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Jewelry appraisal near me by a certified Gemologist

A jewelry appraisal is an important part of owning a piece of fine jewelry. Whether you are interested in getting a jewelry appraisal to find out the value for your own information, an insurance claim or because you are thinking about selling that piece of jewelry you want to deal with a professional. Not just someone that you can trust and who has experience with fine jewelry but a certified professional.

A certified Gemologist for example! When you get a jewelry appraisal whether a ring appraisal or diamond appraisal or any other jewelry from a certified professional you get a guaranteed report. With this accurate documentation you will know all of the details about your jewelry and precious gems. For a local jewelry appraisal come to Raymond Lee Jewelers. For the last three decades our certified professionals and gemstone experts have been serving the South Florida and wider global community. 

Whether you are thinking “where can I get a jewelry appraisal near me?” or you are looking for mail in services across the country we can help you! Our mastercraftsmen and jewelry experts have been working with fine jewelry pieces and their materials for the last three decades. It is no surprise that along with their extensive experience they also have the required certifications to give an accurate appraisal. Describing the features and quality of the piece these certified gemologists can give a gem grading as part of your jewelry appraisal. All of this is used to accurately determine and document the current market value of different types of jewelry. 

Also if you are looking for a jewelry appraisal in order to sell your jewelry you may be interested in other services that we offer. Our acquisitions team is always on the look out for great fine jewelry to buy.

Getting a jewelry appraisal

There are a few different reasons as to why you might want to get a jewelry appraisal. Where you get it from and when is important too though. An up to date appraisal on jewelry is very important specially if you are using your jewelry appraisal for insurance purposes. Your jewelry could be under insured if you have not had a jewelry appraisal in a while for example.

To protect your assets from financial loss in the case of theft, loss or damage it is important to keep these documents as up to date as possible. Over the years the price and value of gemstones and precious metals like gold and platinum also fluctuate, sometimes significantly. Which means that the value of a piece of jewelry today if it was bought say five or more years ago will most likely be far from its purchase value if evaluated again now.

For local jewelry appraisal in Boca Raton check out Raymond Lee Jewelers. We are the premiere local jewelry store offering services like sale and purchase of fine jewelry, jewelry appraisal, repairs and maintenance along with a series of services for fine and luxury watches too. With over three decades of experience and a dedication to our refined clientele you could not be in better hands.

The entire time that work is being done on your jewelry whether we are conducting a jewelry appraisal or extensive repair your piece is safe. It stays in our store the entire time. We never outsource to third parties. And we keep your jewelry under the exact same high level security that our own collection. You are guaranteed peace of mind while you know the work that is being done will be top notch. Communicating each step of the way is important to us too.

What to expect in a proper jewelry appraisal report? What is included?

When it comes to a proper jewelry appraisal report including a jewelry appraisal for insurance you should look for these 5 parts. 

  1. The cover page – This is the part of the jewelry appraisal that will provide a detailed explanation including:
    1. the type of value that the appraisal intends to determine
    2. the objective as well as the function of the appraisal
    3. It should also identify clearly who the client (requesting the appraisal) as well as the intended users of the appraisal (for example if it is for insurance purposes the intended users would be insurers)
    4. Further the cover page will also indicate the location and the dates that the appraisal is conducted
  2. Grading Systems – this next page is a guide to what the appraisal will use to value the jewelry
    1. It will be a description of the different systems that are used to grade the diamonds, pearls and colored gemstones in the jewelry piece 

See below diamond appraisal

3. Appraiser Profile – a page on who is conducting the appraisal

This section of the report contains information about the professional appraiser including what their educational background and work experience is.

It is important to have this information in writing so that the client knows if the appraiser has the right education and training to evaluate high value jewelry as well as how current their knowledge and skills are

4. Appraisal Body – this section refers to the inside of the report

This is the section in the report that contains all of the specific details regarding the jewelry piece and it must be written properly in order to be valid.

5. Reverse Side – the back of the document

This section should contain all of the laboratory work as well as photos and all other supporting materials that are not included in the cover or appraisal body.

Jewelry appraisal for insurance

A jewelry appraisal for insurance is usually for insurance for replacement. That means that the jewelry appraisal for insurance will be used to insure the jewelry piece. In the case that something happens to it. Whether loss, damage or theft it all depends on the insurance policy. The insurer will replace it. Having an accurate jewelry appraisal for insurance means peace of mind. That even if you need to use your insurance that you have bought. It will be used to replace your jewelry piece accurately. 

