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Rolex Wimbledon 2019

Rolex Wimbledon 2019

rolex wimbledon 2019 datejust gold watch

The iconic pairing Rolex Wimbledon has been around for decades. As prestigious as they are competitive the two words are synonymous with pushing far beyond standard boundaries, they are symbols of what excellence. The world’s leading tennis sporting event as well as the world’s leading time piece brand – it is a matchpoint. With all of the thrills and triumphs of this year’s Rolex Wimbledon 2019 we saw incredible new comers, long time favorites, looking at you 5 time winner Novak Djokovic, and fantastic efforts all around. The official time keeper of all these highly competitive matches though was Rolex through and through. A symbol of the determination and perseverance required to even participate in this exquisite competition Rolex has a history to match it. The real true symbol of the Rolex Wimbledon double though has to be the Rolex Date just luxury wrist watch. A classic reference it embodies Wimbledon.

Every year we are stunned by the amazing prowess of the athletes at the world’s oldest tennis tournament, Wimbledon. The championship is regarded by most to be one of the most prestigious and landmark competitions not only in the sport but of most sports in general. At the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club in the United Kingdom it is the event attended by Royalty, celebrities and the A listers of our world. On the same level of prestige who else could sponsor such an event than an iconic brand like Rolex. Regal in its own right and a massive leader in its industry the Rolex Wimbledon partnership launched in 1978. Granted that Wimbledon has been around since 1877 Rolex was not far behind with the brand’s official founding date marked in 1905. Together the Rolex Wimbledon pair have brought tennis and haute horlogerie excellence all the way to 2019. 

Rolex Wimbledon an iconic match

Ensuring that while the players make every swing count the clocks are keeping them to every last second. A perfect match both on the courts and off it is a partnership of ideals, of ethos and of course of excellence. Undoubtedly a pairing that is based on the striking similarities and level of absolutely unparalleled success. 

Established in London, England in 1905 Rolex is a brand that embodies a sense of regal propriety and formal elegant design. Also, beyond the form of their watches the brand’s functions are by far some of the most advanced in the world. The British brand’s pair is arguably the world’s grandest tennis competition. On the hallowed grass courts human athletic achievement and accomplishment is seen. The Queen’s and most notably now the Duchess trophy awarding moment truly crowns this competitions winning moment. To be the greatest in the world of tennis. To be the greatest in the world of watch making. That is truly what brings these two power houses together to create the Rolex Wimbledon pairing. 

wimbledon rolex date just watch

This is personified and visible in the competitors as well. Many of them Rolex owners and all superior athletes. Driven by the next generation of champions the Rolex and Wimbledon pair are always continuing to make their mark on the world of tennis. Bringing together the best of the best in the world of tennis to challenge one another. To find the champion that makes the difference. This year it was Djokovic, once again, and Simona Halep, not far behind with two grand slam wins of her own. Leading the world of tennis in the most important annual events they demonstrate peak performance. The same peak performance that is expected at Wimbledon and that is embodied in Rolex. That is the symbol of such a powerhouse match.

The iconic Rolex brand

Rolex is undoubtedly one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world. Established in London, England in 1905 it embodies a sense of regal propriety and formal elegant design. Also, beyond the form of their watches the brand’s functions are by far some of the most advanced in the world. Their craftsmanship and incredible innovation when it comes to packing movements and superior features is unparalleled. Elegant and powerful it serves up the difference. Undoubtedly one of if not the world’s most recognized power brand Rolex is unequivocally linked to luxury and performance. There are no imitators that can achieve the level of excellence of Rolex.  Sportive and unique while maintaining a sleek and formidable look Rolex is the single luxury watch brand that truly achieves this mix. The legacy of this incredible company is one of commitments to excellence, of driving innovation and of producing timelessly iconic designs. 

These watches are not only a fad and they do not follow trends. They are the grand slams of watchmaking. Much like Wimbledon is to the tennis world.The Rolesor two tone metal combination of robust stainless steel and precious 18 carat yellow gold means this watch has both a sporty as well as a dressy look. Rolex has set their mark on the world and it can be clearly evidenced by the type of men that choose to sport these. The best of the best in their fields. The ones pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The leaders, the changers and the makers that are setting up the firsts. The firsts to achieve incredible accomplishments. Purchasing a Rolex is establishing yourself among these men. It is deeply enmeshed with the tennis tradition. 

Roger Federer v Novak Djokovic

Speaking of the men that lead and sport these time pieces this year’s men’s singles Wimbledon 2019 final was an absolute edge of your seat, hold your breath event. Once again the two greats Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic faced off for the grand slam. Serving up a game that was truly worthy of the excitement this was a tough fought and highly familiar match. Djokovic for one is on his fifth win! Federer of course also has a deep history with Wimbledon as well as with the Rolex brand too. A special affinity that many thought would be celebrated again this year until Djokovic brought his all and turned the game in the final set. He did what he needed to do and so got to take home his fifth title. An epic win and master class in court coverage he undoubtedly pushed himself to completely new boundaries.

