24 Karat Gold Perfume? Why Not

The latest trend in scents has nothing to do with your nose. Creators of fashion forward perfumes have taken a lesson from the jewelry world by adding a touch of shimmer and sparkle. Check out how 24 karat gold perfumes and can add a special touch to your life.

Get Noticed

You already know that an alluring scent is a great attention getter, but 24 karat gold perfumes have taken that to the next level. A touch of gold will make your skin sparkle and is sure to hold the interest of that special someone. Throughout history, gold has been used as a symbol of power and energy. Many ancient cultures associated gold with the sun and believed that wearing it would increase success and happiness.

Go Bare

The gold shimmer in 24 karat gold perfumes looks amazing on bare skin. When you’re exposing bare shoulders or a bare back, the subtle shine brings a glowing quality to skin. This is great for adding some sparkle when you don’t want to wear jewelry.

Look and Smell Like a Fashion Diva

Scents with 24 karat gold were originally only available from manufacturers and distributors of fine, expensive perfumes. Now these scents that were once only for the rich and famous are now available to everyone and can be found in perfumes that fit every budget.

Make Them Wonder

The hint of gold in these scents are subtle. Friends and others will know that there is a magical quality to your skin, but they may not realize that it’s shimmering gold. You can either choose to share the secret or to keep them guessing. Your 24 karat gold perfume can make the perfect fashion statement and give you an extra sparkle that commands attention.

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