Ring appraisal

The most common jewelry appraisal for insurance are ring appraisal reports. You can guess why – engagement and wedding rings. These are some of the most expensive and beloved jewelry pieces. Most people insure them for peace of mind. Whether they are planning to pass it down for generations or not an accurate and up to date ring appraisal is an important document to have for your engagement and wedding rings.

Diamond appraisal 

A diamond appraisal may be for your diamond ring or engagement ring. However it can also be for loose diamonds. If you have a loose diamond that you want to conduct a diamond appraisal on you can trust our diamond experts. They have years of experience and work with all kinds of diamonds. From all of the diamond cuts, sizes and qualities. They know the ins and outs of the world’s finest gemstone. It is no surprise that the pricing of a diamond can be hard to tell though.

That is why it is good to trust a certified gemologist. Using the different gemstone grading scales they can tell you in depth about your stone. Our Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graduate gemologist along with our professional appraisers conduct all of the lab work required in a diamond appraisal using the most precise instrumentation in the industry today. At our in house workshop they have access to cutting edge tools and equipment to get the best reporting on your diamond appraisal.

Selling your jewelry 

If the purpose of your jewelry appraisal is because you are interested in potentially selling your jewelry piece we want you to know that we buy jewelry! As we have said before our acquisition team is always on the look out for great pieces of fine jewelry to add to our collection and your jewelry could be the next piece! We always conduct our acquisitions with the utmost respect and privacy. We do not believe in making a quick buck in any of our dealings and prioritise your decisions above all. So even if you are just considering it and exploring your options feel free to talk to us. There is no need to be certain yet about selling. And we will respect your time and decision. 

If in the end you do decide that you want to part with this piece of jewelry we will offer you a fair market price. This is where a jewelry appraisal can help. Whether you sell your jewelry with us or with another party it is good to always have the best up to date knowledge with you. That way you can make an informed decision that you can feel confident about. 

Not local? No problem! Mail in services

If this sounds like a good plan to you but you are not currently in South Florida do not worry! We serve our customers from around the world. You can sell jewelry at a distance by sending luxury goods in by mail to our store. After filling out the enquiry form one of our jewelry experts will reach out to you with more details. We have done a lot of purchases at a distance and by mail. You can be confident in the process and in your decision even if you change your mind.

At the end of the day jewelry is a very intimate and passionate object. Some of our most precious keep sakes and sometimes they just no longer fit with our collections or we simply no longer identify with them and want to change for something different. All of that is understandable and it is why we offer this service in the first place!

Our promise to you at Raymond Lee Jewelers

As a family owned and family run business our promise is to always offer superior service. We are invested in each and every one of our refined customers. As well as constantly expanding our range of services to meet their needs. From finding the very best pieces of fine jewelry and luxury time pieces for our extensive curated collection to offering repairs and maintenance services you can always count on us.

Whether it is for finding the perfect new item for yourself or a family member or to care for a well loved item too. Beyond our in house state of the art workshop where our craftsmen bring their decades of experience with fine and luxury items we also have our acquisitions team. They are always on the look out for fantastic pieces. From the designer icons to one of a kind vintage or estate gems they have an eye. 

For the last three decades it has been our pleasure to serve the South Florida community and we are proud to be able to offer such services. Including our expansion to serve our customers no matter where in the world they may be. With our convenient mail in services it is easy to have an expert that you trust take a look at your jewelry piece.

From repairs or maintenance to even selling your jewelry piece, if the time is right for you of course, you can do it all with our mail in services. If you are local though and are keen to check out the best local jeweler in South Florida come and visit us in Boca Raton. We are open most days of the week and would just love to welcome you in. Enjoy looking through our collection in our comfortable and expertly designed showroom any time. 

How to reach us:

Our store location is easy to access and convenient to reach from anywhere in Boca Raton and South Florida for that matter. If you do need any help finding your way to us though just give us a call and one of our people will help you out. 

Location: 22191 Powerline Rd # 12 B, Boca Raton, FL 33433

Hours: Monday – Friday  10 am – 6 pm | Saturday  10 am – 5 pm | Sunday Closed

Phone: (561) 750 – 7808


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