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used rolex boca raton

These 5 Rolex Watches Are Our Top Valentine’s Gifts for Him in 2021

We have chosen some of the five finest used Rolex Boca Raton watch picks for this Valentine’s Day. These watches stand out as exceptional in design and appearance. They are some of the finest out there in terms of quality watches. Used Rolex Boca Raton is a brand that is known across the world as producing…
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jewelry ideas for Valentine's Day

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Jewelry For Her This Year

Although flowers, chocolates and sweet love cards are great gifts for Valentine’s Day, if you really want to impress your lovely lady this year, a romantic piece of jewelry is the way to go. The best part is, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For as little as $299, you can…
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Why jewelry is the best gift for Valentine’s Day

The day of love is coming up and it is coming fast. Valentine’s Day is that 14 February, this year on a Friday, day to celebrate the ones that you love. For us the very best Valentine’s day gift ideas are jewelry. Cartier jewelry like Cartier Love and Cartier Pasha pieces. Valentine’s Day jewelry are…
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boca raton jewelers

Special Valentine’s Day Promotion on Select Luxury Jewelry

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may be wondering what to get for your friends, family members, and most importantly, your significant other. Whether you’ve just begun dating, recently got married, or have been married for decades, you may be looking for the right item to splurge on for your loved one. What better luxury Boca…
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Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts With Tacori

Can you believe February 14th is less than a month away? The time to start shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts is now! We, obviously, adore Valentine’s Day. We opened our beautiful, state of the art showroom in Boca because we love love. Seriously – we love fine jewelry and watches, don’t get us wrong. Thirty years…
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tacori engagement ring

Join Us for Our Valentine’s Day After Party

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – two weeks to go until V-Day! And whether you’re single, loving it, celebrating Galentine’s Day, or gearing up for your favorite holiday – pampering, chocolate, champagne and Hermes all on your list of requirements – we hope you have the perfect February 14th! And no matter which…
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Ban Do Portable iPhone Charger

Valentines’ Day Gift Guide For Her

We’re closing in on the sweetest holiday of the year: St. Valentine’s Day! This Saturday you can impress your Valentine with sweet treats, beautiful trinkets, and promising not to take them to see 50 Shades (Have you seen the press tour? Save yourself the ticket/popcorn fare.) Instead, treat your lady to some fun gifts courtesy of…
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Hermes Bleu Electrique Swift Leather Dogon Wallet

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Yourself

With Valentine’s Day peeking around the corner, the season of love is upon us. This year, ladies, don’t wait for a man to send a dozen overpriced roses or give you a box of boring chocolates. Instead, love yourself enough to pick up a gift you really want. Whether you are fabulously single or you…
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Red Diamonds for Valentines' Day

Argyle Diamonds closed bids Oct. 2, 2013 for their coveted pink & red diamonds shown in Japan. Of the 64 newly cut diamonds, 58 are pink, three red diamonds and three blue diamonds. There are few diamond mines in the world producing red diamonds at this time, but if your love is of the intensity…
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Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas for the 21st century

For those soon-to-be grooms getting ready to pop the question on Friday, we’re sure you’ve already planned it out meticulously, right? Right. However, we know our grooms pretty well after 30 years of watching love stories begin. And whether he’s sweating nervously buyi9ng that first ring, surprising her with an anniversary upgrade 15 years later,…
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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the clock is ticking to find a way to show your sweetie how much you love them. Roses and chocolates are cliché, but jewelry always impresses. Here are the top ten pieces of jewelry to give your sweetie this February 14th. 1. Upgraded Wedding Ring – If you’ve been…
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Thirsty Thursday: Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Happy Valentine’s Day readers! We’re toasting to you, to love, and to all things cute and pink today. And the perfect Valentine’s Day cocktails can always be found in our Boca Raton jewelry store. As a matter of fact, the perfect cocktail rings in general always can! Today though, we’ve done a doozy in pink…
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Heart Shaped Jewelry Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is FEBRUARY 14TH! The big day! In case you missed our gift guides and you’re scrambling last minute, have no fear. Jewelry makes the ultimate last minute, but still thoughtful gift that she’ll treasure forever (seriously, so much better than chocolate. Unless you’re doing a combination o the two, in which case we applaud…
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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

We can attest – our Boca Raton jewelry store has been chock full of romantic husbands and boyfriends hunting for the perfect piece of jewelry for their Valentines. We’ve even had a few extra dedicated guys visit our booths at the miami Beach Antique Show and the Naples Antiques show in search of a just…
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Valentine's Day Wedding Ideas

Love is in the air and we’re smitten with all thing Valentine’s Day. If you’re expecting an engagement ring next Thursday, what’s the harm in envisioning a little wedding glamour? On this Wedding Wednesday, we can’t help but skew towards all things glittery and cute! This pink and red wedding inspiration board is perfect with…
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Tuesday Shoesday: Pink Valentines

