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Valentines’ Day Gift Guide For Her

Valentines’ Day Gift Guide For Her

Ban Do Portable iPhone Charger

We’re closing in on the sweetest holiday of the year: St. Valentine’s Day! This Saturday you can impress your Valentine with sweet treats, beautiful trinkets, and promising not to take them to see 50 Shades (Have you seen the press tour? Save yourself the ticket/popcorn fare.) Instead, treat your lady to some fun gifts courtesy of our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Whether your Valentine is your 30-something girlfriend or your pre-teen daughter, chances are she could use an extra battery boost from time to time (or all the time.) This cute one from Ban. Do does the trick, and it comes in other colors and patterns too. At $30 it’s a great Valentine’s Day gift.

For your littlest Valentine, this heart print pouch can hold all of her treasures, and at $7 it’s the perfect gift for the under 7 set. Let her store her favorite school supplies, rock collection, or Polly Pockets in here and she’ll be smitten.

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene GM Neverfull Tote Bag Shoulder Bag

For a girl with more sophisticated tastes, it’s best to upgrade in both size and designer. Every woman can use a Louis Vuitton Never Full, and our sister company Sell Your Handbag has this gorgeous GM Damier Ebene in excellent condition.

This gorgeous World Map Hearts girl print is one of our favorite V-Day themed pieces in Nordstrom’s home collection. With bright colors and a sweet sentiment, her heart will be yours no matter where in the world you go.

If you prefer your home decor to be a bit more direct, this pillow from Easy should get your message across.

If you’re newlyweds (or even longtimeweds!) Seize the opportunity to get yourself a little something too. She won’t mind when it’s in the form of these adorable tumblers.

Officina Bernardi Ring

Our Officinal Bernardi pieces are a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts, especially in the rose gold and two tone versions.

Verragio Engagement Ring

However, if your girl wants one thing and one thing only this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered there too.


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