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Yachtmaster Submariner Rolex watches comparison

Yachtmaster Submariner Rolex watches comparison

Comparing luxury Rolex watch collections gives us a better idea of the individual characteristics of each one. While the thrill and joy of owning a Rolex watch comes from the incredible craftsmanship of the watches and the brand aura each collection also has their special ticks. Two of the world’s most popular Rolex watch collections are of course a duo unlike any other – Yachtmaster Submariner watches. These are some of the leading watches in the industry for maritime time pieces. Whether you are racing, diving or sailing out into the deep blue sea one of these two Rolex watches are ideal for you. Let us have a look at these watches side by side. 

yachtmaster submariner watches

First, we are going to look a bit at the rich history that the Rolex brand has with the open seas. Then we will get right into the two watches and their individual details. Later on we can compare their features and then check out what some of the alternative options are for these two unique watches. Overall they are both iconic Rolex sportive watches. They have the maritime sports feel and endurance with the patented Oyster steel fine metal. As well as the iconic rotating bezels that have become synonymous with Rolex watches over the years. Both are highly resistant for sports but they have very different purposes. Intended as a diving watch, the Submariner is a Rolex made to reach the depths of the seas. Meanwhile the Yachtmaster II keeps you on track during your regatta races. 

Industry leading with advanced engineering and highly innovative techniques these two watches are unmatched in the industry. All of the watches we are featuring in today’s article are the classic two tone yellow gold and stainless Oyster steel watches with rotating ceramic bezels. Let’s have a look.

Comparing Rolex Yachtmaster Submariner watches

Now the very first thing that you are bound to notice when comparing these two Rolex watch collections is the size. The ROLEX 116680 YACHTMASTER II watch is a massive 44 millimeter time piece with one of the largest watch faces around. Compare that to the Submariner 16803 or 16613 and they both have 40 millimeter cases. Those 4 millimeters make a big difference on these robust watches. While their sizes are still large the fit and feel on your wrist definitely changes. Further the 44 millimeters are not ideal for deep water diving. And that in the end is the Submariner’s main purpose. Meanwhile the Yachtmaster II is a watch design much more concerned with the time keeping and calculations involved in yacht racing and regattas. Inspired by the world of sailing this is a watch that was intricately crafted made for power and precision needed on the seas. 

3 Rolex Yachtmaster Submariner watches on display for sale
Two tone Rolex Yachtmaster II, black bezel on black dial Submariner and blue bezel on blue dial Submariner

The differences between the Rolex Yachtmaster II and the Submariner watches

Another difference that you will notice is on the dial face itself. While both of these watch collections feature luminescent hour markers there is a lot of different information happening on each one. As we have said the Yachtmaster II is a watch made for sailing so of course there are some detailed features to help you do just that. The functionalities and complications on the Yachtmaster II are nothing less than spectacular. Thus the Yachtmaster II has the regatta chronograph and features the first programmable mechanical countdown in the world. The programmable countdown also has a memory. This way you can sync your Yachtmaster II Rolex to the start of your race. Meanwhile the Submariner has an incredible diver’s tool functionality. Considered the reference among diver’s watches it has clear visibility at the bottom of the seas its main calling card is its waterproof depth of 100 meters (300ft).

SubmarinerYachtmaster II
Cyclops eye date window Flyback function
Tool oriented sports watchLuxury oriented sports watch
48 hours power reserve72 hours power reserve
Brushed centre linksPolished centre links
Glidelock extension systemEasylink extension system
40 millimeters44 millimeters 
rolexes for sale
Rolex glass case at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton, Florida

The similarities between the two different watch collections

Again, a reference among diver’s watches the Submariner is an exquisite sport tool. Created for underwater survival it has evolved technically over the years. The Rolex 16803 was the first two tone Submariner model. After many advances inside Rolex released the 16613 Submariner. You will notice that both of these Submariners have 18 carat yellow gold screw down crowns. These just like all of the fine metal materials on a Rolex watch come from their own foundry. 

customer shopping for a Rolex Submariner watch

When it comes to the similarities, beyond coming from one and the same iconic brand of course, we look at the design. Both of the watches are sportive. So they have really amazing robust styles. The classic rotating bezel also adds to that maritime feel. Further when it comes to the three specific watches that we are show casing below the colors are really a huge play as well. First the blue. Enigmatic of the seas in any and all contexts we have one version of the Submariner watch with a blue bezel on blue dial look. The Yachtmaster II is a classic combo of white dial and blue bezel. On the other end of the spectrum we have a pitch black dark as the bottom of the sea black bezel on black dial Submariner watch. The two tone yellow gold and Oyster steel combination is another similarity on these. 

