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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the clock is ticking to find a way to show your sweetie how much you love them. Roses and chocolates are cliché, but jewelry always impresses. Here are the top ten pieces of jewelry to give your sweetie this February 14th.

1. Upgraded Wedding Ring – If you’ve been living in marital bliss for many years, this is the perfect time to surprise your spouse with an upgraded wedding ring. Usually, the ring you scraped together a payment for at the start of your life together is not what you could afford to splurge on years down the road. This year, give her a diamond that has grown just as much as your love.

Platinum Marquise and Round Cut Diamond Unique Wedding Ring

2. Charms – Sometimes the best thing about being in love is having someone who really knows you, your interest, hobbies and all the things you care about. This year, show her how well you know her with charms that tell a story of who she is. Whether worn alone on a necklace or clustered on a bracelet, charms are a uniquely personal gift.

14kt white gold Pave Diamond Starfish Charm Pendant

3. Cuff Links – A dapper pair of cuff links makes any suit feel special and are a great way to show how proud you are of him. For a fun gift-giving twist, plan a fancy night out and slip him his new cuff links just before you walk out the door.

Scott Kay Riveted Mother of Pearl Cuff Links

4. Luxury Watches – Beautiful watches are the perfect combination of style and function. Give it to your loved one with a reminder of how much you value the time you spend together.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea 11660 Steel Mens Watch

5. Heart-shaped Pendants – It might seem like an overly obvious gift, but hearts are the symbols of love. The sky is the limit when it comes to these jewelry staples. Look for basic silver versions, trendy open-heart styles or extravagant diamond and gemstone options.

14k White Gold Diamond Heart Pendant

6. Lockets – Some things never go out of style and lockets are one of them. These old-fashioned favorites are perfect for keeping a tiny reminder of you love close to her heart. Print out a favorite photo a slip it inside for a traditionally romantic gift.

Vintage Gold Locket

7. Money Clips – Far more stylish that leather wallets, money clips are a must-have for every modern gentleman. Look for an engravable version and etch a loving message or his initials on it.

18K Yellow Gold and Sapphire Money Clip

8. Rubies – Red is the color of love and passion. Whether it’s a necklace, a cocktail ring or a pair of earrings, embrace the romantic hue by presenting her with rubies. Ruby broaches are also a beautiful way to liven up winter coats and sweaters and secure scarves. Before your big night out, pin it to her coat and enjoy her surprise.

14kt Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Pendant on Chain

9. Eternity Rings – These rings, with a continuous loop of diamonds or gemstones, are a promise of unending love. They are both timeless and elegant and they make a beautiful accompaniment to a wedding ring or a stylish right-hand accessory.

Platinum 5ctw Diamond Eternity Band

10. Fashion Jewelry – Not all relationships are ready for diamonds and elaborate jewels. For new relationships, fashion jewelry such as gold or silver hoop earrings, chain-style necklaces or beaded bracelets are the perfect way to show you care without going overboard.

14k White Gold Small Oval Hoop Earrings


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