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Safely Selling Your Watch in Boca Raton

Safely Selling Your Watch in Boca Raton

The concept of dividing days and nights into manageable pieces began in Babylon. Ancient Egyptians took time management a step further by erecting obelisks. These giant sundials not only told the time of day but also acted as calendars.

The path to portable time keeping

As the sun moved through the sky, the long shadows fell on specific structures, which marked the time of day, the season and special days of the year. They worked but Egyptians had to go to the obelisk to check the time, as they were not portable. The lack of portability also made selling one for extra cash impossible.

Scaling the idea down and making time pieces portable did not come until around 1450 when Pierre LeMaire created the first portable sundial. It fit in the pocket, if pockets existed, but you could not wear it or tell time on cloudy days.

A watch with one hand

The first breakthrough in building a portable timepiece came with the development of the mainspring and fuses around 1410. France, Germany and Italy all introduced versions of pendent watches in 1490. Worn around the neck and having only an hour hand, the basic mechanics of watchmaking were born.

The competition to create smaller watches launched the pocket watch, which attaches to a chain and fits into a man’s fob pocket. Fob pockets exist today but hold change more often than a watch.

Jewelry makers banned from their craft by clergy, concentrated their efforts on making precision watches that also held artistic beauty. It was through these times the Swiss watchmakers became the most talented in the world.

Watches of true value

Wristwatches today can cost $10 to over $5-million depending on the brand name. A watch bearing the name Patek Philippe sold at auction for $5.2-million in 2010. The tonneau-shaped, 18-carat gold perpetual calendar chronograph watch shows the phases of the moon. To date, this timepiece holds the record for the highest priced watch ever auctioned.

The highest priced timepiece ever auctioned, a pocket watch made by Patek Philippe, sold for $11-million in 1999. The Henry Graves “supercomplication” remains the most complicated pocket watch ever developed.

If you own a Patek Philippe watch, you have an investment. The watchmaker’s line continues to hold high values and much esteem in the watchmaking industry.

Sellers beware

Rolex sold over one million new watches in 2012. That means Rolex owners in Boca Raton with new models had little choice where to sell their older model. The choices they had:

Craig’s List
Watch Forums

All three choices promise a very small return on the actual price paid. Craig’s List poses danger to buyers and sellers along with a limited consumer panel.

Ebay charges exorbitant fees and sellers have little protection when faced with unscrupulous buyers. You can easily lose the entire value of your watch if a buyer claims the watch differs from the description. Once the watch comes back, components may have disappeared and Ebay does little to help.

Forums limit your consumer scope and the prices paid fall below the actual value.

Selling your high end watch in Boca Raton made easier

A rise in the used watch market opens the way for watch owners to sell their high-end watches for fair value. This niche finds popularity with collectors who need room for a new find or someone in charge of an estate sale.

In places like Boca Raton, the demand for pre-owned watches increases the need for clients wanting to sell.

Beware, however, of buyers who will take advantage of not-so-savvy sellers. Before putting your watch on the market, consider having it appraised by a professional.

Appraisers will charge a fee but you will have documented proof of authenticity and value. Do not expect to receive offers of the appraised value. Watch buyers need to earn profits in order to stay in business.

Old does not mean valuable

Just because your watch dates back 50-years does not mean it holds any monetary value. Watches retain value depending on several factors. The three leading factors in determining value:

Brand Foremost, consider the brand name on the watch. If the brand still ranks highly with consumers, the watch may hold more value. For example, brands like Rolex and Omega instill trust in consumers and have large followings.
Men’s or women’s model Men’s watches have, historically, more technology put into their construction. Little attention in improving women’s watches keeps resell values low.
Year of release Watches depreciate rapidly like computers and automobiles. Rarely will a watch sell for more than the original price. Some exceptions include Patek Philippe and Rolex, which continue to grow in demand as a limited number of a model get released.

Last value factor

After the appraisal and factoring the factors above, look at the movie stars wrists. The watches they wear will raise the demand in the public sector.

Daniel Craig, the newest James Bond, not only wears a Rolex in the movie; he wears a Rolex in real life. As a collector, Craig owns seven of these high dollar timepieces.

The James Bond played by actor Pierce Brosnan sported an Omega Seamaster with a helium release valve. The water resistant watch values at more than $5,000.

The always fashionable Leonardo DeCaprio wears a TAG Heuer CARRERA Calibre with a double coated anti-reflected treatment for crystal clear viewing. This beautiful, sleek watch retails at over $4,000.

Well known writer and singer Seal now wears a Richard Mille gold watch with an estimated value of over $400,000. Perhaps a gift to himself after divorcing Heidi Klum.

Ready to sell

Knowing the approximate value of your watch and knowing the appraised value gives you a leg-up when finding the right shop in which to sell your watch in Boca Raton. You can shop around for offers from several area stores before deciding on the right one.

You should expect respectful, friendly service while the staff values you timepiece. They should explain what they look for and any flaws they find during the examination. The appraiser’s documentation should list any flaws or defects so any others found at a shop will raise suspicions.

Do not hesitate to decline an offer or leave if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. Finding the people who will work with you and offer a fair price can take time.

Once you find that place with those helpful people, a partnership forms. The next time you have a high-end watch to sell in Boca Raton, you will know exactly who to call.


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