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Boucheron and La Mer Jar

Boucheron and La Mer Jar

When designers create a multi-thousand dollar jar for a major partnership between a global cosmetic company and renowned jeweler, they do it in style. This is the case with the project between Estée Lauder Cos.’ La Mer and jeweler Boucheron.

The magical creation comes in the form of a moisturizing lotion decanter that is assembled as a limited-edition run. Further, the creation is to only be available through London’s Harrods, specifically targeting affluent customers of taste.

The goal of the project was to create a new opportunity to show to craftsmanship of Boucheron as well as La Mer moisturizers and similar. Because only one retailer gets to manage the distribution, it literally creates a luxury item monopoly and singular source where the decanter can be obtained.

Harrods was no accidental pick. The retailer has plenty of experience moving inventory of very exclusive products among very selective clientele in the luxury goods market. So it’s no surprise that when Boucheron and La Mer started to focus on who would sell their luxury decanter, Harrods was in the short list.

When a customer decides to acquire one of these majestic decanters, they will receive all the requisite documentation regarding its limited-edition production. Included will be 100ml container of Crème de la Mer moisturizer. The entire details are covered in a wide-spread marketing campaign that has active presence online as well as in traditional marketing. All three companies involved carefully timed their social media posts, for example, to generate interest, discussion, and interest among brand followers. Add in the requisite imagery, photographs, and details, and the Boucheron decanter has easily caught luxury good watchers’ attentions around the world. Whether people are in New York or Paris or Dubai, the advertisements and social postings are resonating, especially with only ten of the Boucheron decanters actually available for sale this holiday.

Some of the online ad campaigns are even archives of jewelry design by accident. They include short videos showing the Boucheron process for crafting one of the ten decanters. The imagery will likely end up being a valuable jewelry design historical archive at some point in the future.

Harrods fully expects that the 10 jars will be the hit of the season for gift givers who are looking for something extremely unique in the luxury goods arena. The decanters will be both exclusive and extraordinary at the same time for those who receive them, likely to end up on the scale of museum pieces in a number of decades as they move from owner to owner through time. However, in the meantime, those customers lucky enough to snatch one up this holiday can have their own claim of fame to history for a moment, being the first in line to own the anticipated Boucheron work of art.

There is no question that the Boucheron works comes with a default rarity status. In this regard, the pricing of $20,000 may be a bargain price for what the decanters could command. So it is very likely the Boucheron pieces will go for much more after an initial sale. Demand practically dictates it given the extremely small supply.


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