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Heart Shaped Diamond Rings That She Will Absolutely Love

Heart Shaped Diamond Rings That She Will Absolutely Love

heart shaped rings for sale

Heart shaped rings are one of the most romantic symbols of love. Whether it’s an engagement ring with a heart-cut diamond or a ladies fashion ring with a heart-shaped motif, there’s no better item to express the love you have for your significant other than a heart shaped ring. It represents the act of giving your heart to her, for her to hold close each and every day. The feeling upon receiving a heart shaped ring is one of instant love and affection. 

Below we are going to take an in-depth look at the world of heart shaped rings, which includes rings with heart shaped diamonds and rings that use creative designs to make a heart shape silhouette. 

heart shaped yellow diamond rings


Heart shaped rings are the perfect gift for romantic occasions. It may be a wedding anniversary, Valentines day, or any other special milestone in your relationship. If the women is really a fan of heart shape jewelry, then it could also be the quintessential style for an engagement ring, which is arguably the most important piece of jewelry a woman will ever own.

If you are a women who loves everything about heart motifs, then getting a heart shaped ring for yourself is also a great idea. At Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, we have many women who come in looking to buy themselves heart shaped jewelry, especially rings.

Rings are the best choice for heart shaped jewelry because it will not only be seen by those around you, but you will also be able to enjoy it yourself every time you look down at your hand! Plus, heart shaped rings are super versatile. They pair beautifully with other rings, adding the perfect feminine touch to any outfit. A ring is like a luxury watch, in that like a watch, it can be worn every day and with every outfit. We can’t say the same for all jewelry pieces. 

heart shaped diamond rings


A heart cut diamond is exactly as it sounds. It is a diamond in the shape of a heart. Heart-shaped diamonds have five distinct areas – the cleft, lobe, belly, wing, and point. Together, they outline the figure of a heart. 

Heart shaped diamonds provide excellent brilliance, scintillation, and fire, similar to a round brilliant. This is because they are modified versions of the round brilliant cut. As such, it is a good choice if you want a diamond that sparkles intensely. 

heart shaped diamonds

Platinum 2.96ct Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Ring


The most important aspect of a heart shaped diamond is the symmetry. The ideal ratio is 1:1 (width to height). However, there is some wiggle room. If you prefer a longer heart or a wider heart, then that is fine. Just be sure to check for any sign of a bow-tie effect, as this is an indication of a poor cut.

Other things to look for are optimal depth and table size. You want a heart shaped diamond with a table that makes up 56-62% of its overall width. This will allow it to pull in the right amount of light so that it can reflect it back off its other facets. This is how you get maximum sparkle. 

Of course, it is not exactly easy to determine the above without the help of an expert. The same goes for its overall cut grade. A GIA certificate, which you must ask for when buying any sizable diamond, will only tell you so much. Thus, it is important that you buy from a trustworthy jeweler with a great reputation, like Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers. 

heart shaped diamond ring guide

Save money by getting a lower color grade

One of the least important factors of a heart shaped diamond is the color. Because they reflect a lot of light, it is hard to tell when a heart shaped diamond is of lower color grade. That means there is no need to go for a flawless color grade like D or even E-F. J-K color heart shaped diamonds are fine. 


yellow diamonds

Yellow might not be a color you associate with hearts, but when it comes to heart shaped diamonds, “fancy yellow” is very popular. A prime example of this is Nicki Minaj’s engagement ring, which is a big fancy yellow heart shaped diamond double halo ring, very similar to the ones you see in this post. 

When it comes to fancy yellow diamonds, the best grades are ‘fancy’, ‘fancy intense’ and ‘fancy vivid’. We recommend buying one of these fancy color grades. 

18k White Gold 2.88ctw Heart Shape Yellow Diamond Ring

heart shaped diamond rings boca raton

This is a very unique ring that looks way bigger than the 2.88 carats would suggest. This is because it has a double halo, which makes the centerpiece look around 1.5 carats bigger. 

The diamond centerpiece, which is a heart shaped diamond, is fancy yellow. It weighs in at a very respectable 2.02 carats. The first layer of the halo comprises fancy vivid yellow round brilliants. The second tier of the halo, which surrounds it all, is made up of beautiful colorless round brilliant diamonds. Not only does this increase the size of the ring, but it also adds immense polarity to the yellow diamonds’ color.

To take the dazzle to an even great level, this heart shaped ring features two pear side stones, which are .32 carats each. The pear shaped side stones also have a halo of round brilliants surrounding them, giving this ring an even more bonny and generous look. 

Needless to say, the band has a round brilliants running along the top half. All combined, this ring maximizes brilliance, scintillation, fire, and, of course, fanciness. While you could use this as an engagement ring, it could also be a statement making ring (i.e. cocktail ring). We could see this as a staple, everyday piece for a passionate, charming, confident woman. 

