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Janeece Sinclair X Diamond AP Watch & Two Lamborghini Aventadors = Pure Fire

Janeece Sinclair X Diamond AP Watch & Two Lamborghini Aventadors = Pure Fire

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The other week our good friend Janeece Sinclair came to Diamonds by Raymond Lee to look in on us and check out a diamond AP watch. As we were hanging out, we had a surprise visit from two other friends of ours. This wasn’t planned, but the two other friends who showed up both zoomed in with Lamborghini Aventadors. 

Diamond Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch

So, you know what this called for? 

A quick diamonds (diamond AP watch & jewelry) and supercar photoshoot with American fitness model Janeece Sinclair as the star!

Have a look at all of the sexiness that was going on…

TWO Aventadors Roadsters

lamborghini aventador hardtop

If you know Diamonds by Raymond Lee then you know we always have supercars rolling through. 

And, that’s not even considering our Diamonds and Donuts Car Show which sees the hottest luxury sports cars, imports, classics, fully built and tricked out cars that South Florida has to offer. 

Not to mention, we have Free electric vehicle chargers in our parking lot for our Tesla fam…

So, although we are accustomed to playing with magnificently high powered vehicles, this was a special day as two of our friends who each own a Lamborghini Aventador randomly showed up, without even coordinating the visit together. Let’s just say it was a pleasant and coincidental surprise.

White Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

lambo aventador roadster florida

The white Lamborghini is an Aventador Roadster…

It’s easily one of Lambo’s most extraordinary cars ever made, and that’s saying a ton with their illustrious history of making revolutionary supercars. 

All you have to do is look and listen to the Lamborghini Roadster in person to understand why this is one of their most outrageous creations. 

Its design and styling is one-of-a-kind, both on the exterior and interior. 

From the outside, you immediately sense the DNA of Lamborghini, with its expressive dynamism and aggressive look. Every single detail was carefully considered and given master level attention. It has an extrovert personality that gives you a rush of adrenaline just by looking at it…

And then you pull off the roof which consists of two forged carbon fiber panels and you see how the Roadster is equally introvert. 

As soon as you sit in a Lamborghini Roadster, you feel like you’ve been transported to the future. The car has the perfect combination of exclusivity and high-tech luxury. 

It’s like an aircraft, with instruments displayed on an advanced, interactive TFT LCD. But it’s not all about cutting-edge technology. This car also uses traditional techniques to merge tech with unrivaled luxury. The interior is all hand finished and uses the finest materials in the industry. For a supercar with so much power, it has unparalleled comfort. 

Now, when you take it to the heart of the matter, through the carbon fiber tub platform, you will find a 6.5 liter V12 engine and seven speed single clutch gearbox.

The Roadster has a fire-breathing 729bhp at its disposal. On the road, it feels pure, fast, precise, and sharp as a razor blade. 

It hits a 0-60 in less than 3 seconds and has a top speed of an unbelievable (yet truly completely believable) 217mph. What’s more, thanks to its incredible handle, it can whip around corners at monumental limits. 

This is by far one of our favorite Lamborghinis so it is always fun spending some quality time with it…

…and it’s even more fun when you have its partner in crime on the scene too.

Black Hardtop Lamborghini Aventador 

hardtop lambo aventador lp 700-4

This hardtop black Aventador looks like the kind of car you’d find Batman driving when he’s on holiday and his Batmobile is taking a much needed break…after all, nothing but the best for Bruce Wayne.

For those who don’t immediately know by looking at it, it is a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, which was in production from 2011 to 2016. 

The car is loaded with state-of-the-art technology, yet it remains an old school supercar at heart. 

It has an outrageously powerful and classic normally aspirated in-house V12 engine that produces 690bhp. You can take it from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, 0-100 in 6.4s, and it has a top speed of 217mph. Cue jaws dropping. 

This is all thanks to efficient aerodynamics, brutal power, outstanding lightweight engineering and phenomenal handling precision. 

But it’s not all about outlandish speed, acceleration and driving control when it comes to this car being a masterpiece. It is also about its inimitable design. 

The car has impressive proportions, stunning hexagon and trapezia lines coupled with sharp swooping edges, and an overall aggressive, badass look that’s undeniably Lamborghini. 

What’s more, the breathtaking design concept extends to the Lamborghini Aventador’s interior. 

Climb through the signature scissor doors and you will find groundbreaking auto technology and elaborate hand-finished everything. The materials are so distinctive and different that you won’t know what it’s actually made of. What you will know is, it is of the most superior quality. 

But seeing and feeling is never enough, hit the ignition and hear one of the strongest engines every built roar…

Prepared to be blown away.

From the innovative carbon-fiber monocoque to the very finest equipment, trim and extensive individualization to its miraculous performance, this is the dream car for any Lamborghini fanatic.

All in all, we can guarantee the Lamborghini Aventador  LP 700-4 will go down in history as an all-time best. A classic. A groundbreaking, revolutionary supercar that only a very few people in this world can enjoy in all of its glory. 

lamborghini aventador roadster boca raton
Diamonds and Donuts

If you want to see more supercars like these Aventadors, definitely come check out our next Diamonds and Donuts Car Show.

