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Breitling Blackbird A44360 Men’s Watch Review

Breitling Blackbird A44360 Men’s Watch Review

breitling blackbird limited edition stainless steel watch

The Breitling Blackbird A44360 Limited Edition Stainless Steel Men’s Watch is a unique and gorgeous luxury time piece perfect for collectors. A limited edition piece is always a favourite for collectors but when it comes to the Breitling’s the Blackbird is one of the most unique watches around. With a strongly masculine design and large face surrounded by an even bigger bezel the Blackbird is an in your face watch to say the least. The white gold and luminescent watch face features contrast against the blue dial sharply. Further the sub dials and date window add even further functionality to this powerfully precise men’s luxury watch. It is a stunning piece. A Breitling is always an incredible watch regardless of the collection. However the limited editions are even better. Only a few in the world exist and to get your hands on one you have got to be very fast.

You have got to know where to find the best curated collections of watches. Diamonds by Raymond Lee has been curating such a collection for the past thirty years and we pride ourselves in offering watches like these. Limited editions are unique and not always easy to find. They are some of the world’s most exquisite watches celebrating luxury. The red dial details are some of the most eye catching added touches too to this edition. Further the Blackbird features some powerful machinations within the case as well. From the automatic movements, the date window, and the slick style this watch is an incredible piece. Coming from Breitling’s collection of Chronomats it is a watch with exceptional functionality and readability. With an impressive water resistance and seriously cool aesthetics this is a watch for gentlemen with a preference for robust and sportive styles. It is an inimitable design from Breitling. 

breitling blackbird limited edition stainless steel watch


Now for a deeper look at this incredible Breitling. From an aeronautics company with a rich history you expect nothing less than impressive. These high performance watches combine exceptional design with the capacity to withstand some of the most extreme of conditions in the world. The excellent grip and automatic movements ensure accuracy and precision at all costs. No matter the situation. For powerful flexibility just like that the men have that wear this piece. Further, Breitling has been crafting unique, luxury watches for the past 134 years building on their tradition of quality and innovative technology. Using the latest cutting-edge technical instruments paired with their impeccable tradition of building timepieces that excel in aesthetics, function, and performance. The Swiss handmade watch brand is nothing short of incredible as is this massive 44 millimeter stainless steel limited edition watch. Its name Blackbird comes from the legendary reconnaissance aircraft Lockheed SR-71. 

A true bird in flight this watch was originally crafted as a pilots watch. However as with almost any Breitling watch it also found its way into the hearts of those outside aviation. Solid and robust with excellent functionality this watch is powerful.  A chronomat series watch it has a bi directional bezel. As well as a blue chronograph watch. Easy to read regardless of the plentiful functionalities displayed this watch is a stealth profile. Similar to the aircraft it takes after the watch is simple yet impressive. A notable limited edition watch from Breitling it has distinctive features on the watch face that make it pop. Particularly the updated red lines and detailing on the dial. They contrast beautifully against the blue backdrop. Since it is a Breitling chronomat this watch is also part of the Windrider family. Named after a legendary aircraft this watch is a pilot’s dream. 

Getting into the details

Now when it comes to such a unique and beautiful watch such as this you know that there will be a strong back story. This intricate watch has more behind it than just looks. The Blackbird was in fact presented to mark the 60th anniversary of the British World War II heavy bomber Avro Lancaster that first took flight in 1941. Breitling released this limited edition feature watch can now only be purchased second hand. Nonetheless, these are watches that are undeniably a major highlight in Breitling and aviation history. It embodies stealth, power, precision and strength. All in a compact and rare find watch. Yes rare. It is not a simple feat to find one in excellent performing condition. However we rigorously test and inspect our watches and can say with full conviction. This Breitling Blackbird is a rare limited edition find. There really is no question about that.

Now going back into the details of the watch there is a lot going on in the dial. As well as a lot of intricate design and attention paid to the details. All along the stainless steel bracelet and the fold over clasp. After all Breitling watches are known to be impeccable. You do not become one of the world’s most premier watch brands manufacturing anything less than the absolute best. Which is exactly what they do. Year after year and decade after decade. As we said before for the past 130 plus years.

breitling blackbird limited edition stainless steel watch

Limited edition blue dial features and bezel 

First let us take a look at this incredible chronograph blue dial. The sparkling and dazzling shade of blue contrasts beautifully against the stainless steel of the watch. Further the luminescent hour markers and hour and minute hands assist in readability no matter the conditions. All along the outer edge of the dial there is also a tachymeter scale. For a pilot these features are critical. Aditionally the dial also has three sub dials. These are slightly indented into the dial and have eye catching white markers. At the centre we have the iconic Blackbird name beneath the well known Breitling b logo on the seconds hand. A red pointer the seconds hand further facilitates visibility and calculations. Finally at the top beneath the 12 o’clock mark the date window is large and clear. Also surrounded with a red detail it is visible and eye catching.

