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Custom jewelry maker in Boca Raton

Custom jewelry maker in Boca Raton

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Finding a custom jewelry maker to bring your idea to life requires a deep look at the process. Each custom jewelry maker works differently and it is not always easy to find the right person for your project. Inspired by you and crafted by us we at Diamonds by Raymond Lee have luxury custom jewelry maker artisans with us. At our in house workshops our designers and artisans work alongside you to create your ideal piece. From the first moment when you make up your mind to craft a unique piece of custom jewelry our custom jewelry maker sits with you. First is the ideation part. This is where we get an idea of all that you hope for this piece. Then we begin to narrow down the specifics like what fine materials you intend on using for this piece and whether you have any special stones to include. 

It is also when we source from the finest providers in the world for you. All of our loose diamonds, gold and jewels are of the highest quality and checked thoroughly by our artisans. They have access to the latest cutting edge technology and equipment at our in house workshop. Further once all of the details are set we create a prototype for you to see how the final product will be. Afterwards we begin the work that you will see below. While you enjoy your time our custom jewelry maker will begin molding the metal. Then cutting and polishing before adding the final details. Finally cleaning and surveying to make sure that the custom jewelry necklace or bracelet or ring of your dreams is ready to go. Our commitment is always to superior service and the utmost quality from start to finish. So you are confident with your piece. 

custom jewelry maker with client

What does custom jewelry cost?

The custom jewelry necklace below features a heart cut diamond. Custom jewelry charms like this can be designed to your specifications. See more below. 

When it comes to the price of creating a custom jewelry necklace for example it all depends on your choices. If for example the custom jewelry necklace features a large diamond stone like the one we are showcasing here the cost will be significantly more than for a piece that does not feature a large precious stone. However it also depends on the intricacy of the design that you are looking for.  Remember beyond the custom jewelry maker fee for labor and time there is the design and CAD you will get as well as the raw materials.

If you are wondering, ‘where to shop for custom jewelry near me?’, have a look online and compare some of the quotes that you get. However, it is important to always remember the most important feature which is trust. The trust that you have not only in the materials being used but the skill set of the custom jewelry maker.

We are a family company who have been in the business for over three decades focusing on growing in our community and bringing together experts in the industry. From craftsmen that have experience far longer than our stores and diamond consultants who know the ins and outs of the diamond industry our team is equipped to bring you the very best. You can feel confident that the end result of your custom jewelry bracelet or other piece will match what you are looking for. 

If you are looking for custom jewelry charms that feature large diamonds check out our Diamond Search tool. With it you can see diamonds of different price ranges of a wide variety of qualities.

in house custom jewelry maker

Quick recap of the diamond 4 C’s 

The diamond 4 C’s are the way we measure the quality of a diamond. There are a couple of different laboratories and societies that certify the qualities of diamonds. They do it according to these 4 major features. Then of course there are details like where the diamond was mined. As well as who mined it and how it was treated. But for a quick refresher here are the four major features to look at when considering a diamond. Also these are the factors that go into the price of diamonds. So all around good to know! 

custom jewelry maker

The Diamond Cut:

First is the cut. There are so many different diamond cuts possible. However, these do affect the necessary features to have a good cut. More on that below. The important thing to note is that the cut will define a diamond’s value. It dictates the final diamond’s properties. 

There are 3 features that depend on the diamond cut. These will dictate the grade or quality of a diamond: 

  1. Fire: this is the scattering of white light into all the colors of the rainbow that happens when light strikes a polished diamond
  2. Brightness: this is both internal and external and refers to the reflection of the white light from the diamond
  3. Scintillation: this is the amount of sparkle that a stone produces. The pattern of light and dark areas caused by the different reflections within the diamond.

The Diamond Color:

This refers to the color of white diamonds not the pink, black or blue diamond varieties. White diamonds are prized for their lack of color and this where the measure of its color matters. It is measured on a scale from D to Z, where D is the preferred colorless grade. 

The Diamond Clarity:

As you might already know the clarity of a diamond is measured by the absence of blemishes or imperfections. It is one of the most important features for emerald cut diamonds for example. This is because the cut prioritizes open mirror like faces not allowing any space to hide blemishes. 

