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Top 10 Unforgettable Watches in Movies

We all have our favorite movies and movie stars, whether they’re timeless classics or contemporary icons. What you might not realize is just how much the characters are made unforgettable by their look, from the costumes and make-up to the accessories, including the watch they wear.

A watch can communicate a great deal about those you’re watching on the silver screen. To mark the memory of the most outstanding Hollywood accessories, we present for you the top 10 unforgettable watches in movies:

1. Rolex Submariner debuts on James Bond in “Dr No” In its first of what would be 11 appearances in Bond movies, the Submariner could be considered the first truly transformative association of film and accessories.

2. The Cartier Santos Galbee in Wall Street

A luxurious look for this original tale of financiers running wild, the 18 karat gold of this vital timepiece shows off the expensive tastes of Gordon Gekko, played so well by Michael Douglas back in 1987.

3. The Lancet WW1 in Pulp Fiction Less about any one character, more a bona fide character itself, this appropriately dated looking watch appears at key points in the movie and holds great meaning for both Christopher Walken and Bruce Willis.

4. IWC Pilot’s Watch in The Bourne Legacy

Also known as the Top Gun, this sturdy chronograph remained firmly on the ground as Jason Bourne’s all-action adventures took him around the world, looking sharp and in control wherever he went.

5. The Westclox Wrist Ben in Rebel Without a Cause

Sometimes the man makes the watch, and they don’t come much more iconic than James Dean. The Westclox may not be as luxurious or elegant as others in this top 10, but that just adds to its rebellious qualities.

6. The Omega Speedmaster in Apollo 13

More than just movies, this watch was a first in NASA space travel and played a role in the real-life rescue of the Apollo 13 crew. Quite literally out of this world!

7. The Reverso Grande Taille in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight The shadowy superhero had plenty of adventurous accessories when fighting crime, but required something more subtle for his alter-ego as billionaire Bruce Wayne. The elegant, classy Reverso proves just the piece for the job.

8. The Omega Seamaster in Goldeneye (and subsequent Bond films) As the role of the legendary spy changed hands to Pierce Brosnan, so his wrist wear was updated to this versatile Omega watch.

9. The Rolex DeepSea Dweller in Argo The Oscar-winning movie from 2013 falls into the contemporary category, but this Rolex model was vital in setting the ’80s scene of the movie with its commanding look.

10. The Tag Heuer Series 1000 in The Wolf of Wall Street

Many high-status watches appear in this tale of early ’90s stock market excess, but the one that makes it onto leading man Leonardo DiCaprio’s wrist is this sought-after gold classic.

None of these movies would have been quite the same without these unforgettable watches to complete each character’s look. Which would work for you?

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