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Using Multiple Diamonds in One Ring

Using Multiple Diamonds in One Ring


A diamond ring is a piece of jewelry that is the epitome of class and style. When we think of diamond rings, most of us think of engagement rings. 

We wear our engagement ring on a daily basis, so it makes sense that we want to carefully choose a piece that fits our lifestyle and personality.

Women don’t just wear diamond engagement rings. Diamond rings look amazing on any finger. They show style, class, and elegance. A unique diamond ring can take your look to a whole new level and become a signature part of your look.

Choosing a diamond ring is not as easy as it first seems. First, you have to decide what style works best with your fashion sense, lifestyle, and personality. Do you want a single large stone or do you want multiple stones?

Rings with multiple diamonds have enhanced luxury and beauty. The great thing about rings with multiple diamonds is that there are tons of styles and different settings to choose from. 

Multiple Large Stones

yellow gold diamond band

If you want to have multiple large diamonds on a single ring, choosing a band is a great idea. A diamond-studded band is an excellent way to showcase multiple, high-quality stones.

In diamond bands, stones of the same size are inset into the band. Most often, round-cut diamonds are popular with this type of jewelry. The light refracts beautifully, creating a truly stunning, glinting appearance.

You can choose a range of different cuts for a band-style ring. There is a wide range of cuts and shapes to choose from. With new computer modeling technologies, new shapes and cuts are unveiled regularly. 

One isn’t however, stuck with just a band. You can be creative and choose large stones that can be integrated into a larger design. Jewelers may offset these large diamonds with accent diamonds. We discuss accent diamonds in greater detail below. They may also choose from other precious gemstones to pair with multiple large diamonds. 

Think about your fashion sense and style. A diamond-studded band is a great way to showcase multiple large diamonds in a single piece. This is especially true if you have a classic, simple fashion style.

If you have a more bold sense of style, the sky is truly the limit. Choosing multiple large stones that pair with accent stones to create a larger, overall design is a bold and eye-catching way to incorporate multiple large diamonds into one piece.

Accent Diamonds

An accent diamond is an excellent way to enhance the overall look and feel of a ring. It is also a great way to showcase multiple diamonds in a single piece.

As the name implies, an accent diamond is a smaller stone that sets off against the larger center stone. Accent diamonds come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Some use accent stones to frame a large central diamond. Others will use accent stones as part of a larger pattern. Accent stones are a great opportunity to show off your creativity and personal style.

There are tons of different cuts and styles to choose from. The accent diamonds you choose will depend on the style of the ring, your budget, and your style.

Some people choose high-quality, medium-sized stones to flank a larger central stone. There are those that like a central stone which is encircled with smaller diamonds. Still, others like to use smaller stones to complete a pattern or geometric shape, such as a flower-shaped ring.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and commonly used types of accent diamonds.


You are viewing this 14k White Gold 2ctw Diamond Pave Band Ring!One of the most popular types of settings is the pave setting. The style features tons of tiny diamonds. This is a great option for those who want a sparkly, glamorous ring that showcases lots of little diamonds.

Some use the pave setting with a larger central stone.

Basically, with a pave setting, the main body of the ring will be lined with tiny diamonds. This makes for an incredibly sparkly look. The ring is studded with lines of tiny diamonds. This is where the setting gets its name. Pave means pavement in French.

Small metal prongs or beads hold these small diamonds in place. There is a micro-pave setting that uses even tinier stones. This creates a dainty, feminine ring with an unbeatable sparkle.

One of the great things about using the pave setting is that you can get a ring with a true sparkle with lesser quality diamonds. Diamonds used in the pave setting often have more inclusions than those used as a central stone. This lowers the price tag of the ring.

You can, of course, choose only the highest-quality diamonds, which will increase the price tag. But it also creates a ring that has more sparkly and shinier stones.


Another popular accent stone is the baguette. This stone helps create truly classic, sophisticated pieces. The look of these diamonds is of timeless elegance and class.

When paired with a large central diamond, baguette diamonds create a look of symmetry.  Jewelers most commonly use baguette diamonds in this way. However, this is not to say that you cannot find unique and bold ways to use these stones.

You often see baguette diamonds flanking either side of a large stone. These stones look great with rectangular-shaped center diamonds. They create a clean, streamlined, and symmetrical look. It gives the resulting piece a truly classic and subtle look of glamour and style.

The baguette diamond is step-cut so it contrasts cushion or round cuts well. This is also a great choice for those who don’t want a ton of bling or light refraction.

This diamond tends to be less sparkly than other accent stones like trillion or round-cut stones.

The baguette cut comes in multiple styles. This is a versatile shape that lends itself way to a range of styles. Tapered and straight baguettes create a different look and feel to the finished piece of jewelry.

What works best for you depends on your style and preferences.