Finally the bezel is an impressive and robust finishing touch to this watch. With a compass style it features the East, South and West markers on each corner if you will of the bezel. At the North position there is a luminescent circle for ease of readability. The markers inscribed in the dial are polished giving them a contrast against the brushed flat of the bezel.

The Breitling Blackbird stainless steel clasp and bracelet 

breitling blackbird limited edition stainless steel watch clasp

The stainless steel clasp on this watch is a fold over eight inch secure clasp. It is a Breitling production as we can see from the branding and craftsmanship. If you look at the closed clasp you can see the Breitling name inscribed. Directly below it you also have the established year of 1884. A reminder of the rich history and dedicated craftsmanship that goes into each and every single one of these time pieces. Further once you open up the clasp there are more delicate details to be seen as well. We see “Modele Depose” and “Manufacture En Suisse”. Both of these messages inscribed on the inside of the clasp are in French marking the registered design made in Switzerland. The capital of the watchmaking world. Further there is also another Breitling name brand inscribed on the other piece of the fold. All polished and carrying the Breitling name.

The bracelet is an all stainless steel thick yet light combination of fine links. A classic comfortable and breathable bracelet it is optimized for longer wear. Even with the robust size of this watch. So whether you are piloting the plane or simply flying by this is a watch that can keep up with you. Each link is brushed and polished put together with meticulous care and attention like all of the parts in a Breitling luxury time piece.

Finding a limited edition stainless steel Breitling Blackbird men’s luxury watch

For a robust and masculine watch design this Breitling is a statement piece to say the least. It is definitely not as much of a dress watch as the more classic traditional style watches but it is also a limited edition piece. This lends itself to be an eye catching and conversation starting watch. For the gentleman who is not timid and does not shy away from a public presence this is the ideal watch. It is a machine that shows its power with the sharp lines and large size. There is no doubt that this Blackbird with its unique blue dial and stainless steel body can make a splash. The question that lends itself is really how will you wear it to accentuate the natural presence that it brings? A sportive and stylish look it is always in.

It is not just anywhere that you can find a unique and stunning piece like this Breitling Blackbird A44360 Limited Edition Stainless Steel Men’s Watch. That is why we at Diamonds by Raymond Lee have been specializing for the past three decades on curating and testing a wide ranging selection of unique and limited edition luxury watches for men. Unrivaled in South Florida we offer the most comprehensive collection of timepieces and jewels around. Each and every piece that makes it into one of our conveniently located and expertly decorated shops has been tested. 

We have developed singular systems where our master jewellers and diamond and gemstone experts review each item. As we continue to carry on our legacy we aim to offer superior service. We have been serving our South Florida and international community for the last three decades and look forward to continuing to do so for the next three decades as well. Find out more about us below.

breitling blackbird limited edition stainless steel watch blue dial

Where to buy a Bretiling Blackbird A44360 Limited Edition Stainless Steel Men’s Watch? Diamonds by Raymond Lee

When you are building up your own unique collection of luxury watches it is important to know how to begin. Whether that means which watch will be your first purchase or where to go from a watch you have received as a gift. Generally what we think of this first step as is finding and building a partnership. Because believe it or not curating a personal collection of watches is hard work. It is no easy feat to get together a range of watches that represent your deepest interests and personal style. So that first step is finding a partner in the journey of growing your collection. Someone that you can trust, that you can go to with your questions to get answers and that can help you find that next perfect piece. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we pride ourselves in being such a partner for our refined clientele.

From the moment you come into one of our stores we are here ready to welcome you and help find the ideal watch for you. Focused on creating an experience unlike any other our expertly designed and uniquely curated collection of offerings have something for everyone. We carry the very best brands out there including Breitling, Rolex, Patek Phillipe and Audemars Piguet among others. All of our pieces are tested and rigorously inspected by our master craftsmen before they ever go on display too. Finally our experts are here to help answer any questions that you might have and guide you towards your next time piece. For those that look for exclusivity and unique pieces we have a strong range of limited and special edition watches too. Always working to find the most unique and stunning pieces in the world for our store spaces in South Florida is our passion. 

Where to reach us

After thirty plus years in the business of haute horlogerie we have seen quite a few models and styles. We have also had the pleasure of creating some fabulous relationships with our community. If you are interested in watches, getting involved with time pieces and luxury lifestyle (we host events frequently!) then drop by or leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you. We offer a range of bespoke services including maintenance, repairs and modifications as well. 

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