V-Day is just around the corner, and we’re feeling the love. Everywhere we turn we’re bombarded by cute couples (thanks to our Facebook photo contest), sweet treats, and perfectly hued gems. We love rose gold, pink sapphires and ruby jewelry even more in February than any other time of the year. We couldn’t resist pairing…
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heart-shaped diamond necklaces

Heart-Shaped Diamond Necklaces: A Symbol of Love and Devotion

Heart-shaped diamond necklaces have become one of the most popular jewelry choices. People use it to express their love and affection for their special someone. No one restricted expressing love to Valentine’s Day alone. In other words, you are free to appreciate your loved ones anytime any day. Thanks to Diamonds By Raymond Lee, you…
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brown diamond

From Cognac to Chocolate: The Fascinating World of Brown Diamond

Diamonds come in more varieties than just the traditional clear ones. One such example is the brown diamond, also known as cognac or chocolate diamonds which have recently gained immense popularity. These diamonds come in a range of warm and earthy shades, from light champagne to deep chocolate. Not only do they offer a unique…
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Adjustable twist bracelet for him or her

Adjustable Twist Bracelet for Him and Her 

In today’s fast-paced society, it isn’t easy to maintain connections with loved ones. There are activities to attend to and schedules filing up our to-do lists. This tells us that people hardly spend quality time with loved ones. Nevertheless, some people have discovered that giving gifts is a way to compensate for lost time. You…
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Lady in white wearing a Gorgeous halo rose gold silver pendant

Gorgeous Halo Rose Gold Silver Pendant

Everyone is familiar with the look of a regular pendant. And lovers of necklaces and rings see a pendant as an important addition to the mix. In the world of neck pieces, the gorgeous Halo rose gold silver pendant is special. More than its uniqueness, it also excels in beauty. The center stone features a…
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Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring with Half Eternity Band

When you are looking for something unique that shows your personality, a heart-shaped diamond ring with an eternity band is a great option. What you get with a ring like this is the classic glamour and style, but with a bit more personality than a classic ring. A ring like this is actually quite versatile…
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favorite celebrities and their engagement rings 

Celebrity Engagement Rings

One thing about your favorite celebrities and celebrity couples generally is the grace they carry when you see them. Little wonder it is so easy to adore everything about these celebrity couples. We all love their red carpet appearances, relationship gossips, lovely wedding dresses, and, of course, celebrity engagement rings.  Meanwhile, trust us when we…
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heart shaped rings for sale

Heart Shaped Diamond Rings That She Will Absolutely Love

Heart shaped rings are one of the most romantic symbols of love. Whether it’s an engagement ring with a heart-cut diamond or a ladies fashion ring with a heart-shaped motif, there’s no better item to express the love you have for your significant other than a heart shaped ring. It represents the act of giving…
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What’s better Cartier or Tiffany & Co jewelry?

Tiffany & Co and Cartier are two of the world’s most well known brands when it comes to fine jewelry. When you put these two head to head it is hard to see where their strengths lie. Both are absolute matchups bringing their own individual and unique features to the competition. Tiffany’s jewelry is well…
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used rolex

Janeece Sinclair X Diamond AP Watch & Two Lamborghini Aventadors = Pure Fire

The other week our good friend Janeece Sinclair came to Diamonds by Raymond Lee to look in on us and check out a diamond AP watch. As we were hanging out, we had a surprise visit from two other friends of ours. This wasn’t planned, but the two other friends who showed up both zoomed…
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florida wedding venue barn

Miranda Lambert solitaire diamond engagement ring

Miranda Lambert the 35 year old country music star, recently shocked her fans by announcing her marriage to 27 year old Brendan McLoughlin. The two apparently got married during an intimate and secret ceremony after dating outside of the public eye. The two tied the knot in Davidson County, Tennessee. Miranda Lambert let all of…
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Orlando Bloom gives Katy Perry ring like this

Orlando Bloom Proposes – Katy Perry’s Blooming Engagement Ring

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are the latest celebrity couple to get engaged. The two are now set to be married soon and announced as much through a sweet and intimate instagram post. Orlando Bloom proposed to the singer, who has arrived at her Super Bowl half time show riding a lion, Katy Perry, on…
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sell jewelry

When is the Best Time to Sell My Unwanted Jewelry, Watches and Diamonds

When is the Best Time to Sell My Unwanted Jewelry, Watches and Diamonds Do you have diamond or gold jewelry you are thinking about selling? You may have inherited an extensive collection of premium watches? Or you have invested in diamond or gold jewelry over the years? Keep in mind that deciding on the most…
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Best Engagement Rings On Instagram

Best Rings on Instagram

Is there a match more made in heaven than the one between brides-to-be Instagram? Wait – you’re right – it’s brides-to-be and their fiancés. But still! The first two are solid contenders. And the best rings on Instagram prove how devoted brides everywhere are to them. We adore both Instagram because it allow us to show…
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Henri Daussi Engagement Rings

