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How to Care For Your Diamonds

How to Care For Your Diamonds

Diamonds are loved and valued the world over. Taking proper care of your diamonds is the best way of making them last longer. Here are a few tips that any diamond owner in Boca Raton can follow to give your diamonds that extra shine.

How to Care for Diamonds by Raymond Lee Jewelers

Your diamonds should be kept properly at all times. If you are not planning on wearing them anytime soon, cleaning before storing them is a basic way of keeping your diamonds attractive. If you happen to notice any damage on your jewelry, be it a loose diamond stone; avoid wearing it until it is repaired by your jeweler.

As a diamond buyer in Boca Raton, keep close contact with you jeweler. Be sure that you trust your jeweler enough to let them fix general things on your most valuable jewelry, such as, replacing antique diamonds on your rings, or just fasten your watch. When buying any jewelry, your jeweler should also provide you with a special box to store your diamonds. Be sure to check that the boxes are lined with soft fabric to prevent the diamonds from getting scratched, or even scratching other jewelry.

Despite being one of the most durable and toughest substances on earth, it is not advisable to wear your diamond crusted jewelry when doing labor intensive work, such as, gardening or cleaning in the house. Hard knocks or sudden blows could cause scratches and chips on the diamonds. But if you decide to wear them, say for a special dinner party at home, take extra care in making sure that your diamonds do not get into contact with any form of chlorine bleaches because it damages the diamond.

Cleaning your diamonds is essential since it’s only logical that they will collect a layer of dirt, soap, lotions. Sometimes, elements in the atmosphere could oxidize them and discolor them completely. Even you own sweat reduce the brilliance of the diamond mountings. Here are four ways to clean and keep your diamonds looking new:

Washing with detergents: Warm water and pour it into a small bowl then add the appropriate detergent. Be sure to confirm with your jeweler before settling on the detergent to use. Using a soft brush, gently scrub your jewelry forming lather on and around it. Place the jewelry on a plastic or metallic surface and then rinse off with warm water. You can use a soft and clean lint-free cloth to dry it.

Soaking in cold water: Put your jewelry in a solution of water and appropriate detergent for a few minutes. For every one part detergent, use three parts water. Most of the time, dish washing detergent works to clean jewelry just fine. Remove the ornament and carefully brush it, rinse once more in the solution and then pour it out onto a tissue paper.

The quick-dip method: Purchase a jewelry cleaner that is compatible with your diamond and any metallic substance on your jewelry. Follow the instructions on the jewelry cleaner carefully to ensure you get the desired result. Avoid touching or handling the jewelry with your hands since the sweat from your body leaves a film on the diamonds.

Ultrasonic cleaner: These machines are available for anyone to purchase. They are well known for cleaning any form of jewelry that can fit inside it, in just a few minutes. The machine has a metallic cup that is filled with a solution of water and detergent and on turned on a high frequency turbulence cleans the jewelry. The guidelines ascribed by the manufacture should be adhered to, in order to avoid damaging the jewelry during cleaning.

If you plan to travel with your jewelry, purchase special bags designed specifically for carrying jewelry. These bags are available in different shapes, sizes and color and are lined with material, such as, velvet, which makes it easier to attach your earrings or pins. Compartments are also usually made for other jewelry, like rings, bracelets and necklaces. While away from home, you should desist from removing your jewelry in place areas or even just to wash your hand, because you could sometimes easily forget them. Placing you jewelry on the sink when washing hands is also risky since it could easily fall into the drain.

If you plan to use you diamond jewelry as wealth or regard it as an investment, it is wise to insure it. For example, by insuring your engagement or wedding ring, you are catered for in case the jewelry gets lost, stolen or greatly damaged. Familiarize yourself with the policies that would meet your needs best while at the same time, try to understand the wording of the policies and the implications. Insure your jewelry with a good and trusted insurer to avoid dummy insurers or rogue businesses. The policies available on jewelry insurance usually cover specific risks and can be taken jointly where possible, for example, some can let you insure damage and theft at the same time.

For instance, if you are planning on selling your wedding ring in South Florida, you should place a realistic value on your diamonds so that the buyer pays the right amount for you precious diamonds. Where possible seek the opinion of a jeweler to help you price your jewelry. If you are a resident of Boca Rotan, you should ask yourself whom to sell to and where to sell diamonds. Advertise your jewelry to the public through friends, publication, and even on the internet. Seeking out the help of jewelers to sell your diamonds for a commission is a good choice.


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