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Red Diamonds for Valentines' Day

Red Diamonds for Valentines' Day

Argyle Diamonds closed bids Oct. 2, 2013 for their coveted pink & red diamonds shown in Japan. Of the 64 newly cut diamonds, 58 are pink, three red diamonds and three blue diamonds. There are few diamond mines in the world producing red diamonds at this time, but if your love is of the intensity and determination that matches your financial advantages, the rare and beautiful red diamond can be acquired. There are coveted resources to tap for information as to where to find cut and polished, loose red diamonds, red diamonds available for sale set in rings and necklaces or earrings, and even a possible source that has natural red diamond stones in the rough.

The first requirement in a knowledgeable search for red diamonds is to be sure you have a reputable GIA Certification, this is the guarantee you have true natural diamond gems and not the less rare, though very beautiful ruby gemstones. Red diamonds can vary in color from Fancy Red to Fancy Purplish Red. There is only one intensity grade, Fancy, but colors can vary and include purples, reds, oranges and brownish secondary colors.

Currently found for sale, natural Red diamonds are available in weights of 0.11 carats up to 0.76 carats and above. The average price of a heart-shaped cut Red diamond is US$ 48,505. These diamonds are in loose form (not set), and are available in radiant, cushion, princess, pear, and of course, the enviable heart-shaped cuts. The Fancy Red diamonds available on the diamond market today have a very high color saturation, graded at IP, the highest grade. Collectors of rare Fancy colored diamonds consider a IP Fancy Red diamond with a I1 clarity and exceptional rare combination to be found still on the market. This is the rarest of all color diamonds and undoubtedly signifies “Eternal Love” and “Ever-Lasting Romance”.

Perhaps your true love has a less dynamic and more conservative fashion flair? She’ll appreciate the Fancy Pink pair of heart-shaped cut diamonds weighing 0.61 carats and ready to be mounted into earrings. Priced for Valentines’ Day at US$32,663, they are being offered at 15% off so today they can be had for US$ 31,195! A favorite Fancy Intense Pink multifaceted round cut diamond weighing 1.01 carat having 6P color intensity is available, priced at US$ 353,600.

Still more creative, are the unconventional women who want what they like with no consideration for “following the herd”. Shreve, Crump & Low designed a Colombian Emerald Diamond Heart Ring, the diamond encrusted heart-cut, deep green emerald would be that spectacular splash you’d expect from your zany and elegant lady-love.

Not to be outdone, the Van Cleef & Arpels Columbian Emerald diamond ring is brilliant and the cut is a true emerald cut with fancy cut diamond shoulders. The feature stone is 8.20 carats with two unique “bullet-cut” diamonds of 1.10 total carats, all mounted in platinum. This exquisite early 20th Century vintage diamond ring is French but currently available in the U.S., found at Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, Florida.

An exceptionally romantic design, fashioned by Bell~Bird, is the Antique Ruby & Diamond Double Heart Ring. The heart on the left is beautifully studded with firey white diamonds and the entwined heart on the right is delicately studded with romantic pink rubies. Looking at this lovely vintage ring reminds us that although diamonds are forever, diamond studded hearts interlocking together is, in fact, eternal love.

There are some savvy collectors who prefer to purchase uncut rough color diamonds and have them cut and polished themselves. This is a fascinating possibility, selecting rough diamonds and choosing the carat weight and custom cut for that special someone. Could Valentines Day be any more romantic?

The History of Red and Pink Diamonds:

An extraordinary example of extremely rare Red Diamonds is the Kajanjian Red Diamond. Not only because at 5.05 carats it weighs in as one of the Top Three largest Red Diamonds ever cut, but as well, “Pink Diamonds” do not often become so saturated in color to be dark red. The color Red is from a deformation within the stone that rarely exists. The deformation causes absorption of the entire visible spectrum of color except for the spectra giving the stone its red tones. This is called a broad absorption band the feature of the rarest of colors, deep red, purplish red, brownish red and some spectrum of orange can change the red color. Pink diamonds are actually clear but there are wavy pink bands within the stone caused by Plastic deformation. The pink lamellae or graining caused by this plastic deformation is so rare, collectors pay the highest prices, even 200 times for Pink or Red Diamonds than what they value a clear or white diamond.

“And the survey says!…” 52 percent of women prefer diamond earrings for Valentines’ Day gifts. Surprisingly, diamond necklaces came in at second, while third place was diamond bracelets. The major upset was that diamond engagement rings did not even come in at the Top Five Favorite Valentines’ Day Gifts for 2014. Perhaps the sharp young pre-engaged women this year wish to wait for the coveted December 13, 2014 date, this will be the wedding favorite as all wedding engravings will be 12-13-14, a once in a lifetime special date!

Hopefully men are reading this segment as 67 percent of the men surveyed in 2014, chose watches as special Valentines’ Day Gifts.

Valentines’ Day, Red Diamond Themes in New York City Fashion Week:

Seen at the 2-9-2014, “Hearts on Fire”, New York City Fashion Show, every runway model wore red dresses with Hearts on Fire Diamonds, $10 million worth. Held at the Lincoln Center in NYC, this was the seasons’ Valentines’ Day Theme Spectacular. The high-end feature of this event was the exclusive Hearts On Fire Go Red Diamond Necklace, designed by Ilaria Lanzoni. Ten percent of the retail price of this luxurious 13.0 carat diamond necklace set in Rose Gold, will be donated to charity when sold. The recipient of this generous donation from the NYC Fashion Show, Hearts On Fire , is the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women”.


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