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Emerging 2015 Wedding Trends

Emerging 2015 Wedding Trends


Each wedding season sees its own unique set of trends and fun stylish details that you can add to make your wedding memorable. 2015 promises to be filled with a lot of non-traditional wedding ideas which brides will spend hours scouring through popular sites like Pintrest. These wedding trends catch on in large part due to social media sharing. Brides know what they like and when they see it they share it and share it and share it. Here are some of the hot trends for wedding season 2015.

Wild West Weddings

Yes, brides are taking a definite liking to all things rustic and leather. Although it might not sound like a very feminine wedding theme, many wedding designers are taking this theme turning it into something not only beautiful but very fun and feminine too. Pairing leather with lace, antler horns with crystal pulls off quite the romantic Wild West wonderland. Tones for the wedding can be set early with the engagement rings that are selected and the engagement announcements that are sent out. This could be months or longer before the actual wedding but your engagement period will give you a chance to start playing around with a few ideas for design and theme for your wedding.

Our stunning engagement rings from Gabriel and Co. are a great choice for any wedding theme, because they are timeless and versatile. If you are choosing a Wild West wedding theme, you can give your friends and family a sneak peek with your engagement announcements. A photo of your newly ringed finger draped daintily across a bouquet of wild flowers tied in a rustic leather strop makes a beautiful back drop for announcing your wonderful news.

Opulent Weddings

In a complete contrast to the Wild West theme, one of the other popular trends for 2015 is over the top opulent weddings. Some girls want their weddings to be anything but casual. Think champagne towers, ice sculptures, multi-tiered cakes and dramatic stairway entrances. Sound like something from a fairy tale? Well, many brides are even seeking out the perfect castle to hold their royal ball! If you are dreaming of a Cinderella wedding, you will find the perfect engagement ring to start your magical journey at Gabriel and Co as well. The wonderful thing about a Gabriel and Co ring is that no matter your taste you will find something you love in the vast collection of engagement rings and full wedding sets. Show off your Gabriel and Co engagement ring with your opulent engagement announcements by featuring a photo of your ringed hand wrapped elegantly around a champagne glass.


Brides are also getting more creative when it comes to announcing their engagement. The days of simply calling your mom and letting it travel the grape vine are history. You want to make a statement along every step of your wedding journey. The engagement announcement is that first step. Some ideas include throwing yourself a surprise party, inviting friends over under false pretenses and then, “Surprise, we’re engaged!” The convenience of social media, however, gives most couples an easy answer and all you need is one cute photo. Your pets with signs draped around their neck telling the world, “My humans are engaged!” is a great idea for pet lovers.


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