The Diamond Carat Weight:

The carat weight is the standard for weighing diamonds. A carat is 100 points and can be divided down. Each one of the points weigh 2 milligrams. However, there are diamonds that can weight several carats. 

custom jewelry maker working

Personalized custom jewelry design 

One of the most intimate items that one can shop for is jewelry. Custom jewelry bracelet, ring or necklace is then just that much more special. It is something that you have had your unique touch in crafting. From your ideas and specifications raw metals and loose precious stones can become exquisite custom jewelry charms. 

Initial consultation

This is the very first step in getting your custom jewelry necklace or other piece made. First you sit with our custom jewelry maker and run through your ideas. It is good to have some inspiration you take. Whether from Pinterest, magazines or even our own wide ranging collection of jewelry. At this point we will sketch out what the final product will look like and do tweaks according to your preferences. You can easily add or remove anything while we help you draw out your vision. 

After you are happy with the design we move on to sourcing materials and some other specifications. However, do not worry you still have a chance to adapt or change details of your design before the final product is made. We keep you informed and in the loop every step of the way.

sourcing materials for custom jewelry necklace

Sourcing materials

Now this step is sourcing the materials. No, it does not mean you have to go out and find your own materials, do not worry. We will work with our connections and suppliers to bring you the very best materials and loose precious stones available. But before we do that we need to know what you are looking for. So for that reason we sit with you and work out materials. These are the building blocks of your vision for the custom jewelry maker to create. 

We will talk about stones, metal, sizing and dimensions. Based on these factors we will then present you with a realistic quote. This is based on the cost of the materials that we will be using. We’re committed to staying within your budget while using only the highest quality materials. Once you approve the quote we ask you for a deposit to create the next step in the process. This is a rendering to help match your vision perfectly. 

3D model and wax model

The 3D model is created in a CAD. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. This rendering will give you a better idea of the design than hand drawn sketches on paper. However, we go one step further and also create a wax model for you. 

While we have the CAD design ready you can make any and all adjustments to get your custom jewelry piece just right. This is also when the custom jewelry maker will make sure the measurements fit your stone just right. Once all is confirmed our custom jewelry maker carves the wax model. Hand carved in house you can see where each stone will be set. Once again adjustments can still be made at this stage. 

custom jewelry charm heart shaped

Casting custom jewelry necklace

Then the custom jewelry maker gets to work in casting your jewelry piece. While you relax and know that you are in good hands. They will work at our in house workshop using state of the art technology and equipment. Carefully crafting each detail of your jewelry piece. 

custom jewelry necklace

Polish and inspection

Finally the custom jewelry necklace is polished off and inspected. We look for all of the standards that we hold incoming designer jewelry to. This is to make sure that your custom jewelry maker has crafted a piece of jewelry that is to the standard of produced pieces. We are relentless in checking and testing the piece. The final touches include this complete quality control. 

Depending on the intricacy of your design and how complicated the creation process is a custom jewelry piece can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to complete. Then we deliver it to you in a Diamonds by Raymond Lee presentation box ready for you to see the live version of your vision. 

For more information on our custom jewelry please visit our showroom or contact our design experts. More information below. 

custom jewelry charm

Custom jewelry maker in Boca Raton at Diamonds by Raymond Lee  

Our family owned business has been around for the last three decades. Serving the South Florida community and growing over time. We now have two separate conveniently located showrooms. Each with their own in house workshop and state of the art equipment. This is where you can bring your ideas and create custom jewelry charms. The custom jewelry maker will sit with you and decide on a final design. While also beginning the search for the finest materials available. All while you relax, enjoy a cold drink on us and peruse our wide ranging collection of custom and private label design jewelry pieces

We pride ourselves on always providing superior service. The utmost quality for you and your family is our priority.  All of our diamond consultants and expert custom jewelry makers are available and ready to welcome you. Any questions that you might have. Or any ideas that you want to run by them. 

Particularly when it comes to pieces like this custom jewelry necklace that features a large diamond stone we suggest speaking to one of our diamond experts. They will be able to walk you through all of the different pricing features and how to shop for loose diamond stones. We have after all been doing this for a long time. Their expertise and commitment is to get you the best price for the very best quality. It’s why we use our connections and long time know how to source stones only from the finest suppliers in the world. Bringing you the quality and service that you can count on. 

custom jewelry maker creation

We hope to see you soon at one of our two Boca Raton locations. Check out our social media pages, we host monthly events you won’t want to miss. Including the famed Diamonds and Donuts car show.  

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