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Van Cleef and Arpels Buyers with Experience

History of the 1896 wedding of Estelle Arpels to Alfred Van Cleef They met at the end of the Nineteenth Century, Alfred Van Cleef, a precious stone-cutters’ son, and the young woman, Estelle Arpels, her father a leading precious raw gems merchant. It was Paris, 1895, a marriage between two deep loves, joining together two…
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Boucheron and La Mer Jar

When designers create a multi-thousand dollar jar for a major partnership between a global cosmetic company and renowned jeweler, they do it in style. This is the case with the project between Estée Lauder Cos.’ La Mer and jeweler Boucheron. The magical creation comes in the form of a moisturizing lotion decanter that is assembled…
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Christie's Golconda Diamond Fetches $10.9 Million

The Golconda Diamond Known as the “Golconda Diamond“, this stunning gem cashed in at a whopping $10.9 million at a recent Christie’s auction located in New York City. According to Forbes, ” The final jewelry auction of the year for Christie’s ended with the sale of a rare 52.58-carat, D-color, internally flawless Golconda diamond for…
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Omega Speedmaster

Most Popular Watches in America and Where to Sell Them

In the United States and most other Western countries, owning and wearing a watch is one of the most common accessories for men to have. While women typically can choose from a variety of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, most men tend to wear one piece of jewelry: their watch. Because of this, watches have…
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eye jewelry implants

Our Weekly "WHAT?" Moment: Eye Jewelry Implants

When it comes to accessorizing, the perfect jewelry can really make any outfit. But what if you wanted your jewelry to be just a bit more eye-catching and totally unforgettable? A new trend from Europe, jewelry eye implants, has begun to gain popularity in US cities like Los Angeles and New York. The Safe Sight…
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Why Yes, there is a $1223 Cupcake – The Most Expensive Dessert

How much would most people pay for a cupcake? A couple dollars? Some might spend more if they stopped by their favorite bakery for a homemade dessert, but most consumers are going to be hard-pressed to spend more money than that. This is why it’s so shocking to realize that someone makes a cupcake that…
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Artist Profile: Kimberly McDonald Jewelry

Kimberly McDonald is a New York City jewelry designer with roots in North Carolina. Her personal “reuse rather than reap” philosophy honors both her love of nature and passion for high-fashion jewelry. Kimberly McDonald jewelry is unmistakably unique. She has taken the world of high-end, high-fashion jewelry by storm. To make her prized adornments, McDonald…
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Spotlight On: Kerrie Yeung Jewelry

Kerrie Yeung is a jewelry designer from New York City. Her classic designs are perfect for everyday wear, yet modern enough for a special occasion. Growing up in New York City, she studied Jewelry and Metalsmithing at the Rhode Island School of Design, and now creates simple, organic, yet timeless jewelry for men and women.…
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New York Antique Jewelry & Watch Show 2013

Today wrapped up yet another successful edition of the New York Antique Jewelry & Watch show, presented by the fabulous team at U.S. Antique Shows! We love any chance we get to go exhibit at a U.S. Antique show, be it in LA, Vegas, or our own backyard in Miami Beach, but heading to the…
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24 Karat Gold Perfume? Why Not

The latest trend in scents has nothing to do with your nose. Creators of fashion forward perfumes have taken a lesson from the jewelry world by adding a touch of shimmer and sparkle. Check out how 24 karat gold perfumes and can add a special touch to your life. Get Noticed You already know that…
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Kimberley Diamond on Display

If you have never heard of the Kimberley Diamond it is worth a short read for the back story. The Kimberley Diamond was discovered in what is known as “The Big Hole” in South Africa, the Kimberley Diamond Mine. The Kimberley Mine is considered to be one of the first diamond mines of 19th century…
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Christie’s Showing Oldest Known Patek Philippe Pocket Watch this Weekend

Luxury is everything; especially when you are speaking of jewelry. Some time pieces are precious, priceless and worth every dime. Which watch is on its way to the auction block on June 11th 2013, to prove this theory? It’s Christies’ prized piece – the oldest known Patek Philippe pocket watch in existence. It is a…
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Spotlight on: Bayco

Bayco is a new name in the jewelry industry, but brings along old generational values. Amir Hadjibay began his dream of acquiring jewelry through trading woven Persian rugs, in exchange for beautiful gemstones. Years later Amir relocated to Italy began to build a portfolio, by using his experience and contacts in the jewelry industry. After…
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Betteridge Palm Beach: One of the Oldest Jewelry Stores

Betteridge Palm Beach: One of the Oldest Jewelry Stores Betteridge Jewelry is not like your average store, this company is one of the oldest family owned businesses in America! This company was founded in 1897 by A.E. Betteridge and his father “Colonel” Betteridge who turned Betteridge into one of the most high end jewelry store…
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Forbes Galleries makes "Space" for Celestial Collection

Men have promised women the sun, moon and stars forever. A demonstration of that, in the form of jewelry will be on display thru the first week of September at the Forbes Galleries in New York City. The galleries are presenting “Out of this World – Jewelry in the Space Age”. This amazing display, which…
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