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Summer Jewelry Tips

Summer Jewelry Tips

As temperatures climb, the clothing gets more minimal but your jewelry stays the same. Besides the fun summer jewelry trends you’re ready to rock, chances are you’ll still wear your favorite diamond studs, wedding rings and waterproof watches. But the summer fun can present danger to your jewelry, so we’re here with these summer jewelry tips for the safety, health and well being of your favorite bling.

Have Your Diamonds Skip the Dip

Have you ever lost a diamond stud in your pool? Sometimes even the most motivated of goggles-clad divers can’t spot a stone that’s reflecting the water it’s sunk into. If you lose a piece in the ocean or lake, you can kiss it goodbye. It’s best to remove your valuables before you head out, keeping them in a safe in your home, or in a bank safety deposit box for longer seaside excursions.

Your Metals are Not Immune

Even if you’re just swimming at home, bear in mind that pool chemicals can wreak havoc on certain metals. Rhodium-dipped white gold, for example, is susceptible to your body chemistry and the chemicals you interact with. Sunscreen can do a number on the metal (not to mention gunking up your diamond.) Certain natural sources of water, like those that are sulfur rich, will strip the rhodium layer, leaving your white gold looking dull and yellowed. So if you’re headed on a vacation & plan to do some volcanic spring exploring, leave your jewelry at home. Which you should be doing anyways because…

You Should Never Travel With Fine Jewelry

There’s an entire category of jewels called “travel jewelry” for this reason! Even if you’re not looking for a replica of your 12 carat diamond, it’s smart to leave the good stuff at home and supplement with simpler pieces. For women traveling, leave your diamonds at home, and wear costume. Or skip the added accessories (more room in the suitcase!) and purchase a simple sterling silver band to wear in lieu of your wedding rings. You won’t be hit on by more aggressive locals, you won’t get mugged for your fabulous bling, and if you do lose it, you’ll save yourself the heartache that would come with saying goodbye to your most treasured piece. Gents, if you’re traveling to less developed countries, leave the Rolex at home. Of course, if you’re headed to the Four Seasons in Bora Bora & your Sea Dweller never leaves your wrist, you’ll probably be fine. But skip bringing the rest of your watch wardrobe,a s those hotel safes are dubious.

Summer Weddings? Freshen Up!

If you’ve got more weddings on your social calendar than spare Saturdays this summer, make sure your jewels are ready to party. Give your jewelry a nice refreshing clean at home, or get thee to your favorite jeweler for a relaxing soak in the ultrasonic, a steam clean, and an inspection to make sure all clasps are secure & stones are tight. It’s also not a bad idea to bring your watch in for a pressure test, battery change or a quick service to make sure it’s in tip top shape for your next round of nuptials.


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