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Wedding Ideas You Wouldn’t Think Of that Will Save the Day

Wedding Ideas You Wouldn’t Think Of that Will Save the Day

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s easy to think you’ve got it all in the bag. At least in the beginning. Some brides are genuinely surprised by the sheer amount of work that goes into planning a wedding. Others are prepared but surprised by the emotional roller coaster than can accompany planning the big day. Still others have e-v-e-r-y-thing under control – or so it seems. Inevitably, something will go wrong on your wedding day. Ideally, you’ll never find out about it (or at least not til after you return form your honeymoon.) However, there are some wedding day snafu’s you wouldn’t necessarily imagine, but could put a snag in your impeccably designed wedding day timeline. There’s a wealth of information out there about what to pack in a wedding day emergency kit, having an overnight bag packed separately from your honeymoon, and making sure all your vendors, friends and family are on the same page about the wedding timeline. So, here are some new wedding ideas you wouldn’t think of that will save the day.

Include this graphic in groomsmen’s gifts – if they don’t have pre-tied bow ties this will avert the fiasco that occurs when a room full of 10 or more grown men watch YouTube videos for an hour trying to figure it out. Ladies, have your groom practice before the big day.

Extra Cash – Someone will forget they need to pay (or tip) your hair or makeup artists, you might not know ahead of time that there’s an extra valet attendant, bathroom attendant, or any other miscellaneous staff. Set aside the cash for tips ahead of time, and keep them safely sealed in envelopes, marked for each vendor. Groom & Best Man can split the tipping duty.

Extra (extra) phone chargers – ideally, an iHome or other device that plays your phone while it charges. A) You will be getting blown.up. with texts and phone calls. Even if you do tell everyone to call anyone but the bride, you’ll still get well wishes and excited texts. B) If you’re getting ready in a hotel room or private room at a church, they might not have anything for you to play your awesome getting ready playlist with.

Extra copies of your Photography plan – When creating your day of timeline, coordinate with your photographer to create a shot list of must take photos. Couple with Grandparents, groom with siblings, bride with Father, etc. etc. Once you’ve finalized the formal portrait lists, make individual breakdowns of exactly who’s in the pictures. People will respond to their names in all the hustle and bustle faster than they will for a cattle call for “COUSINS!”

A Designated photo wrangler –  Someone who’s not in the bridal party and isn’t your Mom or his. Your loudest, most organized cousin is an excellent choice. This way, when your photographer starts to read off that beautiful, alphabetized roll call from your “must-take” list, your wrangler can round up those who might have wandered off to the cocktail hour.

A plan for leftovers – Not just your wedding cake! (although, that too). Put someone you trust in charge of taking home stuff you won’t want to bring on the honeymoon. Think: Your dress, his tux, any large gifts, Photo booth props, leftover favors, and other large DIY projects that the venue will want gone or you’ll want to hang on to.


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