Diamonds and Donuts consistently draws large crowds and a plethora of cars and diamond jewelry that showcases the amazing art, luxury, and power that makes up the automotive and jewelry industry. 

At Diamonds and Donuts, you’ll be met with supercars, exotics, imports, classics, muscles, and sports cars from the likes of a Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Dodge, Ford, Aston Martin, to name but a few. 

 Not to mention, a live DJ, jewelry giveaway and bangin’ food.

The best part is, it’s all for a good cause. For each event, we raise charitable contributions for local causes and organizations, like the Boys and Girls Club, Boca Police Foundation, and Military Heroes Support Foundation. 

The ability to combine our passion for cars with an awesome event that gives back to the community makes our car show extremely important to us.

Scouting Cars for Upcoming Car Video Production in South Florida!

Squat Queen Janeece Sinclair

diamond ap watch

Janeece Sinclair isn’t the Squat Queen for no reason. One look at her and you can see exactly why she not only earned but OWNS that name. She is super fit, and according to Janeece, she does legs and glutes 2 times a week! Squat. Queen. 

What’s interesting is, she didn’t give herself this name. One of her friends from back in her high school days sent her an e-card on Valentine’s Day the year after she graduated. The card read “your booty got me lost like Nemo”, and it was addressed to “Squat Queen Janeece”…and it stuck. 

There is no denying it, the name is extremely fitting.

ap diamond watch

Janeece Sinclair started her fitness career back in 2012 and has been making waves in the fitness industry ever since.

She’s competed in numerous competitions, taking 1st place in 2013’s Fitness Universe Miss Bikini. 

Janeece is not only super fit, she is also gorgeous…

But it’s not all about looks when it comes to Janeece. As soon as you talk to her, you will instantly be pulled in. She’s well spoken, confident, smart, and she’s has a great sense of humor. 

Check out Janeece Sinclair on Instagram
squat queen

What’s more, she’s an advocate for Chron’s disease. 


Well, back in 2014, just two years after she began her fitness journey, Janeece was diagnosed with Chron’s disease.

Chron’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation in the digestive tract. It is a serious disease that for some people can be very painful and even debilitating. 

This hasn’t stopped Janeece from shining and killing it at everything she does. She is an inspiration to all those with Chron’s – If you live a healthy lifestyle, you can live a great life and even bring about long-term remission. 

Now, on a lighter note…

Janeece Sinclair is a good friend of ours at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. You can usually find her at our events, rocking a Diamonds by Raymond Lee shirt or outfit and all types of fine diamond jewelry. It’s always a pleasure having her around.

She went to the Boca Concours d’Elegance with us (Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3). She’s been at numerous Diamonds and Donuts Car Shows, and most recently she was at our Food Truck Night

On this particular day, she was just dropping by to say hello…So, in good company, we decided to take some photos of Janeece sporting a Diamond AP watch and some diamond jewelry in the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. 

Diamond AP Royal Oak Watch

Janeece Sinclair

Janeece Sinclair has on a diamond flooded stainless steel AP Royal Oak 15400 watch (ref. 15500ST.OO.1220ST.03).

The Royal Oak 15400 is probably the most iconic watch from AP. It’s also one of our personal favorites. 

Introduced in 1972, the design is one of the four timeless Gerald Genta creations.

Although the design still has its classic, original look – octagonal bezel, tapisserie dial, perfectly integrated bracelet, and immaculate finishing – it has seen some subtle changes. Such as the wider indices, the date window moved further from the center, the minute train being printed on the external area, and of course, the larger 41mm size…

So, the case is 41mm, as we’ve just mentioned. Therefore, it would be considered a large watch for a woman. Nevertheless, Janeece pulls it off with exemplary fashion. 

This goes to show, a woman can don a 41mm watch like its nobody’s business. 

Diamond AP Watch – Iced Out to the Max

Now, as you might be able to see, the watch is covered in diamonds. Everything but the dial that is. 

Interestingly, the aftermarket diamonds are CVD. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we don’t usually mess with anything CVD (man-made diamonds), but as this is a special AP watch and the craftsmanship for setting these CVD diamonds was so well done, we ended up buying it from the guy who was selling it. 

If you want to learn more about CVD diamonds and how we know if a diamond is CVD – it’s impossible to tell by inspecting it with your eyes, so we have a special test using a high tech machine – check this article out:

CVD diamonds vs natural: Diamond machine testing aftermarket diamonds on Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch

Diamond Jewelry

Janeece is also flossing diamond hoop earrings and two diamond necklaces. She’s keeping it low-key here, compared to our usual completely diamond covered ensembles. 

Nonetheless, you are looking at thousands of dollars between the watch, earrings and necklaces. 

If you want to see all of our diamond and gemstone jewelry, you can shop (or window shop) here:

Diamond Necklaces
Diamonds Earrings
Diamond Bracelets
Diamond Rings
Swiss Watches
Audemars Piguet Watches
Rolex Watches 

We have something for everyone’s budget and taste. From a few hundred dollar pieces of jewelry all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, you are guaranteed to find your dream jewelry at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.


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