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rolex 114060 submariner no date custom

New Watch Feature: All Black DLC Rolex No Date Submariner 114060

You might not recognize what kind of Rolex this is at first glance due to its custom dial and all black exterior, but this is a Rolex 114060 No Date Submariner watch. It’s not often that you see an all black Rolex. Not to mention, one that makes you say “I gotta have it”.  We…
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used rolex

Best Rolex to Rock this Fourth of July

Used Rolex has the best choice of watches to choose from any-day. They possess the best watches fit for every occasion. The Rolex watch brand was established in 1905 in England. It is well known for its high-quality designs for both men, women and children. Most of their watches are resistant to corrosion due to…
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anniversary rings by year

Best Anniversary Rings For Her By The Year

Are you looking for the perfect, special ring to celebrate your anniversary this year? Have you reached a milestone in your marriage that calls for a gift she will remember and cherish forever? At Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers, we are anniversary ring specialists, so we will lead you in the right…
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rolex day date ii platinum ice blue watch

Review: The Rolex President Day Date II Ice Blue Dial Platinum Watch

You are about to be in the presence of Royalty. Wait, scratch that. You are now in the presence of the President. They say Barack Obama, George Bush, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were Imperial Presidents, but the real “Imperial” President is this platinum Rolex Day-Date II glacier Ice blue dial watch, reference 218206. While…
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diamond cocktail rings

12 Diamond Cocktail Rings That Will Make A Powerful Statement

Are you looking for a modern or vintage-style diamond cocktail ring that will make a powerful statement? An everyday or special occasion piece that will wow anyone in your presence?  Great news, you’ve come to the right place. We are about to share with you 12 of our favorite diamond statement-making cocktail rings that are…
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is a rolex a good investment

Is a Rolex Watch a Good Investment?

Rolex watches are more than stunning timepieces with cool stories, complications, and functionality, they are a bonafide investment. Virtually everyone knows Rolex is the best watch brand to invest in, and that Rolex timepieces hold their value better than any other brand, but not everyone knows why and not many know which Rolex watches they…
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best watches in the world

Should I Buy a Rolex, Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe Watch?

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers, we have a strong affinity towards luxury Swiss watches. We’ve studied the history and continue to stay updated on all the latest information from world Haute Horology. Of course, we also sell Swiss watches at our beautiful showrooms in Boca Raton, and we have one of…
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used rolex

Best Rolex for Father’s Day Gifting

Used Rolex has the best selection of luxury watches developed and based in Geneva, Switzerland. It was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London, England, in 1905. It has the best designs for both men and women renowned for its best quality. Rolex watches have been classified to have the 71st most valuable…
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Internally flawless yellow 12 carat diamond for sale

Investment Grade Diamonds: Colorless & Fancy Yellow Engagement Rings

A lot of people will argue that diamonds are not a good investment. While that may be true for the vast majority of diamonds out there, if you know what to look for in diamond investments and you choose investment grade diamonds (colorless and fancy yellow), they can surely be a smart and very profitable…
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gabriel and co

Gabriel and Co Engagement Rings: Review, Collections, Quality & Prices

Has Gabriel & Co piqued your interest on your hunt for the perfect engagement ring? Congratulations, we must say, you have good taste! Gabriel and Co creates beautifully unique and distinctive, handcrafted engagement rings that truly reflect the passionate beauty in all of us. Gabriel and Company’s stunning engagement ring collections encompass timeless, fashion-forward designs…
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Raymond Lee Jewelers Open

Sell Your Jewelry or Get a Loan: Our Showroom is Now Open to the Public!

With the COVID-19 pandemic significantly disrupting people’s lives, both socially and financially, we want you all to know that Raymond Lee Jewelers is here to offer some relief to help you get through these economically tough times. During this outbreak, we are operating at 0% profit. We believe it is our duty to help the…
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buy verragio engagement rings

Stunning Verragio Engagement Rings: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to engagement rings and designer bridal jewelry, Verragio is one of the most celebrated brands in the world. For over two decades, Verragio has brought men and women together with exquisite, handcrafted diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. The company has earned the utmost respect in the industry, paving the way for…
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best luxury swiss watch and jewelry investment

Buyer’s Market: Fine Jewelry & Luxury Watch Most Wanted List

With COVID-19 severely disrupting the current state of the market, unprecedented buying opportunities have presented themselves for those who have the means and discretionary income. The fine jewelry and luxury watch industry is one of particular interest. High-end jewelry and luxury watches have rapidly turned from an emotional investment to bonafide financial investment. Sellers are…
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boca raton jewelry store covid-19 updates

Raymond Lee Jewelers: Our Response to COVID-19 & Latest Updates

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our community and the nation at large. Each and every one of us has felt the impact of this financial and global health crisis, and while all of our precautions and social distance practices have begun to curb the spread of COVID-19, we still have a ways to go until…
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Jewelry appraisal near me by a certified Gemologist

A jewelry appraisal is an important part of owning a piece of fine jewelry. Whether you are interested in getting a jewelry appraisal to find out the value for your own information, an insurance claim or because you are thinking about selling that piece of jewelry you want to deal with a professional. Not just…
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