Wrist watching at this game though was quite another story. An impeccable Rolex ambassador it was Federer who wore an iconic Rolex on his wrist when receiving his runner up plate. Meanwhile Djokovic was sporting a Seiko watch. As the iconic brand of watchmaking and wearing many Rolexes were spotted at Wimbledon though beyond the players. Including Pharell Williams, the Duke of Kent, and Jack Nicklaus.

rolex wimbledon date just men's watch

Rolex Wimbledon Date Just Watch

Throughout the years and years of this iconic partnership between these two powerhouses there came to be a symbol. An icon to cement the relationship the Rolex Wimbledon Date Just watch is an absolutely stunning piece of fine horlogerie. These precision watches are the unique and instantly recognizable Rolex design, a true lifestyle statement. The luxury timepieces come in a variation of dial colors, casing and bracelet materials and can be fully personalized with interchangeable bracelets. A lifestyle and an instant communicator of choice a Rolex is dependable. The Rolex Wimbledon Date Just watch itself is quite a unique piece when compared to others in its class and even within this collection. A commemoratory watch it features the difference a date makes. Highlighting the amazing achievement of a day that when conquered puts you at the top of the tennis world. A 41mm watch face with an iconic slate dial.

The Rolex Wimbledon date just watch has a look reminiscent of the games. Beyond the slate dial it has distinctive hour markers fashioned from 18 carat gold. This small detail is forged from the fine metal in order to prevent tarnishing. Designed and manufactured in house it is the small details that truly set this watch apart. Much like the green outline on the Roman numeral hour markers on the Rolex Wimbledon watch. The contrast of the dark slate gray against the green brings us all the way back to the Wimbledon green grassy courts. An icon of achievement and success the watch face breathes the tradition and beauty of Wimbledon itself. To match the watch face’s splendor the bracelet is the traditional rolex two tone oyster bracelet. Equipped with an oyster clasp and the easy link Rolex extension technology it is a bracelet worthy of the Date Just watch.

Rolex Date Just Men’s watch 

One of their most recognizable and iconic watches is the Rolex Date Just series. This Rolex series is an absolute classic. Just like the Wimbledon Rolex pair. The collection is a modern archetype with aesthetic design and function that transcend fashion trends. More than your standard wrist watch this is a timeless piece that has transcended generations. It is inimitable Rolex style that is instantly recognizable. As well as being a cutting edge addition to their incredible collections of watches. The first of its kind with a date window that became a signature part of the Rolex brand. The Date Just watches brought with them the cyclops eye augmentation lens and a whole new view of the Rolex style. The watch has one of the world’s very first automatic date changing functions located at the three o’clock mark. This incredible ground breaking time piece feature was first released in 1945. 

rolex wimbledon 2019 datejust gold watch

Combining all of the absolute best from one of the world’s most formidable brands. The first wristwatch to automatically maintain the date function did not stop there. Further, this wrist watch is paired with the Oyster Perpetual design and function. Another signature look from Rolex the Oyster Perpetual is made entirely of Oyster steel. The patented Rolex fine stainless steel from their very own foundry. That is right, because when you truly are the best of the best you take it from beginning to the end. From all over the Oyster bracelet is instantly recognizable to anyone who knows anything about watches. The stainless steel Oyster bracelet and Rolex Perpetual bezel features are what this iconic watch carry on with it visually. The stunning wristwatch details do not stop there though. All of the features are the classic gentleman’s watch that is the ideal daily wear luxury men’s time piece. 

Where to buy a Rolex Wimbledon Date Just watch? Diamonds by Raymond Lee your luxury watch experts

If you are looking for a fine watch seller to get your taste of the Rolex Wimbledon pairing then you need a Rolex expert. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee  we have been selling Rolex watches including the iconic Date Just for the last three decades. Our expertise and passion may not rival that of the professionals on the courts. They do however rival watch experts! We are committed to bringing you the finest pieces in the world. With the pre requisite level of expertise in those items. As well as the equipment and master craftsmen to back them up. It is not by coincidence that this family business of ours has continued to thrive throughout the years. In fact it is a direct result of our search for excellence. Much like Djokovic, Rolex and the Wimbledon champions. The Rolex Wimbledon icon Date Just watch is part of our curated selection.

It is not however the limit of it. We pride ourselves in the wide range of offerings we carry. Regardless of what specific what you are looking for we assure you that we can find it here for you. Whether it is a classic and timeless favorite timepiece or a modern masterpiece we source from all over the world. Our master jewelers and craftsmen test and ensure the quality of all the watches. Always using the latest technology and finest tools they are ready to help you any day of the week. Furthermore, our diamond experts can help you evaluate, or modify jewels on your timepieces. So if you already have your Wimbledon Rolex Date Just and want to add a celebratory sparkle let us know! Specialists in our trade and committed our family is set to continue serving the South Florida community for the next thirty years as well.

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