a Channel Set Engagement Ring?

Should I Buy a Channel Set Engagement Ring?

pros and cons of a channel set diamond engagement ring

When shopping for an engagement ring, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the center stone. And while the centerpiece is surely one of the most important aspects of an engagement ring, it is not the only aspect that will make or break the overall look. The setting of an engagement ring is equally important, both in terms of appearance and functionality. If you are looking for an engagement ring that maximizes both diamond sparkle and diamond security, a channel setting is the perfect option for you…Read on to learn everything you need to know about the timeless and ever-popular channel set diamond engagement ring. 


what is a channel setting

As the name suggests, a channel setting engagement ring features a “channel” of accent diamonds within the band. The diamonds are held tightly in place by two strips of precious metal, which make up the band of the engagement ring. Thus, a channel setting is prong free. A channel setting adds a beautiful touch of sparkle and glamour to an engagement ring. Moreover, it does it in the safest and most secure way for the accent diamonds. Because the stones are recessed, in the same way a phone is when it has a case, it is very unlikely that the diamonds will fall out or come loose. 

The channel setting is one of the most challenging techniques for adding accent diamonds to an engagement ring. Channel settings often have a small lip that extends just over the edge of the diamonds to keep them extra secure, while still creating a flush look with the band. A channel setting also have grooves on the inside of the two strips metal holding them in place, as a way to ensure absolute security of the diamonds in the channel.

Here are some examples of channel set engagement rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton:

A. Jaffe MES174/49 Channel Set Cathedral Engagement Ring Setting

Tacori Gold HT2607 Cushion Halo Engagement Ring Setting


The channel setting first came to the scene during the Art Deco era in the 1920s. This was a jewelry era of graphic, geometric, architectural lines. Thus, the sleek, sophisticated look of a channel setting was very popular. 

Van Cleef & Arpels was one of the leading trailblazers of this setting technique. The world-renowned brand is still famous for the “mystery setting”, which gets its name because the gemstones are purportedly set without any metal holding them in place. It is a very technical setting that is still as impressive today as it ever was.

Eternity rings also became popular around the same time as the channel set engagements, as both use the same setting technique.

Channel setting demand a lot of precision and exacting. The stones need to be cut exactly the same to ensure they fit together like a puzzle within the channel. The grooves within the metal channel must also be exact so that the stones stay securely in place. 

While the channel setting is most commonly used for eternity rings and wedding rings, it is truly stunning for engagement rings as well…although less common.

However, in the modern day, the channel setting is becoming one of the hottest options for women who want an engagement ring with accent diamonds. 

should I buy a channel set engagement ring


While the channel setting has been around for approximately a century, it offers a very contemporary sense of fashion, especially with Art Deco-inspired rings being extremely modish right now. 

In this era, women appreciate sleek, sophisticated, minimalist designs. Yet, they still want to express individuality, and the versatility of a channel setting is perfect for that. 

The channel setting makes for a unique alternative look and it can work with any kind of diamond shape and center stone setting, such as solitaire, halo, or three stone centerpieces. You can even incorporate a channel setting into the centerpiece, accenting the center stone at the top of the diamond, not just the band of the ring. 

All in all, a channel setting for an engagement ring is beautiful and fashionable choice. It can be highly glamorous or elegantly understated. And with a long history, it is undoubtedly as style with staying power. A channel set engagement ring is a timeless look that will be desirable far into the future. 

channel set engagement ring


If you are looking for an engagement ring with extra sparkle, the two main choices are a pave setting or a channel setting. Both the pave setting and channel setting showcase a band accented with diamonds. At first glance, the two styles can appear similar, especially from a distance. They both offer a beautiful sparkle that runs along the sides of your finger. 

Of course, when you get up close and look at both settings, you can see the obvious difference. Pave-set diamonds are held in place using tiny beads. The band is drilled to create small holes. Then, the bottom half of diamond sits inside the holes and the top is secured with prongs. This allows the diamonds to sit above the actual band of the engagement ring. It creates a look of a fully encrusted surface of diamonds. Conversely, the channel setting has diamonds set within the band, rather than on top. A channel is created at the centerline of the band to allow the diamonds to be cased inside. This means the diamonds of a channel setting are less visible, yet more secure.

Here is an example of both a pave setting and a channel setting, which you can clearly see the difference. You can also see how versatile channel settings can be in design :

CHANNEL SETTING: Tacori Classic Crescent 2644 Solitaire Twist Engagement Ring Setting

CHANNEL SETTING: Gabriel & Co. ER6664W44JJ 14k White Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

what is a channel set engagement ring

PAVE SETTING: A. Jaffe ME1855Q 0.54ctw Pave Diamond Quilted Engagement Ring Setting

channel setting engagement ring examples

PAVE SETTING: A. Jaffe ME1853Q Quilted 0.48ctw Pave Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Both settings have their advantages and disadvantages. Pave settings allow for nearly the entire surface area to be covered in diamonds. This means they provide more sparkle to the engagement ring. However, because they are set on top with prongs, they are less secure and they can get snagged on things like fabrics.. 

