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We hope you’ve eaten lunch, because these cakes are pretty mouthwatering. Do we know the flavors? Nope. But we do know they’re just as gorgeous as some of our sparkliest diamonds and just as breathtaking as our gemstone jewelry. Once you have most of the details of your wedding day in place, it’s time to start thinking about the cake. This traditional dessert is a fantastic way to coordinate with your theme. A rustic wedding is the perfect event for a carved birch tree inspired cake. A sleek, modern affair calls for tiers of square, perfectly smooth fondant cake. And the topper – options are endless. From fresh flowers to custom made laser cut initials and even cheeky bride & groom miniatures, there’s no shortage of personality. But we digress – the foundation is, of course, delicious cake. But it’s what goes on that cake that will have your guests “ooh”ing and “ahh”ing until you cut and serve. Bon Apetit!

This rich cake in shades of purple is fit for the Greek goddesses that adorn it. Handmade sugar roses fill the space between each tier while deep plum fades to lilac as the cake climbs higher. Silver fondant figures cover the sides of the cake and an elaborate goblet acts as the topper. Good thing there’s a mirror behind this display – this cake deserves to bee seen from every angle.

This stunning cake by Sophie Bifield is a perfect marriage of tradition and modernism. Red, the traditional Chinese wedding color, pairs beautifully with the hand painted gold of the center tier, the hand painted phoenix, and the luxurious roaring dragon topper.

This cake is our new obsession. First, the color palette: one of the best modern wedding trends, it incorporates gold and blush in a gorgeous ikat pattern. We love the way the organic, fuzzy pattern stands out against the pristine fondant layers. And the laser cut glitter(!) topper? It’s almost too pretty to slice.

It should be obvious why we love this cake. One: its gold glitter ribbon accents. Two: it’s gold. Three: It’s covered in bling – jewelry lover’s dream! And even better, the incredible baker who created it is none other than the Pastry Studio of Daytona Beach.

This modern, funky cake consists of hundreds of individual tiles to create the chevron pattern. This is perfect for a Palm Springs wedding that plays up the architectural elements of its venue – think an Ace Hotel wedding.

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