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JAR Jewelry at The Met

JAR Jewelry at The Met

Some of the world’s most dazzling jewellery has a cult-like following. The renowned Paris based jeweler JAR, Joel Arthur Rosenthal, created jewelry masterpieces that are objects of desire for everyone. Actress Ellen Barkin once called him “the single greatest jeweler of our time.” JAR pieces have sold world over at crazy high prices due to their creativity, authentic design and memories they bring about.

The jewelry industry as a whole has grown tremendously in recent years. Major fashion events now feature jewelry industry icons from all over the world. One such event is to be held on December 6 and 7, in New York will feature jewelry greats. This annual fashion event dubbed as the 15 Th Annual Fashion Conference, will feature educational seminars and talks from crème de la crème of the jewelry world. It will be a selection of major brands and publications. With the title,” Icons, Iconoclasm and Innovation,” the event hopes to recognize those that refused to be subjected to the norms , customs and tastes and broke free to be great in their own right. This will be a major boost to the multi- billion dollar industry.

There are thousands of unique high quality pieces of JAR jewellery for jewelry fanatics. Recently Vogue magazine published a collection of glittering pieces from JAR and other renown jewellery houses. They included Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Alexandre Reza and Suzanna Belperron. These were excerpts from a book called the impossible collection of jewelry by Assouline publications, which hit the shelves on February. The book showcases the history of jewelry and superb pieces of the 20th Century. In a continuing series, the book showcases the treasures of jewelry in the recent times. It is a great read for jewelry enthusiasts.

Trends in jewelry 2013

Year 2013 has seen great jewelry passions and tastes. The industry has had appetite for some of the history treasure pieces. Here are some of the trends witnessed this year.

  • You got to have a ring. A rocking ring has become a must have piece of jewelry. A dazzling ring made of gems, geometry and some metalwork will definitely pull that look at me now statement.
  • Simple geometric pendant: Pendants and simple jewelry are trending most this year. It is even great if dazzling metallic. This can be augmented by glam choker. This could be a metallic glam or multicolored authentic material.
  • Bold earrings are the next big thing. In fact, you will find superb gold earrings with various geometric shapes interwoven to give a polished set.
  • Golden cuffs have made a comeback. They make a great casual wear accessory. They can also be added to tone down an official dressing.
  • Gem drenched necklaces are a necessity. When won together with pendants and bold earrings, they bring in a complete look. The simple design helps avoid looking overdressed.
  • Quality jewelry comes at a significant price. Some come at a fortune. Most JAR jewelry although expensive will put a lasting impression and status amongst fellow peers.


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