5 Carat Synthetic Diamond Created

You have more than likely seen a 5 carat diamond. They are big … they are beautiful … and sometimes they are the subject of envy. However, these large diamonds have only been available naturally, until today. A Russian lab claims that it has grown a 5.11 carat diamond, which would be the biggest man made diamond on record! The facts surrounding this story and interesting because nothing like this has ever been accomplished before; science has never before been able to duplicate the complex creation of diamonds at such a large size.

A natural 5 carat diamond

Is This For Real?

Many people, who see this story — including scientist and jewelers — have been asking if it is legitimate. In society today it is easy for a hoax to be spread like wildfire through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The President of the lab has come out publically to say that the story is legitimate and it has been confirmed through other sources. Scientists say that growing a diamond this size with the HPHT Method is possible, but rare, and they are unsure if the process will be able to be duplicated.

What Is The HPHT Method

The HPHT Method is one way that a diamond can be super heated and created without the natural process. Scientist are able to duplicate the heat and pressure that would be applied to coal in nature and speed up the process that normally takes millions of years. This is the most common way to artificially grow a diamond. Yet, there are still people skeptical that such a large gem could have been grown this way and still be at a quality that could possibly be used in wedding rings, necklaces, watches, and other jewelry.

Can It Be Sold?

Growing this size diamond is an impressive achievement; however, there is a worry that this is not an effective way to grow large gems for jewelry. Because this diamond has not left the Russian lab, scientists are unsure if the quality of the gem is something that could be of concern. When you go to the jeweler to purchase a product you are given either a natural diamond or small man-made diamonds (which in some places are fairly rare). Many jewelers will only sell diamonds and other gems stones if they are of a specific color and clarity. Defects such as spots, chips, or cloudiness bring down the price of a diamond and can cause a jeweler to lose money.

Although the lab claims this gem is of good quality, no one is quite sure yet if that is the truth. The diamond will have to leave the Russian lab and be tested other places in order to ensure that it would be something that could be sold in jewelry stores. If so, this could possibly change how diamonds are created and sold.

What Does This Mean For You?

Being able to sell large synthetic diamonds may mean more options for you and more money for jewelers and jewelry stores; this Russian breakthrough could help to stimulate the economy is some ways. If these larger man-made diamonds can be easily created and be top quality, large diamond wedding rings, watches with larger inlaid diamonds, and necklaces with large diamond pendants could become the norm. These synthetic diamonds are cheaper to purchase than real diamonds and could vastly increase how often a woman or a couple purchases jewelry or accessories with diamonds; eventually putting more money into the industry than is already there.

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