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Breitling Blackbird A44360 Men’s Watch Review

The Breitling Blackbird A44360 Limited Edition Stainless Steel Men’s Watch is a unique and gorgeous luxury time piece perfect for collectors. A limited edition piece is always a favourite for collectors but when it comes to the Breitling’s the Blackbird is one of the most unique watches around. With a strongly masculine design and large face […]

Breitling Boca Raton

Pre-Owned Breitling Watches

Let’s talk Breitling! Specifically, pre-owned Breitling watches. At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we love Breitling. Admittedly, we’re pretty crazy about all of our gorgeous, pre-owned luxury watches. Otherwise we wouldn’t have dedicated the past three decades to building the most impressive collection of estate watches in the country, right? Right! When we buy or sell used […]