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Engagement Ring Shopping 101

Choosing the perfect engagement ring requires more than just pricing and looks – the cut, design and stone is also important considerations. We at Raymond Lee Jewelers aim to satisfy and please all our customers. We will work with you until you get the results you want.

Finding the right stone

Verragio Venetian Collection

When you have found that perfect woman only the perfect stone will do. Keep in mind that the ring must be special, something she can show her children and grandchildren, a precious item to display to her friends and parents – a token of your love for her. Decide whether you want to choose the ring alone as a surprise to her, or have her along to share the bond. Diamonds are still one of the most popular stones around. Whether you go traditional, or modern, it may be a good idea for the cut you choose to correspond with your wedding theme.

Stay within your budget

Verragio Engagement Rings Insignia Collection

Many men make the mistake of choosing a ring without any thought or care behind it. Being realistic about your budget doesn’t mean you have to choose a stone so unpretentious that it takes a microscope to see it! The lady of your life deserves some gloss. Be aware that traditional metals are costly as are gemstones. The engagement ring you choose should depict the art and style that suits you and your fiancé.

A ring to suit your style

Verragio Couture Collection

The make-up of the ring you choose is a reflection of who you are. The materials that it is composed of determine the cost as long-wearing elements have a longer lifespan and are more expensive. Some people opt for everyday rings with precious metal settings. Repurposed materials can be used from a family heirloom, recreated into a modern design and still be stylish and practical for everyday wear.

Getting a good deal

Verragio Couture Double Halo Engagement Ring

Quality plus thrift added with style equals a good deal for you. Getting a bargain on a ring really isn’t as difficult as you may think. If you were to get a ring on sale, ask your jewelers to make a few simple changes so that the design will be unique, you could possibly save a bundle. If you already have a ring on hand and you want your jeweler to add special features to it – for a practical fee – you will get a prime deal and still have an authentic design to show for it.

Where to shop for your ring

Verragio White Gold Engagement Ring Venetian Collection

Raymond Lee has the best selection of engagement rings of every design and style to suit the personalities of our customers. We pride ourselves in selecting only the best stones to be a part of our ring designs. If you find a ring you like, but feel you want to add a personal touch, we have professional stone setters on hand to make any adjustments and changes you desire. You can choose from an assortment of other stones, or have a set of rings with no stones at all. Join us tomorrow, Saturday January 24th for an even bigger selection of Verragio engagement rings, some of our most customizable rings!

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