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bracelets every man needs

2 Timeless Luxury Gold Bracelets Every Man Should Own

When it comes to high-end wrist accessories for the modern man, there are two prominent pieces that come to mind, besides a wristwatch, of course. They are a gold Cuban Link Bracelet and a Cartier Love Bangle. Nothing declares spending power and a cultured sense of fashion like these two iconic gold bracelets.  2 Timeless…
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Where to get the best Rolex watch price

Owning a Rolex watch is owning a piece of history. An iconic luxury watch brand with some of the finest models and collections in the world. It is an iconic and stunningly incredible piece of machinery. The combination of fine design and some of the most powerful and potent movements. That is what makes these…
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woman wearing diamond jewelry pairing

Diamonds: a girl’s best friend

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Whether they come in dazzling dangle earrings, tennis diamond bracelet or necklace, perhaps in a ring or fine luxury watch it is the stone of choice. After all a lady’s watch can only get better with glamorous glimmer from diamonds. So where do you go for all of your…
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couple jewelry and diamond shopping

Jewelry and diamond engagement rings at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Where do you go to buy diamond jewelry? When searching for a showroom to look at diamond engagement rings your first visit should be to Diamonds by Raymond Lee. In convenient locations in Boca Raton we are proud to serve the South Florida community. Bringing all of the very best in diamonds, jewelry, fine watches…
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Yachtmaster Submariner Rolex watches comparison

Comparing luxury Rolex watch collections gives us a better idea of the individual characteristics of each one. While the thrill and joy of owning a Rolex watch comes from the incredible craftsmanship of the watches and the brand aura each collection also has their special ticks. Two of the world’s most popular Rolex watch collections…
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Bracelet and Rolex pairings–how to style your watch

When it comes to luxury watches you already know what the crowned King brand is –– Rolex. Now to style a Rolex can seem simple, just slide that gorgeous piece of horlogerie right on to your wrist and you are good to go right? Well actually, we would like to suggest a bracelet and Rolex…
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watch repairs boca

Watch repairs in Boca Raton, Florida

This week we are going behind the scenes at our showrooms. A deep dive into our workshop where our master craftsmen repair fine luxury watches. They use the latest in technology and technique to get these masterpieces back to tick tock shape as quickly as possible. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we offer expert services…
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Daytona Watch white & black ceramic dial Rolex

Daytona Watch Rolex Cosmograph White & Black Ceramic Review

A Daytona watch from Rolex is one of the most iconic men’s luxury wrist watches in the world. It is an inimitable racing inspired time piece. Packing speed, functionality and sleek design this cosmograph Rolex is a staple for any collection. The driver’s watch it features professional grade functionalities that the high performance sport of…
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audemars royal oak chronograph rose gold black dial

Audemars Royal Oak Chronograph 41mm Rose Gold Watch Review

The Audemars Royal Oak Chronograph is a classic modern watch. An icon of the AP men’s watch it showcases unique design and powerful precision engineering. It has abundant features and a robust dial face. All with the stunning Audemars Piguet octagonal visible screw bezel. It is one of the world’s thinnest watch cases and most…
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Rolex Skydweller 326139 white gold black dial lifestyle

Rolex Skydweller 326139 18k White Gold Black Dial Watch Review

The Rolex Skydweller is a unique watch that is perfect for the gentlemen who travel often. The ones that find themselves jet setting between time zones and needing to keep track. This luxury time piece not only has a dual time zone feature with easy reading at a glance. It also pairs unique technical design…
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holding a rolex date just 116233 41mm vs 36mm black dial and gold dial

Rolex Date Just 41mm 126333 versus 36mm 116233

We know that not all watches are made equally. When it comes to the Rolex Date Just 116233 watches not all sizes are made equally either. If you are wondering which of the two to get between a 41 millimeter and 36 millimeter we are doing a deep dive comparison this week. Reviewing the two…
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rolex wimbledon 2019 datejust gold watch

Rolex Wimbledon 2019

The iconic pairing Rolex Wimbledon has been around for decades. As prestigious as they are competitive the two words are synonymous with pushing far beyond standard boundaries, they are symbols of what excellence. The world’s leading tennis sporting event as well as the world’s leading time piece brand – it is a matchpoint. With all…
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rolex straps options for three pictured watches Yachtmaster II daytona and datejust

4th of July theme rubber Rolex straps

For every occasion there is a style. A look that ties together the entire theme. And of course what you are bringing to that occasion too. There are the moments for the formal. The traditional and the all black look. However, there are other festivities that call for color. They really ask for more personality…
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used luxury watches audemars piguet

Buying used luxury watches for men – 5 tips

Luxury men’s watches are the type of purchase that one makes either because they are a collector or they are a budding collector. There is no two ways about it really. When it comes to luxury accessories like fine timepieces you are bound to get hooked no matter what. These are time pieces full of…
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breitling blackbird limited edition stainless steel watch

Breitling Blackbird A44360 Men’s Watch Review

The Breitling Blackbird A44360 Limited Edition Stainless Steel Men’s Watch is a unique and gorgeous luxury time piece perfect for collectors. A limited edition piece is always a favourite for collectors but when it comes to the Breitling’s the Blackbird is one of the most unique watches around. With a strongly masculine design and large face…
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