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Recap: Seafood Fest Food Truck Night at Diamonds by Raymond Lee (9/28/2019)

Recap: Seafood Fest Food Truck Night at Diamonds by Raymond Lee (9/28/2019)

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On September 28, 2019, Island Boyz Conch Shack hosted a Seafood Fest at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. Here is a recap of the event and highlights of all the spectacular food trucks that set up shop.
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It’s been over a week since Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s Seafood Fest Food Truck Night event, and our taste buds are having some serious withdrawals from all the exquisite food that we crushed. 

Polishing off cuisines from 10 different food trucks will do that to you, but we have no regrets…and thankfully, all of these innovative, absolutely delicious food trucks can be found in and around Boca Raton, so we will get our fixes again soon…

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The Seafood Fest was an unadulterated blast, in every way possible.

The weather was great, the music was on point (go DJ!), our place was PACKED full of people and food trucks, and, of course, the food and beer were unbelievably good. The event ran from 5pm well into the night, and it never died down until it was really time to go home (with a belly full of seafood and craft brews). 

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It’s the kind of successful event that you have to see to believe…

So, here is a look back at our Seafood Fest Food Truck Night at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. 

Appreciation & Accolades 

diamonds by raymond lee food truck night

We want to show our appreciation and accolades for our staff, everyone who turned up to the Seafood Fest, and each of the creative food trucks who blessed us all with their savory, succulent, rich, sweet and overall finger-licking good food.

A special thanks goes out to Island Boyz Conch Shack for helping us put all of this together, and Tri-County Animal Rescue for making a difference for the pups in our community. We want to touch on both Island Boyz Conch Shack and Tri-County Animal Rescue before highlighting all the incredible food trucks that truly made this event a blast. 

Tri-County Animal Rescue

tri county animal rescue

Tri-County Animal Rescue is a nonprofit animal shelter working to put an end to the killing and abandoning of unwanted pets in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties. The amount of unwanted pets is horrifying. There are over 170,000 animals at risk, just in South Florida alone. 

Since Tri-County’s was first founded, they have saved over 55,000 domestic animals from euthanization by finding them “forever” homes via their adoption center. Tri-County also works with a few organizations, businesses, and local schools to raise awareness in the community.

animal rescue boca raton

We have collaborated with Tri-County Animal Rescue on multiple occasions and it is always a pleasure. Our goal for our events is not only to have a good time but also to make a difference in our community, which is why we fully support Tri-County Animal Rescue. 


Island Boyz Conch Shack

island boyz conch shack

Again, huge thanks to Island Boyz Conch Shack for bringing in a great food truck line up. 

Island Boyz Conch Shack was established by three talented, creative, business minded men from The Bahamas. They specialize in Conch dishes, such as conch fritters, cracked conch load french fries, conch salad, and much more. 

Getting to know these guys has been great. They are truly awesome and so is their food!

Their eats are next level delicious. 

What’s more, they know how to put together a food truck line up, which you are about to see. 

Food Truck Line Up at our Seafood Fest

Here are all the food trucks that came to our Seafood Fest at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

Warning: Hunger may consume you. 

Wasabi Juan’s South Beach Food Truck  

seafood food trucks boca raton

Wasabi Juan’s made their first appearance at one of our Food Truck Nights, and they came in with a bang. 

Their food is out of this world…or better yet, an incredibly delicious combination of different parts of this world.

Wasabi Juan’s is an innovative Japanese and Mexican Asian fusion food truck, and we can guarantee their menu and flavors are something you’ve never seen before. 

Wasabi Juan’s serves “burrito-style” sushi rolls in soy wraps and nori, as well as crunchy tacos packed with spicy tuna, shrimp ceviche and more. But that’s not all, Wasabi Juan’s also has some tantalizing sweets such as coconut rice “frushi rolls” with whipped cream and Mexican cokes. 

They’ve made sushi more approachable for all the Mexican food lovers here in South Florida. The Mexican and Sushi mashup is surprisingly the perfect pairing and something you need to try. 

Easy 10 out of 10 and we can wait to have them back for another Food Truck event at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. 

Crazy Uncle Mikes

crazy uncle mikes

Got Beer?

Thanks to Crazy Uncle Mikes, everyone at our Seafood Food Truck Night got free brews. They were pouring straight from the tap all evening and it really turned this party up!

Not only does Crazy Uncle Mikes have tasty and powerful craft beers, such as Mosaic Magic IPA, Lite My Fire Lager, Licensed to Pills Pilsner and more, but they also have a super dedicated owner who is always on scene putting his passion into every pour and conversation. 

We highly recommend checking out Crazy Uncle Mikes. Their brewery is stocked with the best hops, good food, and great music. Overall, it’s a great atmosphere and we were honored to have them bring a little bit of that over to our Seafood Night Food Truck Event. 

Captain Lobster

captain lobster food truck

It wouldn’t be a seafood fest if there wasn’t LOBSTER. Right?

Good thing Captain Lobster came full force with all types of lobster treats!

Every bite of a Captain Lobster meal will captivate your palate. They have insanely good lobster rolls and lobster salads, but that’s not all. Lobster is simply their flagship seafood. 

