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Is First Date Jewelry EVER A Good Idea?

Is First Date Jewelry EVER A Good Idea?

Officina Bernardi Silver, Platinum & 18k Rose Gold Rodium Necklace

They say never to give jewelry on the first date. This is generally a pretty good rule of thumb to follow. Think about it: expensive jewelry puts a lot of pressure on this date. If it doesn’t go well, do they have to give the jewelry back? If guys who buy you dinner expect you to take them home with you, then what does a guy expect when he gives you jewelry right away?

Officina Bernardi Silver, Platinum & 18k Rose Gold Rodium Necklace

If you’d rather not risk coming off way, way too strong, then you should probably avoid jewelry altogether. But, there are exceptions to every rule. Are there any circumstances where jewelry is a fine first date gift? What kind of jewelry are we talking about here? Here are some rules to follow when giving jewelry on a first date:

Set a Very Low Price Limit

Depending on your income, we’re talking twenty to fifty bucks here. If the jewelry costs more than the dinner, you’re going to look like you’re expecting way, way too much from the date. When in doubt, err on the side of cheap, not pricey. A cute plastic ring from the toy dispensing machine in front of the grocery store might help to show that you have a sense of humor. A pair of gold earrings will send all the wrong signals.

Shoot for Cute

Precious gemstones are a big no. Pricey metals are out, too. Simple stainless steel earrings and necklaces on the other hand, not such a bad idea. Keep it simple, and keep it cute. Shop around for a piece that isn’t imposing, but fun and light. Think of it this way: what sort of jewelry would you buy for a friend? You don’t know how the date is going to go, this girl might not wind up being the love of your life, but you could be very good friends without taking it in a romantic direction. In that case, what sort of jewelry would you not mind seeing her wear when you’re just hanging out?

Here are some basic ideas for jewelry that won’t scare your first date away:

  • Pendants

Jewelry doesn’t have to be a diamond attached to a gold chain. A turquoise pendant on a leather strap works, too.

  • Charms

A charm bracelet or a pair of charm earrings is a fun gift.

  • Fun jewelry

Do you think she’d get a kick out of a mood ring? Maybe she’s a big Harry Potter fan, and she’d dig a replica of the Time-Turner necklace from The Prisoner of Azkaban. A fun gift is never a bad idea.

When you buy your wife an anniversary gift, the aim is to impress. Precious stones and metals are all about the devotion and sacrifice required to make a long term relationship work. On a first date, the signal you want to send is “no expectations.” If the date doesn’t go that great, you can shake hands and part ways. If you just wind up being friends, that’s okay too. A second date would be nice, but it’s nothing that either party wants to be obligated to. With that in mind, it’s safer to let your personality do the impressing for you.

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