Channel settings on the other hand, offer slightly less diamond visibility but they are far more secure and snag-free. Additionally, because you don’t have prongs covering the tops of the tiny diamonds, you get more sparkle from the top angle of a channel setting than you do a pave setting, as the beads can somewhat distract from the diamonds radiance.

What’s more, pave settings always use round brilliant diamonds. However, with a channel setting, you are free to use any diamond cut you’d like, such as princess cuts, emerald cuts, and cushion cuts. Also, the band can be structured in various ways, like split shanks and twists.

Lastly, a channel settings have a slightly thicker band, as the diamonds are inside rather than on top. Therefore, the rings are slightly larger and heavier. 

Now, the question you might be wondering is…

What’s better a pave setting or a channel setting?

Neither one is better than the other. Take the appearance of both and the advantages and disadvantages into consideration then decide for yourself what you prefer. Generally speaking, channel settings are better for those with a more active lifestyle, as the accent diamonds are more secure. Pave settings are best for those who want their ring to be covered in diamonds for maximum shine in all directions. 

are channel set engagement rings good


If you are a woman who wants extra shine on your engagement ring with the most security, a channel setting is your best option. You will get a beautiful line of shimmer and radiance leading up the focal point of your engagement ring that is the centerpiece similar to a pave setting, but without the worry of losing any of the accent diamonds and needing them to be replaced. For those who have active jobs and lifestyles, you can wear a channel set engagement ring worry-free. 

Beyond that, consider what you like in terms of style. If you like the look a channel setting, then go for it. Channel set engagement rings are versatile and timeless in style. It is an utterly classic look that is universally loved. It’s eye-catching and attention grabbing, but not in an ostentatious or overstated way, like a pave-diamond setting can sometimes appear. 


  1. Durability: A channel setting is the most durable option for accent diamonds. Because the diamonds are set flush against the metal and have a lip on both sides of the channel, your diamonds are not exposed to damage and they will not come loose. 
  2. Snag-Free: You won’t have to worry about your ring catching on objects or clothes. Sometimes it is not worth the immense sparkle of a pave diamond ring if you have to deal with constant snags. 
  3. Chic & Sparkly: A channel setting is not just functional, it is also aesthetically pleasing and a really cool design. While it is common, it is less common than a pave setting, so you can stand out with diamond brilliance in a more original way.
  4. Different Diamond Shapes: Unlike pave settings, a channel setting can use any diamond cut and shape. So you are not limited to only using round brilliant diamonds as accent stones. 
Are the diamonds in a channel setting secure?

A channel setting is the most secure way to have accent diamonds in the band of your engagement ring. This is one of the biggest reasons people opt for a channel setting. It’s the perfect combination of maximum sparkle and secureness. 

Are channel setting engagement rings harder to clean?

In terms of cleaning, there are pros and cons to the channel setting. The good side of it is you don’t have to worry about cleaning your engagement ring ever so carefully as to avoid loosening the diamonds. However, it does require more effort and time to clean as dirt can become trapped in the channels – this is more so the case with round shaped accent diamonds as there is some small free space within the setting. 

That said, with attention to detail and some soap, water and a soft toothbrush, you can clean a channel setting to perfection. 

Can an engagement ring with a channel setting be resized?

Like a pave setting, most channel settings only feature diamond on the top half of the band, so you can resize them slightly. Of course, you have more restriction in how much you can resize it compared to a solid, plain band, but typically it is a non-issue as most people only need a moderate resizing.

If you decide to choose a channel set engagement rings with diamonds encircling the entire band, then you must get the sizing right from the start. So, keep this in mind. 


The price of a channel set engagement ring depends on a few factors. This includes the number of accent stones, and their size, shape, cut and quality. 

If you want to save on cost, you can get a pre-owned engagement ring. Unlike shoes or other wearables, an engagement ring will last forever. Plus, a good polishing will make it look brand new again. After all, it is comprises precious metal and the hardest rock on the planet!

Pre-owned engagement rings vs new engagement rings

Here are a few channel setting engagement ring examples with pricing:

channel set engagement ring price

$2,800-4,900: A. Jaffe MES228/159 Cathedral Channel Set Engagement Ring Setting

channel set engagement ring

$700-1,400: Gabriel & Co. ER11749R3W44JJ 14k White Gold Diamond Straight Engagement Ring Setting

$5,850: Tacori Sculpted Crescent 413RD75 Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting


If you live in Boca Raton (or you are fine with buying an engagement ring online) and you want to choose from a wide selection of channel set engagement rings, Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers is the best place to buy channel set engagement rings, both new and pre-owned. Our expert gemologists will help guide you to the channel set engagement ring of your dreams. 

All of our diamond engagement rings come with GIA certifications.

Come visit our state-of-the-art showroom to peruse and extensive collection of exquisite, one-of-a-kind engagement rings. We also have the hottest engagement ring designs from all the top designer brands. 

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