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Artist Profile: Kimberly McDonald Jewelry

Artist Profile: Kimberly McDonald Jewelry

Kimberly McDonald is a New York City jewelry designer with roots in North Carolina. Her personal “reuse rather than reap” philosophy honors both her love of nature and passion for high-fashion jewelry. Kimberly McDonald jewelry is unmistakably unique. She has taken the world of high-end, high-fashion jewelry by storm.

To make her prized adornments, McDonald primarily recycles the precious metals and stones from old jewelry and repurposes the materials for her own creations. This is both earth-conscious and spiritually meaningful to the artist and to her up-scale clientele. She believes the precious materials such as fiery opal, diamond and geode carry energy, much like the primitive talismans worn by our ancestors. She envisions this spirit continuing on through her work as an artist. Kimberly McDonald jewelry is beautiful, highly unique and to many, treasures of the metaphysical realm.

Kimberly McDonald jewelry has been seen on high-profile people such as First Lady Michelle Obama, Singer/Producer Mary J. Blige, actress Minnie Driver and countless other celebrities. The looks of her pieces range from understated to show-stopping. The earthiness of the natural stones mixed with raw emerald and diamonds results in breath-taking and irresistible, wearable pieces of art. McDonald’s pieces don’t just glitter. They resonate with a glow that comes from deep within the heart of each stone, affecting all who touch, see or wear it. McDonald’s creations speak to beauty, reverence and spirituality.

Because she uses repurposed materials, Kimberly McDonald jewelry comes from sustainable sources and not from newly mined gold and gems. This artist feels a passion for the earth and for the people who live on the land that is known to be overrun by unscrupulous mining and anti-humanitarian practices. She feels that by using sustainable products to make such stunning and popular adornments she will bring attention to the genuinely altruistic causes she so passionately cares about.


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