The trillion-cut diamond is a great choice for someone looking for a truly unique diamond. This cut makes for bold and eye-catching pieces.

Trillion diamonds have a triangular shape and add a distinct look and feel to any piece of jewelry. Using trillion diamonds as accent stones is a unique way to bring attention to the central stone.

A well-designed ring with trillion accent stones draws the eye to the center stone. The accents shouldn’t distract from the central stone. They should enhance or add emphasis to the main stone.

Trillion diamonds come in a huge range of sizes, so you can incorporate them into your ring in unique ways. Jewelers often use the trillion-cut diamond in a three-stone setting. This is a highly popular look. 

This setting features a large central diamond, most often round- or cushion-cut. High-quality trillion-cut diamonds flank a large central diamond. This creates a look of symmetry and elegance.

This is a unique shape so you should take care when pairing it with other diamonds. You want to pair these diamonds with simpler shapes. Too many different, unique shapes create a busy piece that draws the eye away from the central stone.

Small Round

One of the most classic accent diamonds is the round-cut diamond. This shape is recognized as being one of the most versatile shapes for accent diamonds.

Round-cut diamonds look great in a variety of jewelry styles. They can offset a larger round-cut diamond. They may also offset rectangular or other shapes of the stone. There is truly no limit to the creativity you can use with round-cut diamonds.

Round-cut accent diamonds come in three different categories: stars, full cuts, and melee. This is really just a range of weights.

A star round-cut diamond is one that is 0.02 carats or smaller. The full-cut falls between 0.02-0.07 carats. The melee round-cut diamond is between 0.08-0.18 carats. Obviously, the higher the weight, the higher the price.

The size you choose will depend on the overall look you are going for and your budget. The round-cut diamond looks great in a wide range of settings.

Jewelers often use round-cut accent diamonds in three-stone rings. A large central diamond of any shape or cut features two round-cut diamonds that flank the large piece.

Tiny small-round diamonds make a great option for the pave setting as well. This leads to a dainty and feminine-looking piece. This is a great look for thinner rings. Small round-cut diamonds can also find use in a larger, overall pattern. 

Geometric and Other Shapes

Choosing a ring with multiple diamonds is about more than cut and shape. The biggest consideration is what you want the finished piece to look like.

Some people like classic jewelry that has timeless elegance. Others use jewelry as a way to express their style and personality. For them, a plain ring isn’t desirable.

A jeweler can use diamonds in highly unique ways to create a ring that has an overall shape or design.

Say, for example, you love flowers. Jewelers can use multiple diamonds to create the shape of a flower. This creates a piece that is perfect for your personality, but that is high-class and stunning in its elegance.

Some people like an Art Deco look or prefer complex geometric patterns. A jeweler can easily use small diamonds to create complex and stylistic patterns for rings.

Jewelers can work wonders with diamonds, creating truly stunning and amazing works of art that catch the eye and enhance any look or style.

Whether you prefer something simple, or you want something bold, multiple diamonds are an excellent way to achieve this look. You can enhance simple, timeless elegance with clear, high-quality diamonds.

Bold, eye-catching designs are taken to another level of quality, and style with diamonds is part of its construction.

The Sky is the Limit

As we have shown, you can use multiple diamonds in a ring in a variety of different ways. Think about your personality and style. This will help guide your choice. You should consider your lifestyle, your job, and your overall fashion sense. You want to choose pieces that enhance your look, not detract from it. 

Multiple diamonds make excellent rings that can be classic or bold and unique. Some like to use multiple large diamonds to create bold, luxurious, and glamorous rings.

Different diamond settings create unique designs. Accent diamonds make lovely additions to any ring. Tiny diamonds frame a larger stone. This is why accent stones are so often paired with larger central stones.

The smaller stones may draw the eye to the larger central stone. Tiny diamonds can also create part of an overall pattern in a ring.

Some people like rings that feature only small stones. Pave settings utilize tiny stones to create sparkly and classic-looking designs.

Don’t be afraid to display your unique taste and style with multiple diamonds.

In Closing

The diamond is the epitome of class and style. It denotes status, luxury, and classic style. A diamond ring is one of the most popular and coveted pieces of jewelry. We often think of diamond rings in terms of engagement rings. However, diamond rings worn on any finger look great.

A ring with multiple diamonds is a great way to show off your personality and style. Whether it is an engagement ring or a ring to wear with formal attire, take your time to choose the best piece for your needs. You can use multiple diamonds in the same ring in a whole range of ways.

Multiple large diamonds in a single ring create a bold, stunning, and eye-catching piece of jewelry. The accent stone is a great way to incorporate multiple diamonds in a single piece. Accent stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each one creates a unique look and feel to a piece of jewelry.

Whether you choose a pave setting or a flower-shaped ring, rings with multiple diamonds give us a unique way to show our style and our fashion sense.


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