Price: $9,995


Fancy Shape jewelry

Heart shaped diamonds are one of the most difficult diamond cuts to make and they are one of the rarest. So, they are often more expensive than other fancy shape diamonds of similar size and quality. That said, they will still be less expensive than round brilliants. 

Another thing to consider is that due to the special shape, you will not find small heart shaped diamonds. On average, the smallest size you will find is around 1 carat. In fact, most heart shaped diamond rings are quite big. Nevertheless, you can search around for a smaller option, such as .5 carats. You definitely won’t find anything smaller than that, not that you would even want to anyway. With this kind of diamond shape, the bigger the better. If you get one that is too small, then you won’t even be able to notice its unique shape. 


heart shape ring with small diamonds

Not all heart shaped rings have heart shaped gemstones. There are ways to make a heart shape using a combination of other diamond cuts.

14k White Gold 0.30ctw Heart Shaped Ladies Ring With Small Diamonds

heart shaped ring designs

This heart shaped ladies ring, which could be an engagement ring or just a lovely everyday wear, uses baguette diamonds and round brilliants to create a heart design. The great thing about this is, you get a sizable ring for a very economical price because smaller diamonds are far less expensive than a single diamond that equals the same total carat weight. 

As you can see, this ring has many baguette diamonds encircling a pack of round brilliant diamonds at the center. Together, with the strategic placement, you get a heart silhouette. Then, to keep everything secure and to emphasize the heart shape and increase the overall size, you have a heart shaped halo surrounding it all. Halos like this adds the appearance of .5 carats to the centerpiece. 

With this kind of crafty diamond setting, you aren’t sacrificing shine either. This ring has incredible light performance thanks to all the round brilliant diamonds, which includes the pave diamond band. What’s more, the baguettes and round brilliants offer contrasting shine. The baguettes shoot flashes of light, known as a hall of mirrors effect, while the round brilliants send off that icy radiance. Combined, you get the best of both worlds. 

All in all, this is a stunningly beautiful ring that if you had to guess the price by just looking at it on the finger in a bright setting, you would estimate its value to be at least a couple thousand dollars. However, this ring is priced at only $595.  This is the perfect example of how you can get creative and have a breathtaking heart shaped ring without breaking the bank. 

best jewelry for anniversaries

18k Yellow Gold 0.57ctw Diamond Heart Ring


heart shape ring history

The heart shape ring may come off as a little girly and ultra modern, but the history of this wonderfully loving motif is actually very deep.

This may change your perception of heart shaped rings…

Throughout history, diamond hearts, whether it be a cut or a cluster setting made into the shape of a heart, have been a sign of class and a symbol of royalty. This dates back as far as 1463, when the Duke of Milan, Galeazzo Maria Sforza and Nicodemo, referred to mythical quests of the rich Cosimo de Medici of the political dynasty in Florence as being akin to a heart-shaped diamond. From there, the idea of the heart shaped diamond spread.

In 1562, Mary Queen of Scots gifted Queen Elizabeth with a gorgeous heart shaped diamond ring, as a symbol of goodwill and never-ending friendship. Of course, back then, the cut wasn’t as sophisticated as it is now, but it was still a perfectly shaped heart. Queen Elizabeth’s heart shaped ring remains to be one of the most famous heart shaped rings in history. 

During this period of time, you also have the famous 20 carat diamond heart of Cardinal de Richelieu. This ridiculously breathtaking diamond was eventually bequeathed to the king. 

As time went on, the heart shape diamond maintained its place among royalty. Even when diamonds became more accessible to the general population, heart shaped diamonds were kept among nobles due to the price of making them. It has always been a very expensive diamond shape because of just how difficult it is to cut one. That said, there were and still are plenty of options for heart shaped rings for those of lesser wherewithal thanks to creative settings that used multiple diamonds and outlines of metal to create a heart shape. 

In modern times, you can find many examples of heart shaped rings among popular culture. This includes rings owned buy Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Zoey Deschanel, and Nicki Minaj. 

ring Nicki Minaj


As you have probably noticed, most of our heart shaped rings use a halo setting. This is because the halo setting is the best option for a heart shaped diamonds and a heart shaped motif.

For a heart shaped diamond, the halo protects the diamond while also accentuating its shape and size. You get the best bang for your buck with a halo setting. We also like solitaire settings, but if you go for that, be sure the ring has a V-shape prong at the bottom of the heart (its point), as that is its most vulnerable area. 

The same concept applies to heart shaped motifs. If you have a cluster of diamonds, that together, create a heart shape, you want to have extra securing for all of those small diamonds. The halo doubles as a protector and enhancer. It keeps them safe while also emphasizing the shape and size of the ring. It’s a win win.

Another popular option for heart shaped motifs is the bezel setting, as it can contain the cluster of diamonds exactly to the shape of a heart.

heart rings

Heart Shaped Rings in Boca Raton

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If you have any questions about our selection of heart shaped rings, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can even make a custom ring for you from scratch! 

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