Similarities overview:

  • Three link Oyster bracelets
  • Luminescent hour markers 
  • Rotating Cerachrom bezels
  • Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal
  • Rolex fold over clasps
  • Two tone yellow gold and Oyster steel aesthetic
Rolex yachtmaster submariner watches on display

Rolex 116680 Yachtmaster II Stainless Steel Watch

Now for the stars of the show we have a Rolex Yachtmaster II alongside a black dial and black bezel Submariner 16803. The Yachtmaster watch has a classic two tone oyster bracelet. The stunning 18 carat yellow gold 90 degree rotatable bezel with blue cerachrom insert shines. The stark difference to the all white dial and the functionalities makes this watch an eye catcher. Furthermore, the white dial has a programmable countdown function, blue hour and minute hands as well as a subdial at 6 o’clock. The hour markers are also luminescent.

When looking at the Yachtmaster II we cannot help but think of the original Yachtmaster I. However there is a reason why this review compares the Yachtmaster I to the Submariner. Intended to offer the most cutting edge, innovative features this upgrade on the traditional Yatchmaster collection it takes the chronograph feature to the next level. If you are interested in reading more about the differences between the Rolex Yachtmaster I and the Yachtmaster II check out this article.

yachtmaster II and submariner watches Rolex

Rolex 16803 Submariner Two Tone Black Dial Watch

Now for the Submariner watches. First is the 16803. Launched in 1984 it is the transitional modal that first featured the added cyclops eye above the date window. It was the first two tone Rolex Submariner as well. Another first is the water depth resistance. This 16803 Submariner was the first to reach 100 meters or 300 feet. An incredible 100 meters more than Submariner watches prior to this model. Those only reached around 200 meters depth resistance. Although groundbreaking this watch was actually discontinued quite quickly. In 1988 Rolex stopped the production of the 16803 Submariner. They mainly did this to update the model with a new movement.

From the 3035 movement the Submariner went on to have a more advanced 3135 movement. This was an updated movement that went on to be produced for the next 20 years. For a transitional time piece edition this is not outside of the norm. These watches are generally only produced for a short time period with a limited number of them created in that short time frame. That makes this particular Submariner a rare iteration. For rare models the price tends to go up over the years as there are less and less of them on the market. They are prime examples of Rolex craftsmanship and history. So particularly for those gentlemen who keep watch collections this Rolex Submariner is a fantastic piece.

It led the way to the next Submariner in this collection, the Rolex 16613 Submariner. With the updated movement and a long history of production it became the next standard in the Rolex Submariner line. So let us take a look at that one next.

Rolex 16613 Submariner Two Tone Blue Dial Watch

A continuation of the transitional model Rolex Submariner 16803 the 16613 is also a two tone 18 carat yellow gold and Oyster steel model. It was released along with the 16610 Submariner. The 16610 is an all stainless Oyster steel watch. The 16613 had very slight differences other than the movement within.

First the dial has larger hour markers and hands. Also the case lugs and the crown are slimmer in this model than in the preceding 16803. A triumph of innovation and engineering the 16613 continues to be the prime diver’s watch. Dependable, accurate and precise it is the preferred tool for sport divers around the world. As well as the choice for many collectors as well. The Maxi dial, Rolesor two tone 18 carat yellow gold and Oyster steel combination, and the incredible power packed inside make this watch, the 16613 Rolex Submariner an incredible piece. You can check out this and other Rolex models at our shops in

rolex for sale

Our Rolex centre at the Diamonds by Raymond Lee showroom

When it comes to purchasing a fine watch like a Rolex Yachtmaster II or Submariner you want the experience. Being able to hold, touch and try on a fine watch like these Rolexes is half of the fun anyways. With over thirty years in the business we know that. It is why we have expertly designed showrooms highlighting each of our fine time piece brands. For the passionate collector and luxury watch admirer to really feel at home. A place of comfort and leisure we display all of our fine watches well lit and easily accessible.

If you are interested in one of the Rolex watches featured here or want to know more about our collection visit our stores!

Rolex watches for sale in Boca Raton, Florida at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

When it comes to buying your very own Rolex watch shop with who you can trust. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have built up our reputation for the last three decades. In Boca Raton our refined clientele trusts us to find fine luxury watches for their collections. As well as with bespoke services, maintenance and repairs of their fine watches. We are a family owned business that employs passionate craftsmen, diamond experts and staff. After all the luxury watch and fine jewelry business is not an industry one just falls into by accident. It is the type of caring and passion driven space that required expertise. Our Diamonds by Raymond Lee family is ready to welcome you to one of our exquisitely designed showrooms today. You can check out and try on the Yachtmaster II and Submariner watches from this article at our exclusively Rolex watches glass case area.

3 yachtmaster submariner watches

We have a wide range of watches from Rolex collections in our curated selection of fine time pieces. Also we carry other fine time pieces as well such as Patek Phillippe, Omega, Panerai and Cartier to name just a few. So if you are looking for a place where you can feel at home and comfortably shop for your Rolex watch come visit us! Whether you are a deeply knowledgeable client keen on speaking to someone with expertise or someone just getting started on your journey we are here to help. Our people love going through the intricacies of fine luxury watches like these. Drop us a line or reach out to us in the comments below with the next fine watch comparison you would like to see. And before we go, which one is your favorite? The Yachtmaster II or Submariner? For us it definitely depends on the occasion.

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