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Our Weekly "WHAT?" Moment: Eye Jewelry Implants

Our Weekly "WHAT?" Moment: Eye Jewelry Implants

eye jewelry implants

When it comes to accessorizing, the perfect jewelry can really make any outfit. But what if you wanted your jewelry to be just a bit more eye-catching and totally unforgettable? A new trend from Europe, jewelry eye implants, has begun to gain popularity in US cities like Los Angeles and New York. The Safe Sight eye jewelry procedure was recently performed for the first time in New York City by Dr. Emil Chynn, a Park Avenue laser eye specialist. The new controversial procedure is definitely raising some eyebrows across the globe this week.

What is Safe Sight Jewelry?

The procedure has been performed hundreds of times in Europe and Los Angeles but this was the first time it had been done in New York. Dr. Chynn used a very thin platinum heart jewel for the procedure. His patient, Lucy Luckayanko told Fox News of her new eye jewelry, “It will be sort of my unique factor.” Dr. Chynn states that the procedure itself is harmless as the jewel is implanted in the membrane between the clear part of your eye and the white of the eye. He was able to create a small pocket in the membrane of the patients eye and then easily fit the heart-shaped jewel inside.

The Safe Sight procedure can cost anywhere from $3000 to $4000 and as Dr. Chynn has stated will not cause harm to the eye. The biggest risks he mentioned would be some mild bleeding in the eye and patients would be at risk for infection without the use of proper antibiotics. With proper care Dr. Chynn says there is no risk of blindness. There has also been talk of the possibility of changing out the implanted jewel for other shapes if the patient wants to change it up. It would cost around $1000 each time the patient wanted to change out the platinum jewel.

Are Eye Jewelry Implants the Wave of the Future?

Despite the eye jewelry’s trend in Europe the procedure itself has not been approved by the FDA stateside. The FDA and The American Academy of Ophthalmology warn interested clients that the possible dangers of the eye-catching procedure are still unknown. A procedure of this type could cause bleeding and infection in the eye that could lead to blindness or the jewelry could even perforate or puncture the eye.

Dr. Chynn’s patient said there have been mixed reactions to her new eye jewelry. Luckayanko stated that half of her friends were on board with her new jewelry and really liked it, while the other half of her friends thought it was a little crazy. Either way, both doctor and patient are very happy with how the procedure turned out.

Is the Eye Jewelry Trend for You?

What do you think of the controversial new eye jewelry trend? If it was something that as eventually backed by the FDA and the American Academy of Ophthalmology would you be interested in the procedure? One thing is for sure about the Safe Sight eye jewelry trend, it is probably too early to tell if it will catch on in America the same way it has in Europe.


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