Henri Daussi Engagement Rings

Henri Daussi engagement rings never fail to bring a smile to our faces! Whenever we stroll by that particular designer showcase in our gorgeous new showroom, we can’t help but admire the rows and rows of unique, flawlessly designed Henri Daussi engagement rings – and we’ve noticed the same rule applies to our clients! Click…
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Engagement Ring Layaway

Engagement Ring Layaway

Ah, October. When we aren’t having a hurricane (or, thankfully, being narrowly missed by the worst of the storm) we’re experiencing the very best Floridian weather. The heat finally wanes, the skies are bluer than ever, and the excitement of the holidays looms large as the year comes to a close. And along with all…
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Perfect Engagement Rings to Propose this Christmas

Thinking of proposing this holiday season? Whether you have a very special gift planned for one of next week’s 8 nights, or you’ll be slipping something extra into her stocking come December 25th, we think the holidays are the perfect time to propose – and we’re not alone! Over 1/3rd of all engagements happen between…
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Happy Thanksgiving from Raymond Lee Jewelers

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! We’re closed today so our staff can spend this day of thanks with loved ones. We’re so grateful to our community for the last 32 years of luxury, for the clients we’ve earned and new friends – family really – we’ve added along the way. From one generation,…
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Huge round diamond engagement rings

Buying an Engagement Ring in the Summer

There are certain items that are a great bargain at various times in the year. TV’s in February. Mattresses in May. Suits in June. But a little known fact is that summer time is one of the best times of the year to buy an engagement ring. Granted, we think that any time is a…
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Our Best Proposal Advice

Buying an engagement ring and planning the proposal, like we mentioned before, is your time to shine. Finding The One, buying The Ring, and planning how to ask the most important question of your life isn’t always easy, so we aim to make it as seamless and effortless as possible! And we’ve written lots on…
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5 Carat Synthetic Diamond Created

You have more than likely seen a 5 carat diamond. They are big … they are beautiful … and sometimes they are the subject of envy. However, these large diamonds have only been available naturally, until today. A Russian lab claims that it has grown a 5.11 carat diamond, which would be the biggest man made…
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Verragio Trunk Show in Boca Raton

You guys! We are famous. Elite Daily featured one of our favorite Verragio rings in their hilarious article “4 Ways We All Secretly Judge Everyone Getting Engaged On Facebook.” It’s on point, especially now during the height of engagement season. You thought your newsfeed was flooded post-Christmas? Brace yourselves. Valentine’s Day proposals are coming. A little…
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Welcome to our New Designer Engagement Rings Gabriel & Co.!

It is officially engagement season. During this time of year – the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day – more couples get engaged than during any other time throughout the entire year. The gathering of families, holiday magic, and a romantic snowfall or two never hurt the odds of a proposal. Another benefit to…
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Dazzle Her With Jewelry This Holiday Season

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start planning and picking up presents. A spa gift card or a new smartphone might be nice, but nothing makes a woman feel cherished like jewelry. But, for the special lady in your life, you can’t just pop into the store, grab the first necklace you see…
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Falling Star: Record-Breaking Pink Star Diamond Sale Falls Through

Last November, the jewelry industry was abuzz with news of a broken record: the purchase of the world’s priciest gemstone. The Sotheby’s auction house listed the Pink Star, a flawless 59.6-carat pink diamond, among their offerings in a Geneva auction on November 13, 2013. Isaac Lot’s winning bid — $83.2 million — made headlines, but…
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Welcome Back & Quite the Recap

Thank you so much, loyal blog readers and avid jewelry hunters, for hanging in there with us for the last week. We know our website’s performance has been…less than desirable. Now that we’ve hopefully banished the bugs that were making it act up, our blog is back in gear too, and we can finally catch…
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National Proposal Day: Our Favorite 3 Proposal Stories of the Week

One of our favorite wedding blogs is How He Asked – seriously, if you’re a sucker for proposal stories and gorgeous engagement rings (guilty as charged) this is the site for you. They maintain a prettified account of all the best real proposal submissions from around the world. If you find yourself with time to…
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Month of Love Engagement Ring Giveaway UPDATE!

Readers, you’ve heard about our engagement ring giveaway, right? And our special February promotion that includes a free men’s wedding band with any bridal purchase over $2,000? Well, our amazing fans have blown us away with their enthusiasm! The most lovely couples have entered the contest and we’re completely smitten with them all. And so…
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Raymond Lee Jewelers Engagement Ring Giveaway Celebrating the Month of Love

February is upon us! And it’s one of our most favorite times of the year – we’re busy exhibiting at some of the nation’s top antique jewelry shows, the showroom is abuzz with customers shopping for trinkets for their Valentines, and Cupid has us working overtime. This special time of year brings eager, savvy gents…
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10kt White Gold Round Brilliant & Baguette Diamond Ring

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: New Engagement Rings Boca Raton

Guess what tomorrow is? If you said “Thanksgiving” then you’re partially right – it’s also the official start of engagement season! The magical time of the year between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day when over 30% of all engagements occur. Gents will be getting down on bended knee left and right from here til February, and…
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