They also have shrimp and crab salads and rolls and fried calamari. Each meal is original and as tasty as the next. 

What’s more, this company also has an awesome story. The owners are extremely passionate about their food truck and exclusive creations, and it clearly shows with every bite. This food truck is off the charts.

Chubby Mermaid Food Truck

chubby mermaid south florida

Another Diamonds by Raymond Lee Food Truck Night first timer, Chubby Mermaid, rolled in packing a powerful punch of deliciousness. 

Chubby Mermaid, as the name suggests, is a super fun and lively seafood food truck. They serve fantastic lobster rolls (chunk and claws) aka the mermaid roll, ahi poke, shrimp tacos, loaded tots, and much more. 

Chubby Mermaid Food Truck isn’t your ordinary food truck, not by any means…they are way better. Everything is fresh, packed full of flavor, and original. You definitely don’t have to be a mermaid to enjoy this food truck. 

Bea’s Heavenly Wings

beas heavenly wings

Back at another Diamonds by Raymond Lee Food Truck Night and as great as ever was Bea’s Heavenly Wings. 

They are always a hit at our Food Truck Nights, and this one was no different.

wings boca raton

Bea’s Heavenly Wings serves…you guessed it, wings! They use all their own sauces, which you can buy from them by the bottle. Furthermore, they also make all types of their very own good ol’ southern comfort foods. 

If you love chicken and hearty southern cuisine, you will love Bea’s. 


natuurlik food truck

Natuurlik Food Truck, a veteran of our Food Truck Nights and easily one of the people’s favorites.

They always have island-inspired vegan nouvelle cuisine that you will want to devour. 

Natuurlik is a 5 star type food truck thanks to their amazing food and equally amazing service. All around top notch company full of great people and even better vegan food. 

Highly, highly recommend hitting up Natuurlik if you’ve never been. Simply extraordinary. 

681 Seafood & Southern Bites

681 seafood food truck

681 Seafood & Southern Bites is another one of our food truck veterans. The people love them, we love them, so it’s always a pleasure to have them back.

They are pioneers here in South Florida for everything seafood. 681 Seafood & Southern Bites provides marvelous food like Alaskan Snow Crab, Jumbo Shrimp, Conch Fritters, Conch Salad, Fried Conch, Seafood Mac & Cheese, and specialty wings all seasoned and cooked to perfection.

For those who can’t resist seafood and southern cuisine, one bite from this food truck and you won’t be able to get enough of 681 Seafood & Southern Bites. 

Santo Dulce

churro food truck boca raton

Desert anyone? More like, desert everyone!

After eating all types of savory seafood, people were craving something sweet. So, Santo Dulce did more than just come to the rescue, they turned this party into a divinely sweet extravaganza.

Santo Dulce has the most amazing handcrafted churros and ice cream, and the people were raving over it. 

They call their churros “Halos” for the rounded shape they give them. It’s very original. 

Santo Dulce

Their artisanal dessert is literally unlike anything South Florida has ever seen. Every dessert is made from the heart and uses unconventional flavors that have surged in popularity. 

What’s more, you can customize everything with endless selections of glazes and gourmet toppings. 

If you have a sweet tooth, be prepared to have it turned into full blown sweet teeth after one taste of Santo Dulce. 


tikiz boca raton

Our friends at Tikiz made their second appearance at our Food Truck Night, and as always, they brought the icy sweets. 

TIKIZ serves wonderful shaved ice in all kinds of flavors. It’s a classic dessert and a staple here in South Florida. The kids absolutely loved it! So did the adults 😉 We are looking forward to having their fun-loving crew back for another Food Truck Night.

More highlights from the Seafood Fest!

janeece sinclair
Our good friend Janeece Sinclair having a good time per usual.
diamonds by raymond lee
The founder of Raymond Lee Jewelers, Jeff Josephson, made an appearance 🙂
larry coe cars
Larry Coe put his classic Chevy on display. It wouldn’t be a Diamonds by Raymond Lee event without some badass cars…
diamonds event boca raton
It wouldn’t be a Diamonds by Raymond Lee event without some diamond jewelry either!
boca raton events 2019
We support the medicinal use of marijuana, so we made it possible for those with chronic pain and illness to seek potential alternative treatments right here at our Seafood Fest.
Canine Companions for Independence
Canine Companions came to support too! Canine Companions for Independence provides highly-trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships.
live dj
As always, we had a live DJ killin’ the beats! He did a fantastic job.

Stay Tuned For Our Next Event

food trucks boca raton

Due to the success of our past Food Truck Nights, we are now making this a regular thing. 

See below for our next food truck night events at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. You won’t want to miss it! 


October 26, 2019 (5pm-9pm) – Vegan Fest 

Details: Our second ever Vegan Fest held at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Yoga class held at 4pm. Tons of Vegan food and drink vendors. Live music and an all around awesome party.

November 16, 2019 (5pm-9pm) – Seafood Fest

Details: Island Boyz Conch Shack is hosting their Seafood Fest at Diamonds by Raymond Lee on November 16th, 2019 5PM – 10PM, yay! Gather your friends, family and empty stomachs and join us as we chow down.

Sign Up Now

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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