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National Proposal Day: Our Favorite 3 Proposal Stories of the Week

One of our favorite wedding blogs is How He Asked – seriously, if you’re a sucker for proposal stories and gorgeous engagement rings (guilty as charged) this is the site for you. They maintain a prettified account of all the best real proposal submissions from around the world. If you find yourself with time to kill, just venture down their “video” category! But, if you’re taking a quick peek into wedding fantasy land on your lunch hour, coffee break, between studying or before picking the kids up from school, allow us to present our totally biased Top 3 proposal stories in celebration of National Proposal Day! Warning – grab some tissues.

News Anchor Proposal

This anchor in Alabama was mid-broadcast when she got a “breaking news” script and didn’t have time to think – just had to read the teleprompter. We love how it takes her a few beats to figure out that she’s being proposed to!

Journey: A Marriage Proposal

This gorgeous film by Michael Justin films surprised a bride who knew the proposal was coming – or so she thought. 11 years after this couple met, a 6 month courtship solidified what the groom already knew – she was The One.


A Menu Proposal

This cross-country couple realized long distance wasn’t cutting it – so the groom made some big moves. When it looked like a Valentine’s Day together was out of the question, Stacey planned a girls’ night out in Nashville, dinner and drinks at a restaurant with a menu you just can’t say no to. While most V-Day prix fixe menus end predictably in chocolate, this one ended with a surprise appearance by the groom – and a proposal!

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