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Grand Gifts: The Most Expensive Celebrity Presents

Grand Gifts: The Most Expensive Celebrity Presents

Celebrities are larger than life. You love them not only for their talents, whether they’re singers, actors, dancers or performers of some other sort, you love them for their extravagant lifestyles. Celebrities make big bucks entertaining the masses, so the can afford to buy some seriously breathtaking goodies. There’s no question in your mind, you’d definitely indulge if you were a multi-millionaire, and it’s always fun to see what the people with all the money do with it. Since living vicariously is the only option, there’s no shame in immersing totally into the fun. Especially since these celebrities love to splash out often, and no more wildly than on special occasions.

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, these are the dates when the truly famous reveal their love and appreciation for others in their lives in unbelievably extravagant ways. From cars to cruises, boats to bungalows, nothing is too good, or too expensive, for them. So, what are the most outrageously expensive gifts celebrities have bought their friends, relatives and significant others? Heres a breakdown of some of your favorites, including the best pieces of jewelry gifted by one person to another. Here we go!

Make My Heart Go Vroom Vroom

One of the most popular categories with celebrities when it comes to gifts, buying cars is a highly visible and undeniably indulgent offering for the lucky recipient. The sweeties of the rich and famous can almost certainly count on getting a new ride at least once in awhile. There are, of course, dozens of luxury vehicles available for gifting, and there’s always a hot new buggy to show off. Here are some of the most impressive vehicles ever exchanged as mere presents between the high and mighty of Hollywood.

 It’s nice having friends in high places! Adam Sandler infamously gifted his costars and friends with the Maserati Quattroporte. That’s one for every member of the team! At $881,000 for the set—that’s for five people now—that’s quite a show of wealth. No doubt these actors handled it with grace and humility, after all, that’s chump change to many of them.

Only Paris Hilton would have the gall to give herself a present like this. The hotel heiress shamelessly special ordered a bubblegum pink Bentley to tool around in for Christmas in 2008. Costing around $240,000, it’s likely no one else she knew could afford to buy her what she really wanted that year, but that also seems unlikely with her crew of billionaire buddies.

Ben Affleck, much like Batman—his new alter ego—certainly has some spare cash lying around. And who better to spend it on than his sweet missus, Jennifer Garner? Oh wait, this was before they got together! Nope, this beautiful Rolls-Royce Phantom in shiny black was for the other Jennifer, Ms. Lopez. It was no small token of affection, either, as it cost around $400,000. Like the lady she is, she returned the vehicle when they parted ways.

Perhaps the most impressive gift of wheels ever in the celebrity world was Beyonce’s gift to her darling rapper husband Jay-Z. A 41st birthday doesn’t seem that important to regular folks, but it’s a different thing for celebrities. Beyonce made 2010 an extra special year for Jay with a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. And it only cost her $1.95 million. Yes, million.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Cars are useful, sure, but ladies almost exclusively want something a little smaller, a little shinier. Diamonds and jewels are the most romantic gifts a man can offer a woman, and the filthy rich celebrities know they can’t toss a typical solitaire in a box and call it good. The real gentlemen of the Hollywood red carpet love to show their boos some bling that will never be equaled in size, expense of grandeur. We sell jewelry in Boca Raton that’s almost as luscious, but here are a few of the best bangles ever bestowed by larger than life celebs.

In addition to several other jaw-dropping goodies, like a Rolls-Royce and a diamond-encrusted handbag, sexy English soccer player David Beckham also showed his love and admiration to Spice Girl Victoria by offering her just a little something extra in a small box: A diamond and ruby necklace by Boucheron, worth a piddling $2.4 million. The best gifts really do come in small boxes.

The most outrageous jewelry gifts are always engagement rings, because how else can you convince someone to marry you if you don’t spend a small fortune on the symbol of your love? That’s never truer than with Beyonce’s stunning left ring finger stunner. The reportedly 18-carat monster is worth approximately $5 million.

Though they’ve lately hit a rocky period in their marriage, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas were once passionately inseparable. Michael proved his adoration by offering Catherine a gorgeous 10-carat marquise diamond ring. A shape that at the time was still very avant-garde.

Home is Where the Heart Is

If you’ve got a car and a jewelry box brimming with shiny rocks you better have somewhere to put them. The real ballers know that cars, jewelry and other small presents—yes, small—are all well and good. But if you really want to take care of a loved one, you buy them a house or some property they can work with. Here are the breathtaking estates and properties celebrities scooped up for their honeys.

David Beckham is back again, this time with something some people might find even better than jewels or handbags (to each her own, we suppose). David decided he adored vino after spending time in Spain playing on the Real Madrid team. Once back in the colonies, he picked up a beautiful vineyard in Napa Valley for the little woman and named it after her. Can you thin of anything more romantic than that?

Brad Pitt is quickly becoming as famous for his penchant for architecture as he is for playing crush-worthy characters on screen. Knowing this, Angelina found the perfect little spot in California, boasting a majestic waterfall, to buy him. Now Brad gets to build a dream home just like his favorite architect’s, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Some gifts are given as apologies instead of shows of adoration and passion. Simon Cowell is unchallenged in the “sorry gifts” department. He gave his ex-girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy a relationship ending present of an $8 million home. They were engaged, so it makes sense she should receive a little something for her efforts, but that still seems awfully generous!

 Celebrities have more money than they often know what to do with, and the best among them opt to splash the cash around to their friends, families and loved ones rather than dump it all on their own personal expenses. It’s easy for you to think it’s exorbitant spending—especially when they sell jewelry Boca Raton that’s more affordable but still impressive—but when millions of dollars equate to a week’s pay in your world, what’s wrong with using that money to improve the lives of the people you love? Here’s to the celebrities that know how buy love with some serious style!


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